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School and community health promotion projects
Myšíková, Lucie ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (advisor) ; Kočí, Jana (referee)
The Diploma thesis focusing on the topic "School and community health promotion projects" with a focused on primary schools on the Pilsen region. The main aim of the study is to get a grasp of the offer of health promotion projects on primary schools. Furthermore, to find out the attitude of principals to these projects, what motivates them to participate in and how primary schools are supported in this area. A partial goal of this thesis is to create an overview of the offered projects which should help the principals of primary schools with the selection of the convenient one. The theoretical part of the thesis is based on the specialized literature, the information available on the official websites of each project, legislation and strategic documents related to primary schools which were valid at the time of creating this Diploma thesis. It deals with the definition of basic concepts related to the issue of health and health promotion and also presents individual projects promoting health. The practical part is drawn up on the basis of interviews with the principals of the selected primary schools. These interviews are the analyzed using open coding and thereafter interpreted. KEY WORDS health promotion, health, prevention, health education, projects, primary schools, Pilsen region
Project Proposal and Application of Project Management Methods for a Specific Event
Nečasová, Jana ; Tesařová, Mariana (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce pojednává o využití metod a nástrojů projektového managementu v rámci specifické akce. Teoretická část se věnuje popisu základních pojmů a teoretických poznatků souvisejících s problematikou řízení projektů. Ve druhé části jsou provedeny analýzy současného stavu, udržitelnosti, marketingu a konkurence akce. Návrhy a příspěvky jsou diskutovány ve třetí části. Jednotlivé metody, modely a nástroje byly vybrány pro maximální využití v rámci tohoto konkrétního projektu.
Implenetation of managing of swimming sport event
Nováková, Jana ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Štědroň, Bohumír (referee)
1 Abstract Title: Implementation of managing of swimming sport event Objectives: The aim of this work was to identify shortcomings in the organisation of 36. International Czech Masters Swimming Championships and to create proposals for improving the organization of other events organized by the swimming club in Mladá Boleslav. Methods: For the purpose of this thesis, qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. The selected event was described in detail using the case study method. A questionnaire survey was used to collect data from the participants of the event and through an interview with one of the organizers, the organizing team's perspective on the event was obtained. Results: The results show that the participants saw the shortcomings of the event more in the place where it took place. They criticised its size and lack of facilities. Although this is a factor that cannot be completely influenced by the organizing team, solutions were proposed. The only organisational shortcoming identified was the lack of feedback, which could be a valuable tool for future actions. Even for this shortcoming, the thesis proposes recommendations for improvement. Klíčová slova: swimming, management, management of sport event
The Project Proposal for Founding of Optics Center
Dobešová, Soňa ; Smolíková, Lenka (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on usage of project management in practise on specific project and i tis result will lead to founding of optics center. The first part of bachelor thesis consists of explanation of individual methods, that are used in practical part of bachelor thesis. Second part is focused on external and internal environment analysis of the DOBE, s.r.o. company. The result is summarised in SWOT analysis. The last part cointains application of gained experience for project management in practise usage.
The Project Proposal for the Construction of a Car Service Complex
Dobeš, Jiří ; Smolíková, Lenka (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the project proposal for the construction of a car service complex. The first part is consisted of definitions of theoretical analysis, which will be used in practical part of bachelor thesis. The second part is going to be used to introduce the company and analyze the current situation of the company. The last part contains the processed whole project preparation, which is ready for realization.
Risk Management of the Payment Process Optimization Project
Cebáková, Tereza ; Buňka, Antonín (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the risk management in the payment process optimization project. To fulfill the main objective, the norm ČSN ISO 31000:2009 was followed. In the preparation phase for the analysis of the risks were used strategic, scheduling, resource, and cost analysis. Based on the results from these methods, the project risks were identified. Qualitative approach was used in the quantitative phase. Next, the corrective measures were suggested. In the last part, a process of risks monitoring is proposed.
Risk Management of Optimizing the Supply of Material to Production
Grábl, Jan ; Růžička, Ludvík (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
Master thesis deals with risk project management of optimization of supply material to production at Walter s.r.o., which deals with production of CNC machines. Thanks to part-time job in this company and participation in project, I got a lot of information about working of supply material, therefore I can analyze current status of supply. After analysis I am able to evaluate and propose steps for accelerating and better delivering material.
3A Analysis of a School Activity with an Emphasis on Project-based Education Features
Šafránková, Martina ; Rusek, Martin (advisor) ; Tóthová, Martina (referee)
The thesis focuses on a school project on the topic of waste. The project is analysed and evaluated using the 3A methodology. The emphasis in the examination and evaluation of individual activities is placed primarily on the use of project elements and compliance with the principles of project-based learning. The content of the theoretical part deals with the chapter about project-based learning and the principles of this learning. This section also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the method. Further, the work presents an analysis of the current curricular document from the perspective of project teaching and waste. The last part of the theory describes the characteristics of methodology 3A. The practical part deals with the description, analysis, evaluation, and design of convenient alterations of project activities. The thesis also contains a draft for other activities with project elements on the topic of waste, which can be included in the existing project. KEYWORDS Project-based learning, project, methodology 3A, waste, environmental education

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