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Where do universities recruit researchers from?
Macháček, Vít ; Srholec, Martin
Where do university researchers come from? How many remain at the same institution where they began doing research? How many have come from elsewhere? Does the tendency to employ researchers originally from the same place markedly differ across universities from different countries? How does this tendency differ between disciplines and over time? From the author affiliations in the Scopus citation database, we found how many researchers are currently based at the same university they were affiliated with at the beginning of their research careers. If their early articles were published under a different organization, we traced whether this was in the same country or abroad. We do not directly measure ‘academic inbreeding’ in the sense of universities hiring their own graduates, because due to differences in publishing practices, a researcher’s early articles may not have been published under his or her alma mater. However, in many disciplines, particularly natural sciences, this is likely to be the case. Our findings are presented for eleven large disciplines and our comparison covers eighteen major universities in fourteen countries, including the new EU member states of the Visegrad group: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Generalizations are difficult to make, as each discipline looks a bit different. Overall, however, the most inward-looking institutions in employing researchers prove to be the national flagship universities in the Visegrad countries. In contrast, hiring researchers originally from outside is most prevalent in the leading universities in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as Princeton and Oxford. The Visegrad universities appear to be similar in their tendency to employ researchers originally from the same university to KU Leuven, the University of Vienna and Lund University in many disciplines. The main dividing line does not seem to follow the traditional ‘East vs. West’ differences, but rather tends to highlight the gap between the institutions at the top of global university rankings and the rest. Not surprisingly, the flipside of employing researchers whose research careers began at the same university is low internationalization. Cosmopolitan universities in smaller countries have the highest shares of researchers with foreign’ origins, particularly ETH Zürich, which contrasts with a strong national focus in universities in the Visegrad countries. This analysis is original and its results are not available elsewhere. The findings should be of interest not only to research managers, academics and doctoral students who are based at the universities in the study, but also to policy-makers and the broader public. Human resources management issues tend to be often underrated in research evaluations, although they are a key factor in the development of universities.
Final report about research in Sokolov post mining sites in 2020 based on agreement between ENKI ops and Institute of Soil Biology BC CAS
Frouz, Jan ; Bartuška, Martin ; Lišková, K. ; Angst, Gerrit ; Sun, Daquan ; Kučera, J. ; Bednářová, E. ; Spurná, V. ; Jílková, Veronika ; Heděnec, P. ; Ćápová, K. ; Müllerová, V. ; Irshach, S.
The report brings main results of the research about soil and ecosystem recovery in post mining landscape near Sokolov based on agreement between ENKI ops and Institute of soil biology, BC CAS.
Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to equestrian sport
Vybíralová, Tereza ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Knowledge and attitudes of UK FTVS students to equestrian sport Aim: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to discover the awareness students of UK FTVS have of equestrian sport and find out how they percieve the equestrianism in general. Based on the results of the research, certain reccomendations will be made for Czech equestrian federation on how to improve the current state of knowledge among students. Methods: The method applied in this thesis is based on electronic questionnaire, Through questionnaire were collected data which will carry useful information about general awareness of the students about equestrian sport, its disciplines, passive or active interest in the sport and attitudes they have of equestrianism. Results: The research showed that students of UK FTVS have basic knowledge of the equestrian sport, but they are lacking broader information about the sport. Students don't follow equestrianism on regular basis and according to majority of students it is a financially demanding activity, which is also hard to reach. Although, most of the students expressed an interest in trying equestrianism if they had a chance. The recommendations were made to improve the knowledge of equestrian sport and the attitude most of the students possess. Keywords: knowledge, attitude,...
Twenty Years of the TV Show Kouzelná školka (Magic Kindergarten) in the Czech Television
Procházková, Pavla ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Prázová, Irena (referee)
The bachelor's thesis entitled "Twenty Years of the TV Show Magic Kindergarten on the Czech Television" deals with the TV show Magic Kindergarten for preschool children on the Czech television public broadcasting. The goal of the thesis is to find and describe basic changes of the show in the period of twenty years of its broadcasting history. Before the research part, the issue of broadcasting for children and its specifics, the history of composed television shows for children in the Czech Republic and the current state of composed TV shows for children are introduced. Following part of the thesis is dedicated to the TV show Magic Kindergarten - basic description and characteristics of the cited composed television show designed for the youngest viewers. The research goal is to trace changes in both formal side of the show - its length, formal structure, design of the studio, music component, graphics, moderation, and changes in the content - content structure of the show, characteristics of broadcasted shows, content of hosts' inputs, all that on the sample of forty episodes (two episodes for each year of the Magic Kindergarten 1999-2019). Research methods consist of the study of specialized literature, content analysis and comparative research on separate episodes of the sample.
Life satisfaction of Czech children: a comparison of selected researches
Matoušková, Veronika ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of life satisfaction of children. Theoretical part of the thesis characterizes the term well-being according to various authors and the issues of its Czech translation. Theoretical part also explains approaches to well-being, its components and predictors. The diploma thesis characterizes the term life satisfaction and its predictors as well. In addition, this thesis summarizes the approaches to measurement of life satisfaction of both adults and children. The crucial part of the thesis is the presentation of selected international and Czech researches carried out in the Czech Republic. The main aim of the thesis is to compare methodologies of these researches with respect to the description of research sample, data collection and measurement of life satisfaction. The thesis also aims to compare the results of selected studies and find out whether Czech children are satisfied or not. The results of this thesis show that Czech children are in general satisfied; all selected studies have confirmed that. The researches differ on whether girls are less or more satisfied than boys. Nevertheless, gender differences were proved statistically insignificant. The paper also shows that international researches focus on the level of life satisfaction only, whereas Czech...
Attitudes and knowledge of UK FTVS studensts to mixed martial arts
Vágenknecht, Jiří ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Pecinová, Markéta (referee)
Title: Attitudes and knowledge of UK FTVS students to mixed martial arts. Objectives: The main aim of the bachelor thesis is according to found information to define relationship and knowledge about mixed martial arts (MMA) by students of UK FTVS. Methods: Attitudes and knowledge to MMA were found by quantitative method of electronical questioning. The method of document analysis was used to create the theoretical part of the work. Results: According to the research results, men are more interested in MMA than women. Also man fights are being taken more positive than women fights. The biggest reach has MMA on the internet where from most of people know it. Keywords: MMA, attitudes, knowledge, research, relationship, popularity
Everyday fashion show
Rémanová, Jana ; Šagát, Petr (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
Work is dealing with the problems of unusual clothing and conflict with surroundings. The work includes research of what is regarded as weird, extravagant and alternative in everyday fashion, but also designs of outfits inspired by research made by questionnaires and finally realization of artistic performances in public places. The result of the project is information obtained from the research of one hundred respondents. Furthermore, a series of ten "costumes", which show the stimuli obtained from previous research from selected questionnaires. Each model is an example of the stereotype of what was found to be eccentric in dress. In these models, a performance was subsequently performed in public. All individual phases of project creation are presented as a whole and presented as a bachelor's thesis.
Opinions of the Czech Public on the Obligation to Apply for Permanent Residence
Hanzlová, Radka
The final report is the output of the research regarding Opinions of the Czech Public on the Obligation to Apply for Permanent Residence. The report presents the results of representative research, the target group of which was the population of the Czech Republic ages 15 and older. Data was collected between 11 to 22 January 2020 through the personal questioning of respondents (a combination of CAPI and PAPI) based on a standardised questionnaire. A total of 1,052 respondents were questioned, and these individuals were selected using a quota method according to region, the size of place of residence, gender, age and education.
Design of Personal Submarines for Scientific Expeditions
Král, Ondřej ; Chorý, Tomáš (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of this diploma thesis is design of a personal submarine for scientific purposes. The main goal is to solve analysed problems, meet the technical requirements, adequate ergonomic solution and morphology for the environment in which the vessel will be employed.

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