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Customer standards for comparing fitness gyms.
Kmecko, Matěj ; Janák, Vladimír (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Customer standards for comparing fitness gyms. Objectives: The goal of the bachelor thesis is to assemble inside and outside standards, which influence customers decisions on choosing fitness gym. Next objective is to evaluate primary assembled standards by the customer preference. In other words, these standards are evaluated by the importance of the customer. Methods: The bachelor thesis is based on two types of primary sources that allow to assemble the standards and their scaling. Qualitative method of semistructured interview completes theretical basics and ensures current and traditional marketing data. However, quantitative method ensures customers preferences. Standards, that infulence customers for choosing the most convinient fitness gym, are evaluated by the importance. Results: Fitness service should respond to the customer demands and needs. The thesis monitors significant and unimportant customer standards. Using the thesis, fitness gyms will be able to discover the right things for optimalization and innovation. The thesis can be also used as a manual for the fitness gym owners. These people can increase preference of their gym, if they focus on the significant standards. The thesis can be used by the beginner athletes too, if they are not sure, what fitness gym is the most...
Řízení a management kvality ve vybrané organizaci
This Diploma thesis called "Quality management in selected company" explores the current state of the quality management system in a selected organization. It was Gerresheimer Horšovský Týn, spol. s. r. o. The company produces inhalers, insulin pens and other plastic products for medical industry. The term quality is currently being used more and more frequently. In order, for a company to be successful and to compete on the market, it is necessary to pay great attention to quality. The first part of this thesis is a review of literature. It is devoted to the definition of basic concepts of quality management. In the next part there is a description of the selected company and its established quality management system. Finally, after the detection of the current conditions and identifying deficiencies of the quality management system are at this Diploma thesis suggested recommendations that could lead to improvement of the current situation at the company.
Cost analysis of low quality at the selected Manufacturing Company
Uherka, Dominik ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Rozehnalová, Jana (advisor)
The objective of this thesis is cost analysis in XYZ CZ s.r.o. with aims of reducing warranty costs and improve product quality. The introduction describes fundamental quality management systems from which I have selected data to be analyzed and propose the most appropriate solution. Then I conducted AS-IS analyze of the company XYZ CZ s.r.o., a description of the current situation in the company and a cost analysis. The data obtained from the cost analysis I processed with the help of quality tools and their evaluation was carried out, which was followed by the design of the solution. In conclusion, I conducted a technical - economic evaluation of the results achieved.
Proposed Process of Order Management
Novák, Tomáš ; Vyhňáková, Michaela (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focus on process management of a contract in manufacturing company Biokron s.r.o. This company specializes in the production of feed and compound feed for domestic and livestock. In the first part describes the theoretical basis of the thesis. The second part focuses on the introducing the selected business. The third part describes and analyzes the process of order management the receipt of the order, through production to the dispatch of the product to the customer. The last part outlines proposals for changes in the process of order management in the company.
Draft measures to reduce customer complaints
Charvátová, Petra ; Strnad, Vlastimil (referee) ; Tyráček,, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with customer complaints of headlamps in Automotive Lighting s.r.o. The goal is to analyze the state of customer complaints for 2018 and to evaluate the biggest source of nonconformities in terms of the type of complaint based on Pareto analysis. The thesis focuses on solution of one particular type of complaint. The key part of the thesis is also the processing of the process analysis, the evaluation of the causes of the complaint and the draft of corrective measures that would eliminate the problem. The conclusion of the thesis contains evaluation of the proposed corrective measures, including from the economic point of view.
Proposals of the number of complaints reduction in the construction company
Džanajová, Patrícia ; Videcká, Zdeňka (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
This master thesis put its focus on analysis that is based on the creation of complaints in the filed of the construction company that has been used for this research. The researched company core business activities lie in the construction and reconstruction of the roofs. This analysis is based on the comparison of already established procedures and consequently their actual execution. The shortcomings that were found in the analytical part of this research papers, will be used as suggestions that ought to improve the current situation of the researched company.
Improving the quality of sales department work
Šoltés, Lukáš ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (referee) ; Bartes, František (advisor)
This thesis solve a work quality of sales department. There are teoretic base for a solved problem in a teoretic part, which are used in another parts of this thesis. The emphasis is puted on proposal effective alternatives for unsatisfactory processes in the company to improve the quality of sales department

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