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The wedding of Jan Kristian of Eggenberg and Marie Arnoštka of Schwarzenberg in 1666
This bachelor thesis deals with the wedding of Jan Kristian of Eggenberg and Marie Arnoštka, born of Schwarzenberg, which took place on 21 February 1666 in Vienna. The thesis focuses on the preparation and the course of the wedding merriment of the descendants of two influential magnates of the Imperial Vienna's Court - Jan Antonin of Eggenberg and Jan Adolf of Schwarzenberg. Based on the analysis of a rich set of unutilised written sources, the author tried to reconstruct and interpret the wedding festivity in the aristocratic society in the second half of the 17th century. The attention is paid not only to the food supplying such a spectacular event in the early modern society, but also to the varied composition of the wedding menu, servants and likewise the support staff. Furthermore, the material procuring of the wedding will also be of interest, which reflected the noble and social status of its organizers.
Communication of České Budějovice and the lower nobility at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries
GAJDOŠ, Patrik
This diploma thesis deals with the research of communication between the town council of České Budějovice and representatives of the lower nobility between 1581 and 1584 and later with the interruption from 1602 to 1604. Its aim is to describe the content of mutual correspondence and interpret it in the context of the history of the South Bohemian region. It presents a typology of correspondence in order to identify the most common topics that occurred in the mutual communication of the city council and representatives of the lower nobility. The specific arguments used by the councilors of České Budějovice also became the subject of interest. This approach helped to clarify the identity that the burghers represented through the documents of the city office. Finally, it examines the settlement of representatives of the lower nobility. It was reconstructed using data from correspondence and tax registers. In conclusion, the thesis summarizes the findings and offers possible directions that could be followed in future research.
Property disputes of the fifties in the 16th century in České Budějovice
The diploma thesis Property disputes of the fifties in the 16th century in České Budějovice handles property disputes, disputes over honor and payments records within the years 1550 - 1560 deposited in the State District Archive in České Budějovice. Emphasis is placed on analysis of the city code Urban Rights of Brikcí from Licko. Attention was paid mainly to the property rights of the citizens in the standard and in practice. The practical part of the work focused on the analysis of individual disputes and the behavior of the citizens in specific cases with an emphasis on the use of the Code.
Women in the Recatholization of the Czech Lands
Jiřincová, Barbora ; Vlnas, Vít (advisor) ; Čornejová, Ivana (referee) ; Knoz, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis addresses the topic of women in the process of the recatholization of Bohemia and focuses mainly on the first half of the 17th century. The author investigated if and how much the experience of women differed from that of men. More than the legislation and newly created norms the application of these directions enlightens the topic of women. Rich material connected to the activity of the recatholization commission and other authorities devoted to the conversion of Czech population was used. Sources of statistical character were used for evaluation of the results of the process. Because of their extent, regional restriction had to be made - we focused on Boleslavsko. In the focus of the thesis were mainly townswomen and lower nobility. One of the most important findings is the fact that the authorities saw women as important as men in the process. Although specific, seemingly more moderate, means for coercion were used in women's case. This flexibility is typical for the Catholic church's approach to women and we are in concord with other researchers, mostly from abroad. The findings also contribute to our knowledge of the process of the recatholization of the Czech lands. KEY WORDS Recatholization, Catholic reformation, women's history, gender history, early modern ages, counter-reformation.
The marriage of Jan Popel Junior of Lobkovic to Bohunka of Rožmberk in 1556
SMÍŠEK, Václav
The bachelor's thesis deals with the marriage of Jan Popel Junior of Lobkovic to Bohunka of Rožmberk whose wedding ceremony took place on 19th January 1556 in Český Krumlov Castle. Based on literature and non-published sources, the thesis aims to describe the preparations for the nuptials and the wedding day itself. A major focus has been placed on the guests who took part in the wedding. The guest list reveals information about family members and the network of the regional and cross-border nobility who socialized with the last Rožmberks and the Lobkovics. In terms of methodology, the thesis is based on the comparative and historical anthropological approach. The author of the thesis aims to see the nuptials in a broader context, as a marriage in early modern times fulfilled a range of functions, including biological, political or that of an alliance.
Waste Objects in Towns in the High Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period in Relation to Archeo-zoological Discoveries
MIKLOVÁ, Vendula
The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the function of waste objects in the archeological record from the archeo-zoological point of view. The research part focuses on general information concerning hygiene and waste disposal in medieval and early modern cities. It also addresses the methods of waste objects research and the occurrence of animals in cities. The practical part summarizes the analysis results of the archeo-zoological assemblage from the town hall in České Budějovice which dates back to the High Middle Ages and the early modern period.
Significant tile stoves in Bohemia in the beginning of early modern period
Fleková, Kateřina ; Nespěšná Hamsíková, Magdaléna (advisor) ; Schöttner, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with Renaissance tile stoves in the Czech lands, focusing on the important examples from the period of 16th and 17th century. Starting with an overview of the pertinent literature in the Czech and Central European context, the thesis proceeds to outline the historical development of stove building and tile manufacturing. The main part then deals with several key examples of the extant Bohemian tile stoves. I have attempted to arrange them in the chronological order, based on the evidence of their construction, reconstruction, transfers and restoration. In some cases it was possible to trace the origin of the tiles in the specific local workshops. In some cases a comparison with analogical stoves or tiles is given, both in the Czech lands and in Europe. The thesis also includes an analysis of the temporal iconographic motives which can contribute to a more precise dating of tile stoves.
Election of town councils in authoritarian towns in South Bohemia at the turn of 17th and 18th century
PEKAROVÁ, Karolina
In my bachelor work I dealt with the topic of elections to town councils in authoritarian towns in Southern Bohemia at the turn od 17th and 18th century. As the example of authoritarian town I chose the town of Sobeslav. The object of my work was reconstruction of process of renovation of town council through preserved sources and also outline a progression of that ritual in watched period. The firts chapter is general summary of working of town self-government in Sobeslav during the early modern period. In another chapter is included the analysis of authoritarian instructions, which were setting out the process of ceremonial of renovations in the towns of domain of Trebon. Sobeslav was also the part of these towns. Third chapter is trying to affect the composition of town councils and the alternations od burgesses in offices of sobeslav´s self-government related with the renovation.
Red Memorial book of Votice with land deposits 1513 1631 (1684)
The aim of the bachelor thesis "Red Memorial Book of Votice 1513 1631 (1684)" is to present the memorial book, that was created in 16th century in Votice and was led up the 17th century. The work is divided into four chapters. The first chapter outlines the history of the town Votice from their first written mention to the present. The second chapter focuses on a general development from 1420 up to the revolutionary year of 1848. The third chapter provides information on the origin and development of the municipal register on our territory and their classification. The fourth chapter contains the palaeographic and diplomatic analysis of the Memorial Book. The conclusion of the thesis summarizes the ascertained findings. There is also attached a list of used sources, literature and annexes. Annexes are especially photographs of handwriting of town clerks, as well as tables and graphs.

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