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Monitoring of services within active network elements by Mikrotik
Kamenář, Filip ; Slavíček, Karel (referee) ; Grenar, David (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the monitoring of the VPN services on the networking elements Mikrotik. The theoretical part includes the description of RouterOS system, management options and networking devices used. The thesis consists of the description of the VPN services and analysis of PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and OpenVPN protocols, which are implemented in the practical part of this work. The theory also contains the description of monitoring devices included in the RouterOS system. In comparison, external tools are enlisted. Chosen monitoring tools are therefore implemented in the practical part of the thesis and in the monitoring script. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the establishment of VPN tunnels and its parameter measurement. The VPN clients are to be found in the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Egypt, which establishes the real conditions for network monitoring status. The final part of the work deals with the script, which is created for the automatic-monitoring of VPN service in the accessible network and sends the gathered data to the operators. The aim of the thesis is to illustrate the usage of integrated monitoring tools in the RouterOS system in the network built on the Mikrotik elements. The chosen monitoring service was the service VPN, which is being used for remote access to the local networks from distant part of the world by the corporations but also individuals. Individual monitored parameters are enlisted and compared depending on client geographic location.
Contemporary Czech TV series: methods used in screenplay development
Knéblová, Michaela ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Štoll, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with contemporary Czech serial production in terms of script development. It focuses primarily on the development of screenplays for the series on Česká televize and on drama series with one-hour episodes. It compares the development in the Czech environment with British and American practice. It maps the current Czech serial environment, creates an overview of contemporary Czech serials in broadcasting and clarifies the basics of narrative serial structure. It contains a comparison of selected pilot parts in terms of their narrative structure. It focuses on both screenwriting practice and development practices from the point of view of the television of public service, in the case of the American production it focuses on the Hollywood system. It uses methods of qualitative analysis of scripts, in-depth semi-structured interviews with creative producers and comparison of script development in individual productions.
Teaching writing by means of the Comenia Script handwriting font
Sasková, Marcela ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Ronková, Jolana (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to introduce the reader to a new writing model Comenia Script and the results of its establishing during the first years of a school attendance. The theoretical part deals with a developement of a script, a characteristic of a cursive Latin alphabet writing and Comenia Script and a contemporary education of a first-year writing. In the practical part the findings gathered during the participant observation of the entrusted sample of respondents were analysed and the questionnaire survey focussed on attitudes of involved pupils' parents was evaluated.
Opera dei pupi
Jarošková, Karolína ; Flemrová, Alice (advisor) ; Sieglová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce the popular puppet theatre called Opera dei Pupi, which was developed mainly in Sicily in the second half of the 19th century. The first part desrcibes literary influences that nourished this tradition, from which puppeteers derived topics for their repertoire. These stories were primarily about the French king Charlemagne and his knights and were called paladins. I am trying to map the form of an adaptation of this topic for Opera dei Pupi needs and the way of connection with oral tradition. Furthermore I am going to mention the secondary repertoire of the theatre for example farce. Next chapter focuses on a formal side of the Opera dei Pupi including puppeteer's personality, his work and activities, structure of the theatre itself, characteristics of puppets and handling them. Furthermore this section also describes a specific concept of everyday's performances "to be continued" and how were these performaces organized in practice. The analytical part focuses on a process of putting plot on a scene, which includes both improvisation and fixed rules approach. The principal theme of this part is the so-called copione, which are the puppeteer's own handwritten notes, on which the show was based. This section also includes numerous excerpts not only from copione but also...
Structure of stage games
Kabrnová, Markéta ; Frainšic, Michal (advisor) ; Kalkusová, Lucie (referee)
Title: Structure of stage games Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to work out directions about how to put together a stage game. To create a certain directions which would help others, be they organisers and instructors of camps or residential trips, with a preparation of a successful programme and to advise them on which mistakes they should avoid. Methods: The thesis is of a survey study character and it is based on research of available materials. The goal is to collect information and subsequently organise and interpret them in relation to the given topic. The thesis is not of the experimental type, it is rather a descriptive work and its structure is not connected to hypotheses and neither is it asking any scientific questions. Results: The results of this thesis are presented in the form of generally applicable recommendations in relation to the issues dealt with that is the stage games. That became the base of the proposal of a factual stage game called "The rescue of the planet" which was put into practice in April 2015. On account of sufficient literature directions for formation of a stage game was compiled. Keywords: stage, preparation, summer camp, script, organising
Induction machine design software
Rúra, Dávid ; Mach, Martin (referee) ; Bárta, Jan (advisor)
This thesis is dealing with design algorithm of squirrel cage machines with TEFC design focusing on electromagnetic and thermal design. This type of machine is mostly used in the industry because of its specific properties. Design TEFC machines are supported by year-tested analytical calculations with high accuracy. The aim of this work is to decrease human factor in the design process implementing algorithms and optimization.
Vulnerability Management
BERAN, Luboš
This bachelor thesis deals with creation of system for Vulnerability Management. Theoretical part contains explanation of Vulnerability Management and cyclic process OODA. Furthermore differences between penetration tests and Vulnerability Management are described here as well. Examples of databases which are used for tools within Vulnerability Management are given at the end of the theoretical part. Practical part includes testing and examples of used tools. Core of the practical part is creating the sustainable system for Vulnerability Management.
Analysis of real estate market using information on Internet
Bulín, Martin ; Zeman, Václav (referee) ; Komosný, Dan (advisor)
This thesis was created as a helping tool to estimate the price of properties by comparative method, which needs a database of properties. This database is created by a program. The main aim of this thesis is to create an application in Python language, which will search through contents of websites of a chosen real estate portal in Czech Republic. The next aim of this thesis is to create program which will search for real estate according to chosen criteria. The purpose of these criteria is to compare and estimate the price of properties. In the theoretical part of this thesis I will describe data mining and architecture of data mining. In the practical part I will design an aplication and in the end I will implement it. This aplication will go through websites and obtain data about real estate offices, their advertisements and photos of advertisements. For easier work with the output file that contains the advertisements, I created an application for searching individual advertisements based on users specification. This program allows to quickly search for the requested data from the output file. These data are subject to further work, it is possible to analyse them and create interesting statistics and maps.
History of Latin to the end of Middle Ages
Paterová, Lucie ; Večeřová, Petra (advisor) ; Hutař, Jan (referee)
The topic of this bachelor thesis is evolution of Latin script, from its begining to the end of middle ages. Thesis is devided into several chapters by developmental stages of Latin script and it is in chronological order. Each chapter describes the form of Latin script in the period, including the factors that influenced the form of writing. The development of Latin script is finished by chapter about book printing and first press fonts. For additional information, the work provides information on developments prior to the Latin script and writing instruments and substances. Included is also a short chapter on ligatures and abbreviations. The work is accompanied by picture appendix to illustrate the topic.

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