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Delegation and its implementation in practice
Tunysová, Alena ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Hana, Hana (referee)
This thesis deals with process of delegation and its implementation in practice. The thesis consists of a theoretical part and an own work. Theoretical part applies on general concepts of management in the introductory part. Main theoretical part is focused on issues of delegation, its object, elements and goals. Next there are introduced advantages and disadvantages, barriers, which block managers process of delegation. The analysis of work is written in details, that means what is possible or cant be delegate, planning of delegation, which includes goals of planning, terms, decisions, extent of authority or inspection. There are not forgotten chapters focused on a choice of appropriate workmate and a process how to delegate correctly. The practical part is primarily based on a survey in which statements are followed from literature research. Answers of interviewed managers are presented and then illustrated with graphs, where are also added information from unstructured interviews. It is also used a method of structured interview with managers for more details. In conclusion, this own study evaluated the results of the survey and based on these measures is proposed, which should ensure more efficient use of managerial skills in the surveyed company.
Delegation and its implementation in practice
Bečkovská, Michaela ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
The thesis is focused on analyzing the process of delegation and its implementation in practice in monitored company Goldbeck Prefabeton s.r.o. Delegation of tasks is part of each company and for effective achieving the targets, it is important not to neglect this concept. The theoretical part focuses on notions of delegation and apart of his process thoroughly. Within definitions have been included advantages and disadvantages delegation barriers that prevent the proper functioning of the delegation and activities which cannot delegate and the selection of a suitable employee. The practical part describes the company, her history and her current developments. It also focuses on the own survey, which was conducted a questionnaire survey and structured interviews with managers of the company. On the ascertain results there are defined problem areas and make a suggestion of suitable recommendations which lead to improve the quality of management work to future. In conclusion is evaluation the level of delegation processes in selected company.
Delegation and its implementation in practice
Krausová, Lucie ; Kříž, Josef (advisor) ; Zdeněk, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with delegation and its implementation in practice in selected organization. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate level of the process of delegation. If delegation improves management work and based on the conducted research, recommended possible solutions that will improve the current situation of management. The methodology describes how to achieve a given goal, through the study of literature and internal resources of the organization, direct method of observation in the workplace, indirect method using questionnaire techniques and for completion was used unstructured and structured interview. A theoretical portion of this thesis describes the term managament, manager´s functions and delegation, why it´s important and their goals. It also includes a process of delegation, which includes work analysis, planning delegation, selection of an appropriate worker, how to delegate and delegate support. Then it describes advantages and barriers of delegation. A practical portion of the thesis focuses on the company itself, its expertise, and the position on the market. Further the more it includes applied form of delegation in the organization. Then it describes characteristics of managers who participated on research and evaluation of questionnaire techniques and unstructured interviews, then structured interview with a manager of the section. Finally, evaluate the results and recommendations to improve the current situation based on the information of research and also recommendations to each manager.

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