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Analysis of advertising in Czech PC gaming magazines 1998 - 215
Dovole, David ; Vlasák, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
In my work I analyze advertising income in computer gaming magazines Score and Level from August 1998 to January 2015. I find this topic interesting for two reasons: first, I was a longtime reader of both these magazines and second, I worked in one of them for quite a time. My work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part I will try to describe the economic situation accompanying the period under review, including the global economic crisis of 2008-2009. I will try to summarize its origin and impacts on the Czech economy as well as the history of gaming journalism in the Czech Republic. In the practical part of the thesis I try to analyze by means of qualitative - quantitative analysis the advertising income in both monitored magazines during the monitored period. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, I will try to draw a context with which it would be possible to evaluate the approach of both magazines to the impacts of the economic crisis and to determine which of them managed to deal better with the crisis.
The Estimation of Probability of Default Using Logistic Regression
Jiřičko, Pavel ; Dlouhá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Formánek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis was to build a probability prediction model for client loan repayment. First, the author selected suitable explanatory variables and explained these in detail in the thesis. The author examined various quantities both for qualitative variables (e.g. failure rates and scores) and quantitative variables (e.g. means and standard deviations) describing individual categories. The predictions were done by the use of logistic regression. The estimated coefficients of individual explanatory variables were examined in terms of their statistical significance. The author also described the impact of individual explanatory variables on the probability of a clients default. The probabilities were calculated for two clients with specific values of explanatory variables. The author managed to build a model that can be used to predict probability of client loan repayment defaults.
Management of small business: domestic and foreign experience
Ponomareva, Alla ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Chebotar, Yury (referee)
In the first chapter (introduction) revealed the relevance, objectives, purpose, object, object, information database and research methods. The second chapter covers theoretical aspects of small business management case studies, including the history of small business development in Russia, General characteristics and basic principles of small business management, State small business development in Russia and abroad. The third chapter examines the current state and problems of management of development of small entrepreneurship in a major metropolis. Analysis and evaluation of the Office of small business development in a major metropolis. Developed guidelines for improving the management of development of small business in today's environment, including the use of foreign experience for small business development in Russia and the development strategy of the State support and development of small and medium-sized businesses in a major metropolis. This strategy may include: an integrated approach to small business development, creating sustainable infrastructure to support small businesses, increasing entrepreneurial goramotnosti, involvement of young people in entrepreneurship and a number of other areas of the State support of small and medium-sized businesses in a major metropolis.
Evaluation of patient satisfaction with perioperative anesthetic care
Břízová, Pavla ; Černý, Vladimír (advisor) ; Mrákava, Vlastimil (referee)
The topic of this thesis is "Evaluation of patient satisfaction with perioperative anaesthesia care." The work is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical section describes the definition of satisfaction from multiple points of view and analyses factors affected satisfaction of patients and psychosocial needs that have a significant impact on the experience of the hospital care. The practical part deals with the questionnaire survey. The questionnaire is focused on the evaluation of patient satisfaction with perioperative anaesthesia care. Questionnaire results are statistically analysed. The aim of this work is to determine the level of satisfaction of patients in the preoperative and postoperative period.
Chronological history of level and score gaming magazine
Möwald, Jaromír ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kučera, Štěpán (referee)
The theme deals with the basically unknown history of Czech gaming magazines Level and Score, which were published (and are published) over the years from 1994 to 2010. As far as I'm concerned, no student has ever attempted to analyze their market position, causes of the eventual end and the causes of success. My work has a goal to determine the cause of the success of these two magazines, contact those persons, which were involved in the production of magazines, make in-depth interviews about their past work and the overall functioning of the magazines, breaking down the specific causes of eventual fall of the magazines from available sources and explain why the magazines remained on the Czech market until today. The result should be a structured overview of both magazines, their insertion in the historical timeline and an interesting insight into their functioning.
Familiar hyperlipoproteinemias and other risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in men with erectile dysfunction
Prusíková, Martina ; Češka, Richard (advisor) ; Bultas, Jan (referee) ; Rosolová, Hana (referee)
Background: The relationship between erectile dysfunction and risk factors of atherosclerosis has been confirmed by a number of previous investigations. There are also plausible pathophysiological mechanisms explaining the observed association. One of the tested hypotheses in our work was the assumption that risk factors of atherosclerosis would be more prevalent in men with erectile dysfunction than in controls selected from the representative sample of the Czech population. Our work did not confirm this hypothesis. Most likely explanation can be greater representation of younger-middle aged men in our group than in the Czech post-Monica study in which the age distribution was equal. On the other hand authors of the Czech post-Monica study admit worse compliance in younger participants of their survey. Nevertheless, the risk factors of atherosclerosis occur very frequently in males with erectile dysfunction. Results: In our group mean cardiovascular risk calculated according to the SCORE chart was 3.39% (±3,39). In the Czech post-MONICA study conducted between 2007 and 2008 the mean SCORE risk reached 2.47%. There was a trend, though not statistically significant, towards direct relationship between the severity of ED and the SCORE CVD risk. Asymptomatic atherosclerosis was detected in 56.25% of our study...
Performance Evaluation of Graphics Accelerator
Vanek, Juraj ; Drábek, Vladimír (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
My work is about performance evaluation of graphics accelerator by 3D scenes rendering. It focuses on how to test the performance of the accelerator from every point of view during the performance critical operations in 3D graphics. It deals with implementation problems of individual measures, their influence on total results and evaluation of the measurements. The final output of the application is a score, by which is possible to judge what performance is giving the accelerator in comparison with others. For this comparison is available an on-line results database.
Performance Evaluation of Graphics Accelerator
Vanek, Juraj ; Jošth, Radovan (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This paper deals with possibilities and functions of modern graphic accelerators and with measuring performance under OpenGL interface. Widespread algorithms to render scene in real-time are used. It focuses on how to test every part of accelerator's graphic pipeline as well as measure performance in rendering of advanced effects and theoretical speed at general purpose calculations through graphic processor. This testing is realized by implementing multiple test series and their further evaluation. Final application enables setting of test parameters and outputs a score, by which is possible to judge accelerator's performance in comparison among themselves.
The Effect of Control on the Evaluation and Motivation of Employees
Voňavka, Adam ; Slavíček, Vojtěch (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This work is focused on motivating and evaluating employees in a gastro company, analysis of these activities and their effect on staff behavior to corporate finance and property in general. The first part describes theoretical background issues, basic concepts and their relationships. Then where is the problem thoroughly analyzed and practical examples of problems and their current solution are included. After this comprehensive introduction to the topic, new solution will be proposed, which would have the maximum possible effect through theoretical knowledge, logical reasoning, and ultimately practical experience and analytical calculations.
Scoring Processing System for Protein Identification in Tandem Mass Spectrometry
Valla, Martin ; Svobodová-Vařeková, Radka (referee) ; Provazník, Ivo (advisor)
The goal of my diploma thesis was finding a suitable method for unifying score values from various protein identification search tools in MS/MS mass spectrometry into one single score value. Data coming from the output of mass spectrometer are processed in two independent search tools Mascot and X!Tandem. These were selected especially for their wide usage in proteomic labs. Both results are evaluated through newly designed function and unified by single valued score clearly identifying found proteins. Newly designed scoring value is called Matascore and function producing this score was implemented in MATLAB. Function and its results were successfully tested by real data available in public databases on the Internet.

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