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Modernization of IT at company
Kremláček, Petr ; Komárek, Jan (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with the IT problems in firm's environs. I'm going to deal with matters of how and to what extent the firm uses IT in its activities and also with matters of different possible improvements in equipment and use of IT within the firm.
Discovering and Creating Relations among CSV Columns Using Linked Data Knowledge Bases
Brodec, Václav ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Martin (referee)
A large amount of data produced by governmental organizations is accessible in the form of tables encoded as CSV files. Semantic table interpretation (STI) strives to transform them into linked data in order to make them more useful. As significant portion of the tabular data is of statistical nature, and therefore comprises predominantly of numeric values, it is paramount to possess effective means for interpreting relations between the entities and their numeric properties as captured in the tables. As the current general-purpose STI tools infer the annotations of the columns almost exclusively from numeric objects of RDF triples already present in the linked data knowledge bases, they are unable to handle unknown input values. This leaves them with weak evidence for their suggestions. On the other hand, known techniques focusing on the numeric values also have their downsides. Either their background knowledge representation is built in a top-down manner from general knowledge bases, which do not reflect the domain of input and in turn do not contain the values in a recognizable form. Or they do not make use of context provided by the general STI tools. This causes them to mismatch annotations of columns consisting from similar values, but of entirely different meaning. This thesis addresses the...
Design of an Information System Part
Topičová, Magdaléna ; Dydowicz, Petr (referee) ; Neuwirth, Bernard (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor’s thesis is to describe the development of a proposal for a constitutive part of an information system in the form of intranet intended for a support of processes in a particular company. In the first section of this paper, basic terms and theory (theories) will be introduced. Subsequently, the status quo in the company will be described. Finally, a proposal for the constitutive part of the information system will be submitted in order to improve its processes.
Design of Database System for Language School
Horká, Tereza ; Moravec, Lukáš (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis focuses on designing a database system for a language school residing in Brno. The database is carried out via MySQL. The main goal of this thesis is to create database system which would enable faster and more affective data processing.
Exploiting Structures in Automated Planning
Kuckir, Ivan ; Barták, Roman (advisor) ; Chrpa, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis focuses on improving the process of automated planing through symmetry breaking. The aim is to describe symmetries, which are often observed by human programmers, but haven't been properly theoretically formalized. After an analysis of available research, there are new definitions of symmetries proposed in context of classical planning, such as state equivalence, T1 automorphisms and more general automorphisms of constants. Several theorems are proved about new symmetries. As a result, an algorithm for detecting a special symmetry class is proposed, together with a method of exploiting such class during planning. Experimens are made to show the effect of symmetry breaking on the performance of the planner. Powered by TCPDF (
Czech Luxembourges in french contemporary historiography
Jedináková, Petra ; Bláhová, Marie (advisor) ; Nejedlý, Martin (referee)
Petra JEDINÁKOVÁ, CZECH LUXEMBOURGES IN FRENCH CONTEMPORARY HISTORIOGRAPHY, Prague, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague 2012. The aim of this thesis is to consider the relationship of Czech Luxembourg dynasty towards the French dynasty and the impact of their policies in western Europe. The work also focuses on different ways of perception of the Luxembourgs in both Czech and French environment and reasons for such observations. The Luxembourg dynasty, being originally an earl family of the French from Luxembourg, always had a strong relation towards France and its ruling dynasty which was based on mutual respect, friendship, similar opinions and also family bonds, the successors were educated at the French court. The two countries supported each other in fight andalso by mutual contact, visits and in terms of diplomacy. We have testimonies regarding these events thanks to medieval sources such as chronicles, annals, documents, correspondence and texts of authors from the French environment, who personally met Czech kings from the House of Luxembourg and therefore left us important insights into the situation of that time. John of Luxembourg has been perceived in as a model of knightly virtues and a brave fighter always loyal to the French king. In Bohemia, he was for centuries...
Proposal of SQL Database for E-Commerce
Kadleček, Tomáš ; Skoupý, David (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals about proposal and creating SQL database for e-commerce. Including theoretical part, analysis of present conditions and requirments and also practical part. In theoretical part we can find necessary informations to understand the databeses. Analysis of present conditions and requirments is focused to already working e-commerce, which is used as source of informations in practical part. Practical part is about own solution and benefits evaluation of database.
Design of Database for Selected Company
Novák, Tomáš ; Klusák, Aleš (referee) ; Luhan, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design of the database system for the selected company, which is to be streamline inner processes in the company. The first part outlines theoretical background regarding this thesis. Further contains analysis of the company for which the system is designed and last proposal of the whole system.
Transformation of the česky rozhlas news programme 2000-2010
Zvolánková, Eliška ; Maršík, Josef (advisor) ; Moravec, Václav (referee)
This work deals with the transformation of the news programme of the Czech Radio in the specified span (2000 - 2010). The ČRo 1 - Radiožurnál and the Rádio Česko are emphasized the most as the main news channels. The work processes the changes both historically and formally/structurally. In the analyses of the channel Radiožurnál the work concetrates on the main broadcasting blocs and news-blocs, it studies detailed changes of the news broadcast - the structure, used genres and the language. It observes the changes in the historical context, too. The work touches general tendecies in the news of the Czech Radio, but ranges over particular changes of the news programme of the Radiožurnál and the Rádio Česko.

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