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Historical walk around Down Slaný
Kašpárek, Miroslav ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
The thesis deals with the project-based learning and its possibilities of utilization in teaching regional history at primary school, which compulsory school attendance allows. The objective of the thesis is to show the possibility, how in relatively short time can be a wide topic intervening several subjects dealt with. The purpose is to acquaint students with regional history and sights in their birthplace and also raise their interest in things, places and memories they commonly pass, but do not pay attention to them. This project is focused on the city where I was born, lived significant part of my life and got my first pedagogical experience. For collecting data at the beginning and at the end of the project were used surveys, which brought feedback from students. Main axis was individual work of students, which consisted of group activities and using of modern technology. Results shown, that this method has potential which should not be diminished, students in the examined class appreciated it as an interesting form of teaching. They found out about commonly passed places in the city, things they surprisingly did not know and were never and by nobody told about. Every teacher teaching regional history should try this way of teaching and find out if it is usable with regard to his style of...
The Application of Project Management Methods in Company
Káčerková, Tereza ; Kruljacová, Anna (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
Diplomová práce je zaměřena na aplikaci metod projektového řízení ve firmě. Práce nejprve specifikuje teoretické poznatky této oblasti. Na teoretickou část navazuje analýza externího a interního prostředí dané firmy. Na základě výstupů a využití metod projektového managementu je vytvořen možný návrh řešení projektu, který vede k úspěšnému oslovení nového segmentu potencionálních zákazníků.
Process Management of the Ccontract
Klinger, Erik ; Tesař, Rostislav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
Master thesis deals with the order management process in the company XYZ Ltd. The thesis contains three main parts. The first part is evaluation of theoretical approaches to the solution, which is based on the literature. The next part is an analysis of the current state of the organization, where the issue of the order management in the organization is described. Based on this analysis , customized proposal solutions are made, to create added value for each activity to meet customer requirements.
Software Support for Project Management
Habarta, Lukáš ; Ščuglík, František (referee) ; Květoňová, Šárka (advisor)
The topic of this thesis is project management and description of software solution for project management support. This software solution was also implemented within the thesis. The first part contains a description of the terminology used in project management. There is described project management as well. The second part contains a description of technical analysis and implementation of the web application for project management.
Multilingualism and interculturality in international or interregional projects and work environments
BENDOVÁ, Kateřina
The purpose of this work is to carry out qualitative research in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of the NetMe-In project participants´ experiences. The Master thesis is made up of theoretical part, project and team description, research methodology, empirical part and discussion. Firstly, the theoretical part is focused on four main topics: project, team, interculturality and multilingualism. Secondly, a detailed description of the NetMe-In project itself as well as an introduction to all project partners is provided. Thirdly, the research methodology is presented including the author's research method, the recording equipment, the description of interviewees, the interview settings and the description of the interview transcription. Fourthly, the empirical part puts emphasis on analysis and interpretation of the results of the author's interviews. Lastly, the discussion is concentrated on the author's critical reflection of the qualitative research including comments on the author's methodology and the research findings.
Analysis of project methods and their implementation in a project
SLABÁ, Karolína
The presented master thesis describes the analysis of project management methods and their implementation in a concrete project. It is oriented on study of project management phases and methods. The practical part shows the methods on example from industrial area.
Preparation of the construction of a rough basement of a residential building in Ivančice
Vokurek, Kamil ; Boháček, Adam (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is a technological project of a rough basement of a residential building in Ivančice. The construction is located in southeast part of Ivančice nearby Brno. The thesis is focused on earthwork and foundation load-bearing structure. The content is filled with technical reports for both phases, wich follows site facilities, budgets, mechanical assembly, inspection and test plan and safety. The thesis also include a comparison of two different possible solutions of the construction of extrernal loadbearing wall, especially time and financial comparison.
Use of Project Management Methods in Construction Practice
Vomočil, Filip ; Krška, Lukáš (referee) ; Waldhans, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the processing of tender documentation for private entities based of the Public Procurement Act and acquired information by the Contracting Authority and the Participant. The bachelor task of the thesis is to propose the tender documentation of private entities to the tender.
Planning of Resources for Construction Project
Vičar, Ondřej ; Waldhans, Miloš (referee) ; Nováková, Jana (advisor)
The aim of bachelor thesis is to decribe principles of planning the resources for construction project. The theoretical part deal with resource planning, cost planning and financial planning. In practical part these methods are aplied on specific project.

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