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Awareness of CAN Syndrome in Children at the Children's Home in Radenín
KUKLOVÁ, Barbora
In the bachelor thesis I describe CAN syndrome and its types. The main part of the work is a description of the family, school, institutions, projects and organizations through which children can learn about CAN syndrome. I also focus on the multidisciplinary team, prevention and description of the children's home. In the practical part of the thesis I deal with research at selected clients at the Children's Home Radenín. The aim of the work is to find out what awareness of the CAN syndrome the children have. I will determine whether they know who they can turn to for assistance, whether they had preventive programmes at school, I deal with possible consequences of the CAN syndrome, etc. Qualitative research has been used to achieve the goal. As a research technique, I choose a semi-structured interview. I think this technique is the most suitable for children. Some of the children may have no awareness of the issue, so I can explain them the concept and the interview can continue.
Heritage of Architect Emil Králík (1880-1946)
Chabičovská, Hedvika ; Czumalo, Vladimír (advisor) ; Šmied, Miroslav (referee)
The diploma-thesis deals with the monograph of Architect Emil Kralik. Emphasis is placed on his pedagogical work. It will systematically proceed from Kralik's studies and first experiences, after the introduction of the architect's personality and critical literary research. Two chapters will be dedicated to Emil Kralik as a teacher. Character and importance of his didactic work will be demonstrated by the architectural activities of his pupils. In another part of thesis will be chronologically summarized the architectural Kralik's projects, both realized and unrealized constructions. The thesis will be completed by the evaluation of Emil Kralik's work and his position in the modern Czech architecture. Keywords architecture - 20th cent., art - 20th cent., Brno University of Technology, didactic; Exhibition of Contemporary Culture Brno 1928, pupils, projectsarchitecture - 20th cent., art - 20th cent., Brno University of Technology, didactic; Exhibition of Contemporary Culture Brno 1928, pupils, projects
Evaluation of the impacts of tourism projects in LAG Šumavsko
Kotousová, Eliška ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Klufová, Renata (referee)
This diploma thesis aims at evaluating the impacts of specific tourism projects implemented in LAG Šumavsko. The main theme of the thesis is to focus on the achievement of the objectives of the projects, their subsequent sustainability, functionality, sense and their perception by the applicant and local citizens. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining basic concepts, terms and areas related to the evaluated projects. In the practical part of the work, attention is first focused on LAG Šumavsko, further there are described the resolved projects and their subsequent evaluation. The basis for the evaluation of the projects was the conducted interviews with the applicant and selected people from the public. Key words: tourism, local action group, projects, regional development, Šumava
The Reflection of Literary Activities in Digital Space
Hartmanová, Pavla
The Czech Literary Bibliography comprises a set of bibliographical records which reflect cultural journalism and specialist texts on Czech literature. The aim of the contribution is introduction to a new project of the Institute of Czech Literature: The Czech Literary Internet. The project has extended our sources to excerpt platforms, web pages and electronic magazines whose content is not easily searchable through classic search engines. It turns out that this resource illustrates the professional debate on literary events and development and, in particular, brings new information on culture in regions and popular literature.
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Grants for associations at the level of state, county and sity
The thesis deals with the processing of subsidy policies to support the activities of organizations working with children and youth. The work describes grant programs some ministries, higher territorial governments, municipalities and other donors. It also defines NGOs and their division. The work defines interest and informal education. The thesis contains tables and graphs with distributed financial amounts and numbers of people in different age categories. One of the chapters deals with the instructions for the preparation and submission of the grant application.
Blend and deblend Linked open data in a Consortium
Pallarès, Jordi
Working in a Consortium give us the perspective to see the benefits of blending ideas to create a applications from a central data/point. In some cases we found the Institution want to deblend or „not blend“ with the consortium and prefer or they see more benefits to made his own aplication. We explain our experience in the Consortium blending and not blending desicions and explain two projects in linked open data to show examples of this two ways. One project We blend all the authorities and in other we not blend in the case of Thesaurus of the University of Barcelona using Skos format.
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Kindergarten as the primary institution of health education.
KÖHLEROVÁ, Miroslava
The diploma thesis on "The kindergarten as a primary health education institution" analyses the use of health education in kindergartens. Its next objective is to find out in what form and to what extent kindergartens focus on the topics of this area. The theoretical part contains chapters dealing with health education and pre-school education. It describes the characteristic of the educational field of health education itself, the objectives it focuses on, and its educational content and expected outcomes. The next part describes the characteristics of pre-school education and its objectives, including the Framework Educational Program for Preschool Education. In addition, the elements of health education that are present in educational areas, including primary prevention, are described. The last area deals with the characteristics of a child of a pre-school age and his/her psychomotor development and socialization. The pedagogue's influence on the education of the child and the importance of the kindergarten for the child and his/her development are described here as well. The practical part contains the results of a mixed survey, whereby the results of the quantitative research were obtained using the questionnaire method and the qualitative research was conducted through interviews. The research group is composed of nursery schools teachers in the South Bohemian Region. Their work with children is studied with regard to the field of health education. In the conclusion of the thesis, the results of the research survey are evaluated and summarized.
Annual Report of CRDM 2015
Česká rada dětí a mládeže
Annual report on activities, projects, management and member organizations of the Czech Council of Children and Youth in 2015.
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