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Rodinné farmy a jejich vliv na rozvoj vybrané obce
Foretníková, Petra
Diploma thesis focused on the evaluation of the impact of development of family farms with a focus on a specific farms in Krumvíř village. The aim of the theoretical part was focused on general characteristics of the village, regional development, agriculture, SWOT analysis and the possibility of obtain financial subsidy. The aim of the practical part was to create a questionnaire survey focused on the interest of population in the products which are offered, food grown, their consumption and purchase by domestic farmers in the village. At the end of the thesis, the results of the questionnaire survey were evaluated and options were proposed that would help to develop the awareness and use of family farms in terms of purchasing groceries and products.
Selected Regional Brand of Quality.
This diploma thesis shows regional branding, especially regional brands associated in the Association of Regional Brands (ARZ), which is given to products. The marked products guarantee their extraordinary quality, tradition, specificity, proportion of manual work and respect for the environment. The author chose one of all brands in ARZ - i. e. Kraj blanických rytířů - regionální produkt(registered mark). In the theoretical part, there are issue of regional branding and key words connected with regional branding explained. The practical part deals with marketing research, in particular a qualitative and a quantitative method such as structured interviews and questionnaire survey. These methods will assure conduct of research essential for the objectives of the thesis. As for the main aim of the thesis, it is to find out consumers´ brand awareness and their attitude to the regional brand Kraj blanických rytířů - regionální produkt(registered mark). Findings of producers´ views on current system of the regional branding and regional co-ordinator´s activities are other aims of the thesis. This part also contains all results of the research including an assessment of established hypotheses. In conclusion, the proposals to the improvement of consumers´ brand awareness come.
Management of the regional brand - Českosaské Švýcarsko region
Mádlová, Ivana ; Vokáčová, Lucie (advisor)
The Diploma Thesis is focused on the brand issue from the perspective of strategic management. The work is divided into two consecutive parts, a theoretical one and a practical one.
Management of the regional brand - Českosaské Švýcarsko region
Mádlová, Ivana ; Vokáčová, Lucie (advisor)
The Diploma Thesis is focused on the brand issue from the perspective of strategic management. The work is divided into two consecutive parts, a theoretical one and a practical one.
Role of regional product in regional development
Moravová, Petra ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Miloš, Miloš (referee)
The aim of this work is proposal of possibilities how to use regional products for regional development, to strengthen togetherness and cohesion with the given region together with an emphasis on identity and cultural heritage. This work compares regional products in two specific areas of different countries , Klatovsko in the Czech Republic and the Pays du Revermont in France. The work characterizes a particular environment, the role of regional organizations, the definition of quality, certification of origen and labeling local traditional foods. A quantitative and qualitative survey shows that interest in traditional product by consumers is high and obvious connection between the consumer, regional product and particular region. National pride and the importance of protecting of cultural heritage has showed to be one of the priorities of our epoch. The results of this work eneble practical utility. They can be useful information and base for municipality of city on issues of other development of the region and cooperation in various areas within the national and international level.
Role of the regional product in the regional development
Tománková, Lenka ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Miloš, Miloš (referee)
The diploma thesis is focusing on the topic of the regional product with the aiming on the regional food and gastro-tourism as a modern trend that can lead to the development of the tourism and regional development. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to show the importance of the regional product on the regional development of the Poděbrady region with the focus on the gastro-tourism that is developing in the recent years in the Czech Republic. On the basis of the quantitative research and the qualitative research, the thesis is finding out how the Poděbrady region stands from the point of view of the regional product, how the Poděbrady region supports the regional production, what its current status is, whether there are any regional feed in the Poděbrady region that should be local attraction for tourists, and what the attitudes of the respondents to regional production are. The questioning was realized by the questionnaire (quantitative research) and by interviews (qualitative research). The diploma thesis points out that the gastro-tourism usage for the regional development is very limited and it remains out of the interest of the regional representatives. The differentiation of regional activities is the way of fulfilling the capacity and ensuring the better probability of the faster development.
Consumer perceptions of selected regional product
Lukášková, Adéla ; Šánová, Petra (advisor) ; Dědina, Daniel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the product B:CRYO which is produced by the brewery Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation. The main objective of this thesis is to identify through a questionnaire survey how B:CRYO is perceived by consumers and whether it is considered a product of regional character. Besides the main scope, this thesis aims to find out the awareness of the brewery Budweiser Budvar, National Corporation and whether consumers perceive it as an important company within the brewery´s home region. In the conclusion the thesis presents recommendations for a prospective improvement of B:CRYO consumer perceptions.
The importance of competition of the "Regional Food" as a development potential
Batíková, Petra ; Varvažovská, Pavla (advisor) ; Miloš, Miloš (referee)
This thesis deals with the competition "Regional food" and its link to the development and promotion of the regions. The main aim of this thesis is to suggest a method of use of food products awarded in the competition "Regional food" for development and advertisement of regions. Another aim is to offer measures and activities that can be taken into practice, that could be helpful for the competition itself in the future development. The first part of this thesis is aimed on theoretical relationship in examined issues. It is described the meaning of the regions, possibilities for development connected to tourism, labeling food products in the Czech Republic and also information about the most spread brands in Czech that state their quality and origin could be found there. The second part of the thesis provides quantitative research between the residents of Central and South Bohemia and qualitative restricted research between producers of awarded food products. Both parts of the research, qualitative and quantitative, are aimed on perceiving and valorizing the award Regional food. In the conclusion are suggested the ways how to use awarded food products for the region development and also pointed out ideas that could be helpful for Regional food competition in its future development.
Regional brand perception
The thesis is focused on analysis of selected regional brand perception. The aim of this work is propose changes in brand identity. The theoretical part describes basic concepts, procedures and opinions of individual authors on the brand issues. The intention is to compare these different views. The thesis uses methods of qualitative and quantitative marketing research. The marketing research gives information by consumers and brand users. At the beginning of the research, hypotheses were determined. The practical part presents results of the survey, which objective was to find out perception by consumers. Beside, structured interviews present attitude of the brand users. Recommendation in brand identity is based on the analysis of marketing research.
Význam ohrožených druhů rostlin lesních biotopů ŠLP Křtiny pro místní komunity
Táborská, Kateřina
My thesis deals with some endangered species in the Training Forest Enterprise Křtiny and Moravian Karst, design certification of local forest nurseries logo regional product for sale, and also the importance for the local community. The work is focused on identifying endangered species of Training Forest Enterprise Křtiny, which are grown by the locals on their land in selected communities. Study deals with legislative restrictions in the management of endangered plant species. It explains the concept of the term "non-wood forest products", and its relevance to the forestry and biodiversity. In the work described conducted a field survey in which was collected seeds of selected endangered in the Moravian Karst for school forest enterprise Křtiny. Seeds were sown in a cold frame of Botanical garden and arboretum of Mendel University in Brno and made them germination tests. The last section describes the idea of certifing some forest nursery in the area of the Moravian Karst, giving the logo "MORAVSKÝ KRAS regional product." This tree nursery could selected endangered species grown and sold in order to increase the number of these plants in nature and the preservation of biodiversity.

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