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Calibration of Robotic Workspace
Uhlíř, Jan ; Veľas, Martin (referee) ; Kapinus, Michal (advisor)
This work is concerned by the issue of calibrating a robotic workplace, including the localization of a calibration object for the purpose of calibrating a 2D or 3D camera, a robotic arm and a scene of robotic workplace. At first, the problems related to the calibration of the aforementioned elements were studied. Further, an analysis of suitable methods for performing these calibrations was performed. The result of this work is application of ROS robotic system providing methods for three different types of calibration programs, whose functionality is experimentally verified at the end of this work.
Applications of Quaternions in Robot Kinematics
Doctor, Diana ; Vašík, Petr (referee) ; Matoušek, Radomil (advisor)
This thesis deals with the usefulness of the application of quaternions in representing robot kinematics. It begins by showing the relationship of quaternions to the more commonly-known complex numbers and how it can represent rotations in three-dimensions. Then, the dual quaternions are introduced to represent both the three-dimensional rotation and translation. It will then be used to derive the forward and inverse kinematics, particularly, for the Universal Robot UR3 which is a 6-DOF robotic arm. Lastly, an actual application of dual quaternions in robot programming will be demonstrated
Teleoperation Interface for a Semi-Autonomous Vehicle Using Virtual Reality
Revický, Peter ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Rozman, Jaroslav (advisor)
The goal of this work is to come up with user interface in virtual reality for vehicle robot teleoperation that is equipped with cameras, Velodyne laser distance meter and localization system. The user interface is designed with generally accepted methods for creation of user interfaces in virtual reality. This work also deals with the problem of sickness from VR. The user interface is implemented in Unity3D game engine. The HTC Vive Pro virtual reality kit was used during implementation and testing.
Dehumanization as a risk factor for the use of digital technologies in the context of social work
Brezina, Lukáš ; Vrzáček, Petr (advisor) ; Müller, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the threat of dehumanization when applying digital technologies and robotics into social work. The work focuses on the history and origin of digital technologies within the context of social changes. It explores the basic rules governing elementary functioning and development of digital technologies and robotics. The thesis describes and summarizes basic information about the possibilities and risks of using digital technologies and robotics within social work. Towards the end it also includes opinions of several professional and political authorities who are active in this topic. This thesis aims to trigger the debate over the possible threats connected to dehumanization of social work and the use of digital technologies and robotics, respectively make it more intensive.
Use of information and communication technologies in the business sector - in 2017, January 2018
Český statisický úřad
Základní údaje o rozšíření, způsobu a míře využívání jednotlivých moderních informačních a komunikačních technologií a systémů firmami a jejich zaměstnanci včetně údajů o elektronickém obchodování, používání sociálních sítí, cloud computingu, 3D tisku, robotiky nebo analýzy Big Data.
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Laboratorní manipulátor pro manipulaci se vzorky
The Bachelor thesis deals with technical solution design and ensuing constructing of laboratory manipulator. Among main aspects and goals belong solution of contruction, selection of appropriate drive (motors), sensors, controlling unit and other parts of mechanism. The next part of the project is to write a~program that will control the entire manipulator after uploading it to the microcontroller. The manipulator is able to grip the object and move it or hold it in the required position. Thanks to the sensors and precise motor control, it is possible to repeat these operations in programmed cycles. The main emphasis is on functionality and achieved parameters of the manipulator.
Model Of Robotic Arm
Sobota, David
This work deals with the robotic arm model and role of robotic arms in Industry 4.0. The work deals also with possibilities of a construction and controlling of robotic arm, including programming of firmware and computer application with user interface.
Lifelong localization of robots
Krejčí, Tomáš ; Barták, Roman (advisor) ; Obdržálek, David (referee)
This work presents a novel technique for lifelong localization of robots. It performs a tight fusion of GPS and Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter, a visual-inertial odometry method for robot localization. It is shown in exper- iments that the proposed algorithm achieves better position accuracy than either GPS and Multi-State Constraint Kalman Filter alone. Additionally, the experiments demonstrate that the algorithm is able to reliably operate when the GPS signal is highly corrupted by noise or even in presence of substantial GPS outages. 1
Jsme připraveni na budoucnost? Vliv umělé inteligence na management šedé literatury
Savić, Dobrica
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become part of our daily lives as it impacts the way we work, learn, communicate and entertain ourselves. AI also impacts information management. This paper examines this potential impact on grey literature management and is based on analysis of GL facets such as volume, variety, velocity and veracity. Examples of AI systems already implemented in similar activities are offered. The paper offers advice to grey literature managers regarding coming challenges.
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Vehicle for Small and Remote Space Mapping
Koupý, Pavel ; Veľas, Martin (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work describes process of making a robotic vehicle for remote mapping of small indoor spaces and areas. Such process involves design and construction, selection and connection of used electronic parts and implementation of interface witch wil provide set of tools as remote control, camera stream or autonomous space search.

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