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Vliv finanční krize na konvergenci regionů Spolkové republiky Německo
Konvalinová, Vendula
This diploma thesis deals with the impacts of financial and economic crisis on thirty-eight NUTS 2 regions of Germany. This includes identifying trends in regional convergence/divergence for the reference period 2004-2013 and determining the probable cause of observed disparities. For this purpose, cluster analysis and beta-convergence analysis are applied and conducted for the periods before and at the start of the financial crisis and during the outbreak of the economic crisis and after its overcoming. The impacts of the crisis on economic development of each region are also investigated by using important macroeconomic indicators.
Dutch disease Case of Norway
Kňazovická, Kristína
Kňazovická, K. Dutch Disease: Case of Norway. Bachelor Thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. The Bachelor Thesis investigates the effect of the economic phenomena, Dutch Disease, on the overall economy of Norway, as well as on the economic performance of the selected regions. Firstly, it introduces the concept of the disease, its symptoms, possible treatments and outlines the macroeconomic indicators and symptoms, which help in the identification of the disease. Moreover, it offers a descriptive account of regions, their main activities and productivity, employment and wages in observed petroleum, manufacturing and tertiary sector of the economy. In the empirical part, it examines, whether the symptoms are present through the time series regression, which is based on the OLS method. Furthermore, it inspects the relationship between particular variables to the global oil price, which may indicate the dependency on the oil and gas segment. The thesis found out, that the Norway might not suffer from the Dutch Disease, possibly due to their tight fiscal policy and foundation of the Government Pension Fund Global.
Regionálne disparity v rámci Českej republiky
Ištoňová, Miroslava
This bachelor thesis deals with disparities in regions of the Czech Republic. The aim is to determinate similar and different regions of the CR using cluster analysis by means of selected indicators that represent economic, demographic and social aspects of observed units. To express differences, regions are divided into clus-ters. The result of analysis presents division of regions into several groups that mainly differentiate based on their economic situation. The nature of regional disparities is subsequently discussed and recommendations for the management are made.
Možnosti nákupu dřevní suroviny pro potřeby přidružené výroby ve vybraném regionu České republiky
Vanžura, Tomáš
The bachelor thesis analyzes the purchase of wood raw material for the needs of small-scale production in the reference period 2012 to 2016 in the selected region. The analyzed entities were the Lanškroun Forest Administration, the association of owners of Albrechtice, Cotkytle, Sázava and Žichlínek, Albrechtice and Dolní Čermná. The analysis was focused on the total volumes of wood raw material, divided into coniferous and deciduous trees, and their average price for 1 m3.
Analýza kvality života v okrese Kroměříž
Rubíčková, Hana
This bachelor thesis focuses on analysis of quality of life in the Kroměříž district. I evaluate the level of quality of life with the use of specific social indicators. With the aid of these indicators I also compare the Kroměříž district across the Zlín region, in which it belongs. The theoretical part of thesis defines term such as: region, regional policy, territorial division and quality of life. The practical part includes charakteristics of the Kroměříž district and Zlín region, analysis of quality of life with the use of social indicators, evaluation of the current situation as well as proposal for future improvement for Kroměříž district.
Typologie místních akčních skupin v České republice dle jejich území působnosti
Pavlišová, Anna
This diploma thesis focuses on the creation typology of local action groups in the Czech Republic, based on their territory. Local action groups are introduced and described, using indicators in three topical areas (their size, residential structures, and working relationships in the region). The local action group is proved to be a functional region, utilising a simplified comparison with administrative divisions in the Czech Republic. To further create a typology of local action groups, cluster analysis is employed, which connects the three topical areas. It also creates clusters that show similar characteristics and approaches to the demarcation of territory. On the basis of the cluster analysis and using two lateral types, reasons and facors for the openness or closeness of relationships of the studied local action groups in the Czech Republic are indicated.
Marketing survey of public opinion on the use of countryside in the Olomouc Region
Slezar, Pavel
This thesis deals with a marketing thesis in Olomouc Region. The goal is to find out on a representative sample public view on land use. The questionnaire has many questions from a field like: green areas, sustainable energy, forestry, hunting, fishing or protected areas and national parks. Each field has couple of questions on opinion of the respondent. The theoretical part contains basic information on every field mentioned in the questionnaire. It also includes current information on Olomouc Region and the situation with these fields on it land. The practical part shows all the valid respondents which took part in the questionnaire. The results which were obtained thanks to them are presented in a number of figures and tables which show the current trend among them. It is followed by various correlations and ends with a comparison of other works done on diverse regions.
Faktory rozvoje vybraných regionů
Lubalová, Kristýna
The aim of the diploma thesis is the identification of development factors in the regions of South Moravia and Vysočina. Recommendations for further development and SWOT analysis of these regions are determined on the basis of the analysis of these factors. The results are compared between the regions and also with higher regional authority if appropriate. The thesis aims at factors of development according to the columns of sustainable development, which mean economic, environmental and social. Within each column several indicators, which were found most important and representing the situation in regions enough, were studied.
The influence of selected company on the regional development
Šmíd, Michal
This diploma thesis, in its theoretical part deals with literature review. In the empirical part is described the current situation of the selected company. Afterwards, there is processed an analysis of the region and selected company with help of chosen indicators. Subsequently, there is made the discussion about the issue and suggestion for the improvement. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the influence of selected company on the regional development. This will be reached with the application of proper literature review, qualitative research and interviews with the management of the selected company.
Vliv malých a středních podniků na rozvoj vybraného regionu
Říčařová, Iveta
Říčařová, I. The influence of small and medium enterprises on the development of a selected region. Master thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. This thesis is focused on how small and medium enterprises affect the development of the selected region. In the thesis, the role of small and medium enterprises operating in the trade sector in the selected rural region is defined. A primary and secondary data analysis was used to achieve the aim of the thesis. Recommendations for municipalities were suggested based on the analysis results. The suggested recommendations should lead to the regional development with the involvement of small and medium enterprises in the trade sector. Furthermore, the rural areas which should be supported were also included in the thesis.

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