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Comparison of parameters measuring upper limb movement on land and water
Kružík, Josef ; Jurák, Daniel (advisor) ; Zenáhlík, Aleš (referee)
Title: Comparison of parameters for measuring the movement of the upper limbs on land and water. The Aim: The aim of this work is to compare selected parameters of swimming performance and technique, obtained in a 25m pool, in a pool with countercurrent (Flum) and on a biokinetic simulator Biokinetic. The Methods: The data used in the diploma thesis were obtained by direct measurements in the swimming pool, in Flum and by means of the Biokinetic swimming simulator. SmartPaddles were used to collect data. The data were then evaluated by Trainsense software and processed into tables and graphs. The Results: Based on the results, we can state that the highest power (W) was always delivered on the Biokinetic. The biggest difference between the average performances of upper limb was in the right hand during the crawl, when the hand on the Biokinetic (257 N) gave 701% of the performance of the right hand in the pool (42.53 N). The results of the average force of the upper limb propulsion for Butterfly in the pool were 19.08 N for the right hand and 17.21 N for the left hand. For Butterfly in the Flum were 13.68 N for the right hand and 11.93 N for the left hand. During the crawl, the proband generated 12.66 N with the right hand and 13.96 N with the left hand. When swimming in Flum, the force values for...
Use of Crossfit in condition training of junior ice hockey players
Drda, Jakub ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Kaplan, Aleš (referee)
Title: Use of Crossfit in condition training of junior ice hockey players Objectives: Main idea of this thesis was to prove, that Crossfit is usefull in ice hockey while pre-season. We aimed to proved crossfit improvment at generally condition presupposition, compare to other training method. Main area of condition were speed and power presupposition. Methods: In our thesis we used a method of analysis and a method of comparison. We apllied the method of analysis in pre-season of ice hockey and the method of comparison in comparing the two different types of training method. We used Crossfit as training method, which was applied on junior hockey. Strength training based on Crossfit exercise is going to be compared with running training, This running training program is use for training of junior hockey players. In the period under consideration of the performance stage we assess the change of power and speed performances of the ice hockey players. To assassmnet we used battery of test which is identify for Czech junior hockey league. We applied this test on junior players at age 17-20, which are playing 2. Czech league. Results: This thesis proved that Crossfit can be used in pre-season training oj junior hockey. At the same time proved that explosive power assumption on players which used Crossfit...
The influence of foam rolling on range of motion, strength of the knee extensors and flexors, and H/Q ratio
Šablatúra, Michal ; Šteffl, Michal (advisor) ; Větrovský, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The influence of foam rolling on range of motion, strength of the knee extensors and flexors and H/Q ratio. Objectives: The aim of the diploma thesis was to determine the effect of the foam roller on the range of motion and strength of the extensors and flexors of the knee joint. The muscular strength of the knee extensors and flexors was determined using a Humac norm isokinetic dynamometer. Another goal was to determine the effect of the foam roller on the force ratio of extensors and flexors (H / Q) which is an important detail for the prevention of lower limb injuries Methods: This is an experimental study. The measured research group (n = 12) consisted of the students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at the Charles University. A Black roll foam roller of medium hardness with a non-serrated surface was used. The range of motion of the knee flexors were measured using the sit and reach test and the knee extension test. The range of motion of the knee extensors were measured using a modified Thomas test and Ely's test. The isokinetic strength of the extensors and flexors muscles of the knee joint and the H/Q ratio were measured using a Humac Norm isokinetic dynamometer. Results: Measurements showed that the foam roller affected the range of motion of the flexors and extensors...
Mechanical analysis of lift
Tesař, Jakub ; Kovář, Jaroslav (referee) ; Fuis, Vladimír (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with analysis of the system with seven solids with consideration of passive effect. In the first part of thesis describes the basics of statics and dynamics. Description of neutral and passive links, release method and reduction method. In the second part of the work are describing effects of passive effects on the movement state of the elevator. The individual bodies were released in the GeoGebra program. The aim of the example is to determine the contract forces in the links, check functionality of the links and state of motion. The solution took place in the computer program Matlab
Stress-strain analysis of a crane arm
Mora, Lukáš ; Halabuk, Dávid (referee) ; Fuis, Vladimír (advisor)
The content of this bachelor’s work is a summarization of types of tower cranes and subsequent stress-strain analysis of the crane arm of the crane type 150EC-B8 Litronic located on the Šumavská street in Brno. Analytical stress-strain analysis is calculated with equations of equilibrium using joint method in various types of loading of the construction with MAPLE software. Numerical calculation is executed on 3D model of the construction in software ANSYS. The aim of this bachelor work is the verification of the correctness and comparison results of analytic calculation with numeric calculation and evaluation of the results from a limit states and deformation standpoint.
Analysis of specific systems of bodies with neutral bonds
Grúz, Jan ; Hájek, Petr (referee) ; Majer, Zdeněk (advisor)
This thesis deals with analytical and graphical solution of three specific systems of bodies that are in static equilibrium. These systems of bodies contain neutral bonds. The opening part dedicates to theory and principles of solution of contact forces in bonds, which are further used for calculations and graphical solutions. The first system of bodies is a demonstrative tappet mechanism which was created for demonstration of some methods of graphical solution. The second system is inspired by lifting mechanisms in production lines. The aim is to find out the magnitude of contact forces for different positions of the lifted weight and a minimal torque of the propulsion. For solving the third system of bodies, principles of statics and hydrostatics are used. The aim is to find out the minimal magnitude of force for activating the mechanism. All systems of equations are solved in Matlab.
Field and laboratory testing in snowboardcross
Bohůnková, Marie ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Gnad, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Terrain and laboratory testing in Snowboardcross Objectives: The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare the validity between terrain and laboratory tests and to evaluate the relationship of tests and the rating of the Czech National Cup in snowboardcross. Methods: Laboratory measurement of lower body measured by Bosco test (repeated jumps per 60 seconds), followed by terrain testing of lower body, which is consisted of broad jump, triple jump and shuttle run 4x10 meters. The probands are 3 female athletes in snowboardcross discipline, aged from 13 to 15 year old. The results of terrain and laboratory testing was compared with the results of rating of Czech National Cup. Results: We discovered that laboratory and terrain tests are similar. The probands has had the same position in 5 tests of 6 total. That means, that proband with the best results of terrain testing has also the best results in laboratory testing. But no proven connection between results of the test and their standing in rating of the Czech National Cup was found. The results of the best proband proved the best performance in races, but the results of remaining probands didn't confirm this relationship. The proband with the worst results of testing (laboratory and terrain) took 4th place in the rating of the Czech...
Design of reinforced concrete frame construction of a single-nave hall
Friedová, Lenka ; Šulák, Pavel (referee) ; Kostiha, Vojtěch (advisor)
The main part of the bachelor's thesis is the design and assessment of a prefacast girder of a single-aisle storage hall. The static solution is performed in the Dlubal RFEM 5.19 computer program. Verification of the correctness of the results is ensured by the simplified deformation method. The result of the work is a static calculation and drawing documentation, which is processed in AutoCAD software.
Allocated forces and means of the armed forces in favor of the integrated rescue system
Eliášová, Kamila ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Allocated forces and means of the armed forces within the Integrated rescue system Objectives: This dissertation aims to describe the duties of Czech armed forces within the Integrated rescue system in case of emergencies on our land. Method: When writing this work, the method of analysis and description of selected literature and electronic sources were used. Results: The research has revealed the main advantages and disadvantages of the deployment of dedicated forces and resources of the army of the Czech Republic in favour of the integrated rescue system Keywords: forces, sources, army, help, guard
Utilization of functional exercises for strength development of lower extremities in adult football players.
Borůvka, Jakub ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
TITLE: AUTHOR: Jakub Borůvka DEPARTMENT: Department of Physical Education and Sport SUPERVISOR: PaedDr. Ladislav Pokorný ABSTRACT: This researcher focuses on an overview and practical implications of functional movements that could have contributed to developing adult football players' strength skills. The aim is to establish a list of exercises based on the literature review. The research uses several research methods such as literature review, experiment and survey. The research outcome mapped a complex of activities created, especially footballers' needs. A practical program application with gained knowledge could lead to a new training approach or the change in the training purpose used by football players and travers. KEYWORDS: Condition, football, functional training, strength

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