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Strategic Management of a Project Portfolio in a Consulting Firm
Ratajová, Kristina ; Balcar, Petr (advisor) ; Polák, Petr (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to contribute to the understanding of project management and project portfolio management with focus on the processes, individual tasks within each process, methods and tools. It also serves as an analysis of project-based consulting firm. Project management might seem as an unnecessary cost to the firm. However, the costs resulting from undelivered projects or projects delivered in poor quality would significantly exceed those costs paid for project management. The firm is analysed in a form of a case study with a combination of semi-structured interviews, analysis and visualization of relevant data and comparison to the best prac- tices. Two specific projects are analysed in depth and project portfolio performance of one team is evaluated. The detailed analysis provides demonstration of project management methodologies and proves its importance. It shows the correct procedures in the firm as well as inefficien- cies and rooms for improvement. Furthermore, it shows practices of managing multiple projects at once in order to reach balanced portfolio and maximize its profitability. 1
Utilization and Benefits of Projecting Activities for Public Administration Sphere
The bachelor thesis is focused on project activity that develops and makes public administration within social area more efficient, and on the experience of workers active within this area. The main objective of this thesis was to describe and analyse project activity leading into the area of development and streamlining of public administration for social area, and a partial objective is to find out what experience public administration workers have with project activity within the social area. In accordance with the objective, the following research questions have been posed: ´What is the use and benefits of project activity for the development and streamlining of public administration in social area?´ and ´What experience do public administration workers have with project activity within social area?´ The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part is focused on public administration, social area within public administration, project management, and project activity in public administration focused on social area. The practical part was processed using qualitative research together with the methods of secondary data analysis, triangulation, and questioning, using the technique of a semi-structured interview. First, freely available data was used to evaluate projects falling into the area of development and streamlining of public administration introducing projects at nationwide, regional, and local levels focused on the Region of Karlovy Vary, and the city itself. Then, interviews with Ministry of Interior workers, Regional Office of Karlovy Vary workers, and the City Hall of Karlovy Vary workers were carried out. To evaluate the interview data, the method of anchored theory and the process of open coding were used. For the purposes of result presentation, data categorization was used. The results have proven that the greatest benefit of project activity is gathering of sources and their efficient use, development of social area and its modernization, analysis of needs or problematic areas, helping people in need, and cooperation with experts. The survey has also proven that workers in the analysed area do have experience with project activity, however, each at a different level. Some directly participate at project implementation, others work as experts from the position of external workers. Workers may encounter project activity not only due to their superior´s command, they themselves may decide to do so. This thesis may be beneficial and may serve public administration workers, lay public interested in those issues, or students of related subjects.
Project Management of Sport Organization
The thesis deals with the use of project management tools beyond the standard environment in which project management approaches are common. The practical use of these tools is described on the example of realization of a specific project in a floorball club, which is a part of the Spartak Pelhřimov Physical Training Unit.
Portál pro vzdálený mentoring
This master thesis deals with design and implementation of a web portal for remote mentoring. It analyzes the issues of e-learning, coaching and mentoring and then defines the target audience and its needs. At the same time, it deals with technological startups and describes the process of building the portal in the context of the startup. The practical part focuses on the development itself, project management and project sustainability.
Construction Order Management
Kadeřávková, Jitka ; Podstavek, Michal (referee) ; Waldhans, Miloš (advisor)
This thesis is devoted to management of construction contract and the thesis is divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is focused on familiarizing with some concepts of project management, cost control, time management and risk management. At the end of the theoretical part, there are described types of construction of a family house. Practical part involves applying these principles on the example of the particular construction work contract. It also describes and analyzes organization of construction contract and together with risk management meets the appointed target. The desired output of theses is processing of necessary documents for the management of specific construction contract by house raising.
Project Risk Management in a Particular Company
Sobotka, Michal ; Jiří Koukal, MSc., MBA (referee) ; Adamec, Vladimír (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on risk management in a particular project in a particular company. The opening part deals with the principles of customers loyalty programs, formulation of goals and the main methods used for risk identification and quantification. The analytical part contains an analysis of the current state of the company and a description of the project and its plans. The main task of this work is to identify and evaluate project risks and propose measures to reduce their severity. The output of the thesis is an inventory of the risks of the project, which can serve also for other projects of the company.
Project management in business corporation
DUDOVÁ, Karolína
The thesis describes the project management activities. The thesis characterizes the stages of the procedure and its most widely used project management methods. From the selected company one project is carried out and interpreted by all the stages of the project management. The thesis also describes the greatest problems with project management in the company and suggest possible changes to improve. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the project management in the selected business corporation and it suggest how to improve the prosperity and business continuity.
Project Proposal and Application of Project Management Methods for a Specific Event
Ontlová, Veronika ; Kruljacová, Anna (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
Diplomová práce se zaměřuje na praktické využití metod projektového managementu pro návrh řešení projektu Okruhové Dny. Práce je nejprve zaměřena na specifikaci teoretických poznatků dané problematiky, načež navazuje analýzou současného prostředí firmy. Na základě těchto výstupů a specifik je posléze vytvořen i samotný návrh řešení projektu. Cílem této magisterské práce je vytvořit podrobný popis a plán projektu, který slouží zejména ke zkvalitnění projektového řízení ve firmě, jakožto projektu samého.
The Enhancement of the Proposal and the Application of the Project Management Methods for the Specific Project.
Hojsák, Aleš ; Kruljacová, Anna (referee) ; Smolíková, Lenka (advisor)
Diplomová práce je věnována aplikaci metod a nástrojů projektového řízení v rámci projektu “You2ber Life!”. Kapitola 1 studovala teoretické základy projektového řízení a jeho metod. Kapitola 2 hodnotí (současná situace, udržitelnost události, konkurenci a shrnutí poznatků získaných pro zlepšení v příštích letech). Kapitola 3 simuluje (finanční analýzu a návrh rozpočtu), definuje (cíl SMART, WBS a řízení času pomocí Ganttova diagramu), vysvětluje (význam lidských zdrojů při řízení projektů), objasňuje (význam lidských zdrojů při řízení projektů), vyhodnocuje (rizika) a skládá se z návrhů platných pro projekt “You2ber Life!”. Nicméně, po úpravách může být použita i v příštích letech.
Preparing and running multinational collaborative projects
This work focuses on specifics of a project in an international or intercultural team. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate experience of participants with working in international or intercultural team and to propose a method to create such team. In theoretical part we will describe existing forms of cooperation, theory of intercultural communication and the basis of preparation and implementation of a project, including the theory of management of a project team. Practical part consists of a questionnary created for the research, gathered data via this questionnaire and a guideline for creating an international/intercultural team. Sources will be literature and other bibliography related to particular chapters of our work.

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