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Regulatory Issues of Organizing Outdoor Activities
Sýkorová, Klára ; Baláš, Jiří (advisor) ; Bílý, Milan (referee)
Title: Regulatory Issues of Organizing Outdoor Activities Objectives: The objective of this thesis was to analyse legal environment in relation to organizing programs for outdoor sports and outdoor activities, and to analyse terms and conditions for acquiring the necessary qualification. Methods: I performed analysis of the legal environment by applying descriptive analysis, in particular using document analysis as regards their content. I acquired further data based on consultation with experts in the area of individual activities, methodology and legal regulation. I organized and summarized the acquired data. Conclusions: The analysis demonstrated lack of uniformity and visible fragmentation of the regulation, which is missing overall recommendations and rules for outdoor sports and outdoor activities. Part of the rules is also contained in non-binding directives, having no legal force. I also discovered that the system of further education undergoes a transitory period. Implemented changes should lead to better clarity of the legal environment. However, the present development demonstrates that the process will be slow and demanding. Also, next to the general qualification system, there are subsystems used by certain subjects for their internal use. Further education of pedagogical staff is...
The Quality of Care Provided in Children's Groups from the Caretaking People
Zahradníčková, Lucie ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the quality of early childhood care in children's group focused on caretaking people. The children's group came into being in 2014 and they are the centre of attention and obscurities when it comes to their quality. It highlights the importance of a quality early childhood care and introduces the best-known indicators of a quality care relating to caretaking people which is also used as a base of the qualitative research. In terms of these indicators the qualification of the staff and their working conditions are studied in six chosen children's group. The semi-structured interviews, uninvolved observation and the analysis of the primary data lead to following summary: the common barrier while providing a care which is also influencing the quality is insufficient qualification of caretaking people and also their working conditions. Subjective emotions about the insufficiency of the qualification rise from the function of a children's group which is very unclear and there is no framework which the caretaking people should be following. The thesis formulate the recommendations of a creation of such a framework which should be inspired by the legislative relating to kindergartens and being inspired by mentioned indicators, detailed observation of their real function or...
Indirect discrimination against contractors in public tenders
Přindiš, Petr ; Horáček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Liška, Petr (referee)
Indirect discrimination against contractors in public tenders ABSTRACT This thesis deals with the legal regulation of public procurement and focuses on the issues of indirect discrimination of contractors in public tenders and the fact that some economic operators cannot participate in procurement procedures due to unjust obstacles to competition laid down by the contracting authorities. One of the main principles of procurement, principle of non-discrimination is described in detail with a use of opinions of stated by the national courts, the Court of Justice of the European Union and in the decisions of the Office for the Protection of Competition in particular. The author of the thesis tries to describe the means of indirect discrimination that occurred in the past procurement procedures within the area of European Union. Discriminatory behavior of the contracting authorities is captured in a comprehensible way and the author shows practical examples to the reader. That all helps to illustrate why the contracting authority's specific behavior was not in compliance with the rules set out in public procurement. It is the analysis of the decision-making practice of the Office for the Protection of Competition, case-law of the national courts and the European Court of Justice that provides an insight into...
Motivation, qualification and remuneration in selected enterprises
The main purpose of my bachelor thesis was to analyze system of motivation, qualification and remuneration in two enterprises from different branches, based on the study of specialist literature and on results obtained of questionnaire survey supplemented by speak with management, and to suggest possible alternatives for improvement of explored shortages that lead to higher prosperity. The theoretical part concentrates on the study of specialist literature oriented on chapters of motivation, motivation theories, work motivation, management strategy for improvement of motivation, qualification, methods and process of qualification, subjects of qualification, evaluation of results, remuneration, wages structure, creation of remuneration system and wage forms. In the practical part there were introduced selected enterprises Avire, s.r.o. and Š+H Bohunice, s.r.o. and afterwards questionnaires were evaluated. In the end results from both enterprises were evaluated to the tables according to research questions that I determined as a partial aim and suggestions for improvement of current system of motivation qualification and remuneration were recommended. According to the research is possible to say that employees from the enterprise Š+H Bohunice, s.r.o. are a bit more satisfied than employees from the enterprise Avire, s.r.o. where the lack of equipments was find out but also the poor scale of benefits and permanently standards reduction according to them they are remunerated. Although the enterprise Š+H Bohunice, s.r.o. had better results but employees are complaigning about labour shortage too and also about the bad offer of educational courses. The human resources are for every enterprise the most important so that system of motivation, qualification and remuneration should develope and improve. Changes for this aim were suggested that might be for both enterprise useful.
Conformity of education completed and performing employment - 2016
Doležalová, Gabriela
The analysis focuses on determining the conformity of the acquired education and the work done in terms of expertise. The assessment of conformity assesses the use of graduates' qualifications not only in terms of the level of education attained but also in terms of the suitability of the education received for the performance of the relevant employment. The four-step scale is used to assess the correspondence between education and employment - full compliance, partial compliance, partial disagreement and gross disagreement.
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The Profession of Training Teacher in Cook-Waiter Courses - its Development, Present and Perspective
Zimová Tímrová, Jiřina ; Marinková, Helena (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
Tato práce pojednává o povolání učitele odborného výcviku, dříve mistra či mistra odborného výcviku, v gastronomii, o vzniku a vývoji od dávné historie po současnost, a také s náhledem na perspektivy do budoucnosti. Je rozdělena na dvě části - teoretickou část a empirickou část Teoretická část se zabývá nalezením podkladů pro popis a rozbor problematiky v jednotlivých časových etapách vývoje povolání mistra/učitele odborného výcviku oboru kuchař a číšník. Proto je práce členěna do jednotlivých kapitol, ve kterých najdeme nástin historie pohostinství, vznikem označení mistr, důvody pro předávání zkušeností mezi mistrem a učněm a následný vznik cechů. Později s rozvojem průmyslu a pohostinství vznik učilišť s výukou pod vedením mistrů odborného výcviku. V druhé polovině 20.století se mistři kromě odborné výuky podíleli i na ideové výchově učňů, a to až do roku 1989, kdy došlo k transformaci školství, které přetrvává do dnešní doby. Nakonec si nastíníme perspektivu učitele odborného výcviku do budoucnosti. V empirické části zjistíme, jaký byl pohled na povolání učitele odborného výcviku, a to zodpovězením výzkumné otázky pomocí průzkumného šetření. Využitím metody modelu smíšeného výzkumu jsme provedli šetření s cílem zjistit jaký byl mistr/učitel odborného výcviku v každém zkoumaném historickém...
Vocational Development of Employees
Borovec, David ; Vysokajová, Margerita (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
Vocational Development of Employees Abstract The purpose of my rigorous thesis is to analyse not only general issues of legal regulation of vocational development of employees, but also the issues relating to special regulation concerning some specific categories of employees or tax impacts, due to reach a complexity of this analysis. This thesis consists of ten chapters, each of them dealing with different aspects of vocational development of employees, especially questions relating to improvement of qualification, upgrading of qualification and qualification agreement. Opening part serves as an introductory part defining the reason for my research, the goals of this paper and representing its structure. Chapter One characterises the care of human resources in the view of constitutional-law and labour-law regulation. The chapter is subdivided into three parts based on approach to extent of the term "the care of employees" - narrower concept, broader concept and historical concept. Chapter Two narrows idea of the care of employees into the scope of vocational development of employees. The chapter is composed of six parts. Part One explores the relevant Czech legal regulation and also mentions European Union law. Part Two describes a substance of the term "qualification". Part Three explicitly specifies...
Educational Needs of Pastors at Church of the Brethren
Mudrová, Gabriela ; Šerák, Michal (advisor) ; Záškodná, Helena (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to analyse the educational needs of the pastors in the Church of the Bretheren denomination in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided into four chapters. Chapter 1 introduces the situation and position of churches in the Czech republic. Later in the chapter the Church of the Bretheren is introduced. Chapter 2 describes the job title of pastor in the Church of the Bretheren, the pastor's roles, rights and duties and pastor's job desription. In the chapter is a proposal of the pastor's needed competencies. Chapter 3 presents existing opportunities for education for pastors. Also in Chapter 3, study plans of chosen educational institutions are analysed and compared with proposed competencies. The third chapter leads to chapter 4 which contents an analysis of the educational needs of the pastors at the Church of the Bretheren. The aim of this analysis is to identify the existing educational needs and to find out how these educational needs were fulfilled during the internal church preparatory vicar program. Key words: the Church of Bretheren, pastor, vicar program, educational needs, competencies
History, the present and new methods in physiotherapy. Subtitle: Creating of new website for physiotherapy branch.
Zacharová, Barbora ; Jeníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Šenderová, Karolína (referee)
BAKALÁŘSKÉ PRÁCE Jméno: Barbora Zacharová Vedoucí práce: Mgr. Jakub Jeníček Title: History, the present and new methods in physiotherapy Subtitle: Creating of new website for physiotherapy branch Abstract: The theme of this thesis is the creation of a comprehensive document, which deals with history, present and new methods in the field of physiotherapy. Part of this is also the creation of a new web site design for this branch where this bachelor thesis consists of two parts, from the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part contains information about history, present and new methods in the field of physiotherapy. History is divided into several points dealing with the history of rehabilitation, the history of the Clinic of Rehabilitation Medicine of the General Teaching Hospital and the First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University, important personalities of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, history of physiotherapy, physical therapy, balneology, kinesiology, and points to legal regulation of this field in the Czech Republic. The present field is focused on physiotherapy in the Czech Republic, course of physiotherapy, methods and possibilities of study. The last point of the theoretical part is focused on new foreign methods, from which the methodology is created. The practical...

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