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Sanctioning of Serious Criminal Act Offenders
Pešulová, Petra ; Hořák, Jaromír (advisor) ; Pelc, Vladimír (referee)
96 Sanctioning of serious criminal act offenders Abstract The thesis is divided into five chapters. The first chapter deals with general questions concerning the topic of the thesis: how a serious offence can be defined and how offenders who committed such an offence can be punished. The aim of the chapter is to present general ideas and to set the problematic the thesis deals with in detail in a broader context. The second and the third chapter presents the statute law concerning two topics withing the broader topic of the thesis. The second chapter deals with the rules of punishment of sexual offenders according to the Belgian law. The rules are discussed in detail and presented in the context of the criminal law as whole. Several inconsistencies that are caused by a non respect to the consequences of a change in one field of criminal law to another one. The third chapter presents the Belgian complementary punishment of mise à la disposition du tribunal de l'application des peines and the German preventive measure of Sicherungsverwahrung and their brief comparison. Both measures incorporate the same idea - a group of offenders cannot be liberated, even though they have already served their punisment as whole - but they differ in details. The fourth chapter deals with the participation of experts to the...
Chemical contaminants in milk
The bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of contaminants in milk, such as pesticides, veterinary drugs, heavy metals, mycotoxins and their influence on milk quality. These substances present in milk have a negative impact on consumers health and for dairy cows health. The presence of contaminants in milk should therefore be monitored mainly to ensure the safe of the milk. An important group in terms of milk contamination are veterinary drugs. Their residues have a negative impact for milk processing and consumer health, but can also contribute to an increase in antimicrobial resistance. However, over-limit findings of veterinary drug residues in the Czech Republic have been on a low level in recent years. Special attention has been paid to milk contamination with mycotoxins because this problem is currently a very topical and discussed topic. Most of the work is focused on the contamination of milk with aflatoxin M1, which is the most explored milk-related mycotoxin.
Supervision as an effective tool against bullying
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic "Supervision as an effective tool for bullying". The thesis is consisted of theoretical and research part. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter in the theoretical part deals with bullying, mobbing and the most used kind of mobbing, which is bossing. Their characteristics, phases, techniques, causes and consequences are mentioned. The second chapter presents preventive measures for mobbing and bossing. The third chapter deals with supervision, its brief history, definitions, functions, types, objectives, its contribution to individuals, facilities and further application. In the empirical part, the main research questions are: "Do the employees know what the supervision is used for?", "Was any employee threatened by bullying in the workplace?" "Is the supervision from the employee's point of view considered as an effective tool for bullying in the workplace?" The aim of the thesis is to find out if the employees themselves have experience in helping professions with bullying in the workplace, then to find out the preventive measures in the presence of bullying in the workplace and the implementation of supervision at the workplaces. A semi-structured interview was chosen by the technical research. For the interview, we pre-prepared questions, which were allowed to answer freely. Qualitative research was carried out by using open encoding, attended by 6 communication partners. The research results can be used in practice or may be presented in professional literature at trade conferences. However, it may also be a benefit to individual research facilities or the public.
Insurance fraud
Nguyenová, Nhan ; Galuška, Jiří (advisor) ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of insurance fraud whose number has recently increased. Insurance frauds mainly appear in non-life insurance. The thesis describes the elements of insurance frauds and mentions them in various insurance areas in the 3 most important companies in the Czech Republic. The work contains a detailed analysis of these insurance companies and areas where insurance frauds cause the greatest damage. I also proposed preventive measures and provide a comparison of the current situation of the insurance companies with last year. The aim of my work is to define insurance frauds as a problem weighing our company at present to analyze in detail the problems of insurance companies and to analyze the area of the most frequent occurrences of fraud and to mention preventive measures.
Methodology of microbiological examination of books and library environment and depositories
Šimůnek, Jan ; Lefnerová, Danuše ; Chaloupková, Jana
Methodology of microbiological examination of books and library environment describes the methods for sampling and their evaluation.
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Vulnerability assesment and preventive measures of cultural heritage against flooding
Nedvědová, Klára ; Frankl, Jiří ; Balík, L. ; Šimůnek, O. ; Herbstová, Vladislava ; Kopecká, I. ; Pergl, R. ; Drdácký, Tomáš
One of the preconditions for successful planning is to estimate the risk of flood damage with regard to the construction resilience and constituent materials of historical objects. The output of this phase is software application and methodology for classifying the rate risk of specific constructions and materials and a reasonable estimate of risk diversification in different parts of the building. A special attention is paid to prevention and it tends to recommend suitable measures for different situations.
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Problems of Nursing Care of Patients with Leiden Mutation and Prevent Complikations
Factor V Leiden mutation is a hereditary disorder of the hemostatic mechanism, which may lead to an increased occurrence of trombones in the blood-vessel tree. This disorder is classified among hypercoagulation conditions. It is one of the most frequent inborn disorders of blood coagulation associated with venous thromboembolism. The objective of the present Bachelor Thesis is to determine if nurses of surgical branches have knowledge of the above disorder and complications there of. Further, another objective of this Bachelor Thesis is to discover if education of nurses affects their knowledge of the disorder. The final objective is to ascertain if patients have cognizance of their disease and know how to prevent complications. Hypotheses and research questions have been stipulated in relation to the above-mentioned objectives. H1: Nurses with a longer work experience in surgical branches have more information of Leiden mutation and prevention of complications related to this disorder than nurses with a shorter work experience. H2: Nurses with a higher-level education in surgical branches have more information of Leiden mutation and prevention of complications related to this disorder than nurses with a lower-level education. RQ1: Are patients informed of occurrence of complications and prevention of an acute breakout of the disorder? RQ2: Do nurses provide patients with informationof regimen measures related to this disease? RQ3: Have any complications occurred during hospitalization in relation to Leiden mutation? The empirical part of the Bachelor Thesis consists of two sections.The first section comprises a quantitative research survey. The research was conducted in form of an anonymous non-standardized questionnaire for nurses of surgical branchesin Nemocnice České Budějovice, a.s. [Hospital České Budějovice, joint-stock company] and Nemocnice Prachatice, a.s. [Hospital Prachatice, joint-stock company]. The questionnaire contained 20 questions, divided into closed, semi-closed and open questions. Results were processed in the computer programme Microsoft Excel and the data acquired were used for parametric statistical analysis. The results are presented in graphs. The other section of the empirical part contains a qualitative research survey. The research was carried out with five respondents, in form of a semistandardized interview, with 20 questions prepared in advance, and these questions were in turn completed according to replies given by the respondents. The interviews were recorded in a written in a record sheet. Data obtained from the interviews were processed by coding and a subsequent categorization of data. The categorization was done on the basis of internal similarity of codes.The author views the problems of nursing care of patients with Leiden mutation mainly in connection with complications that might occur. These complications involve deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.This Bachelor Thesis attempts at pointing out these problems and bringing this disease into more widespread awareness among nursing personnel.
Social Work with Seniors as Victims of Crime Theft and Deception
This bachelor?s thesis is focused on senior, as a victim of a theft crime and fraud and, in connection to the consequences of this problem, on social work. The theoretical part describes the age in general and its division, the changes that are age related and have an impact on the situation when senior becomes a frequent target of offenders then followed by theft crimes, scams and their forms, especially doorstep selling and promotional events, theoretical part also includes preventive measures related to fraud and theft, and in the consequences of crime, the social work with seniors as a victims of a crime is described here. The aim of this bachelor?s thesis is to identify the most common form of crime and fraud committed against seniors, then the awareness of seniors about the danger of theft and fraud and knowledge and following the preventive measures by the seniors. I stated the main research questions: What are the most common forms of theft crime and fraud committed against seniors? Are the seniors informed about possible dangers of theft? Are the seniors informed about possible dangers of fraud? What preventive measures are followed by seniors not to become a victim of theft crime? What preventive measures are followed by seniors not to become a victim of fraud? The partial research questions were assigned to main research questions that determine whether the seniors know the dangers of doorstep selling and promotional events, where the seniors feel the most vulnerable to fraud and theft, what preventive measures about theft and fraud they know and whether they follow the preventive measures. For the practical part of the thesis, the qualitative research was chosen whose. For gaining of the data, the asking method and technique of semi-controlled interview were used. The questions of semi-controlled interview are divided into four areas, where two areas are related to theft and fraud and related doorstep selling and promotional events and other two areas are related to preventive measures, always in connection to theft of fraud. The results are, for the first research question: What are the most common forms of theft crime and fraud committed against seniors? evaluated by secondary analysis of data and the rest of questions by method of capturing formulas (,,gestalts"). The results of this bachelor?s thesis showed, that the most common form of the theft crime committed against seniors, are the thefts directly in the flat of the senior, who is robbed even of their life savings right after allowing the stranger to go into the flat. It showed, that in relation to the most common form of fraud crime, the seniors are most frequently cheated when signing unfavourable contracts either during doorstep selling or promotional events. The promotional events are the hot topic of this year, as in the fight against this events, the documentary film ,,Šmejdi" was filmed, showing the seniors being cheated on them. The knowledge gained thanks to this bachelor?s thesis can be used as a basis for extension of information about the issue to seniors and also as a source of information for social workers working with seniors.
Awareness of university students about the health risks associated with a stay abroad, knowledge and use of possible preventive measures
The topic of my thesis is foreign travel issues. Its purpose is to survey the awareness of students of the University of South Bohemia about travel risks, while mapping the knowledge and use of available preventive measures. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part I try to describe in a well arranged way the available knowledge about health risks associated with traveling, including the various forms of prevention. The aim of the practical part is to analyze the obtained data and to determine the awareness of university students about the risks associated with traveling. The survey is based on the methods of prevalence studies conducted using an anonymous questionnaire survey. In total, 652 students of the University of South Bohemia were addressed, the number of returns was 460 questionnaires. In relation to the objectives two hypotheses were proposed. H1: The awareness of students of the Faculty of Health and Social Studies about the health risks associated with a stay abroad is significantly higher than that of students of other faculties of the University of South Bohemia. H2: Statistically, the most important source of information on the knowledge and use of possible prevention measures is the Internet. These hypotheses were statistically evaluated and on the basis of the obtained results they were confirmed or refuted. The research results show that the most informed about the presented issues are students of the Faculty of Science. This fact was later explained by a number of exotic destinations visited during the last stay abroad, as well as a wide offer of the Faculty of globally-oriented practical training and research fellowships, in connection with which the students inform themselves about possible travel risks. Statistically, most of the surveyed students use the Internet to get information. This research became the basis for targeted focus of health education on minimizing health risks when traveling abroad. The real outcome of the thesis is an information poster which will be distributed to individual faculties of the University of South Bohemia.
The Risks of Working as a Nurse
The work of nurses in health care is often physically and psychologically demanding. Some inpatient departments have specific labor conditions and from them come risks. Nurses are continuously exposed to the risk of injury, infection, but also stress caused by their work. These labor-related risks can cause disorders on health or cause labor-related diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce workload, stress, psycho-social risks and pay special attention to preventive measures and keep sanitary-epidemiological behavior. This Bachelor thesis called ?Risks of Nurse´s Labor? is divided into two parts. The theoretical part strives to summarize the risks of a nurse?s work focusing on preventive measures related to particular risks. Results of this survey are processed in the research part of this thesis. During the survey I used a quantitative method of data collection ? by using a questionnaire. The research file was created by nurses working in Internal and Neurological departments and a Residential facility for chronically ill patients in the Hospital České Budějovice, a.s. and in the University Hospital in Plzeň. In the Bachelor´s thesis 2 objectives and 3 related hypotheses have been set. The objectives were fulfilled and hypotheses were either verified or rejected. The author was trying to find out what nurses regard as the highest risks in clinically focused workplaces and what preventive measures are applied with respect to perceived risks. From the results come out that nurses regard being stung by an infected needle as the highest risk in the workplace. Preventive measures are applied in a limited scope.

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