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Transatlantic relations between the US and the EU (2012-2018)
Fedorucová, Klára ; Kotábová, Věra (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
Topics associated with the United States' foreign policy towards the European Union have become increasingly intense in expert discussions since the turn of the millennium. This is due to several factors, primarily including the strength of the two clusters, on two shores of the Atlantic ocean. The work on the topic of transatlantic relations is divided into four chapters, where the first chapter deals with the theory of regionalism, the historical development of relations between the United States and the European Union, and the European Community. The conclusion of the chapter then anchors foreign policy actors from the US perspective. However, the thesis aim is to compare two US presidents and their relations with the EU. The selected presidents are Barack Obama and Donald Trump, when the 2012-2018 period is a crucial time for work. The aim of the thesis is to find answers to several questions, when the main one is whether and what difference is in the approach of Barack Obama and Donald Trump towards the EU. The paper sets out several criteria by its research, which will then be compared from the perspective of two presidents in order to show whether and how the policies of two consecutive presidents differ in EU relations.
Presidential Directives as Instrument of President's Obama Policy-Making
Bui Thuy, Hanh ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
The recent usage of presidential directives by President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump initiated debates around limits of presidential power. Research on the presidential power has shown lack of focus on the presidential directives, misinterpretation and wrong terminology which resulted in false accusations of presidential overreach and abuse of power. This thesis argues that the political gridlock and increasing passivity of Congress have contributed to a shift between the executive and legislative power of government. This thesis will trace the extent to which Congress has become resistant to pass two of the key priorities of President Obama's political agenda - immigration reform and gun regulation, after which the President had to act on the issues unilaterally. The main aim of the thesis is to show that presidential directives of President Obama were not issued in a vacuum and that there were debates, persuasion and negotiations preceding the executive actions in an attempt to advance President's agenda in a form of bipartisan legislation rather than unilateral presidential directive.
EU Transport policy: Case study of conflict resolution on SESAR example
Poslušná, Kristýna ; Němcová, Ingeborg (advisor) ; Vošta, Milan (referee)
This thesis is analysing the negotiation process on the occasion of the Czech presidency in 2009, by example of SESAR: Air Traffic Management (ATM) Master Plan. Shortly, it also describes theoretical background of the thesis: air transport, Air Traffic Management and EU Transport policy.
Analysis of the presidency of Czech Republic in Council of the European union in 2009.
Hejnová, Aneta ; Doležal, Tomáš (advisor) ; Dubský, Zbyněk (referee)
This bachelor' s thesis titled Analysis of the presidency of Czech Republic in Council of the European union in 2009 deals with the analysis of the presidency from the perspective of the concept of small states using the following criteria: setting and achieving the program's priorities, technocratic and administrative mastery of presidency, dealing with unexpected crises and last but not least media evaluation of the presidency. The aim of the thesis is to determine whether the Czech Republic, as a small and newly arrived state, has been able to fulfil all the expectations of the presiding country, moreover, if it has taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the presidency to the small countries.
Communication and media aspect of Slovak presidency in the Council of the European Union
Tvrdoňová, Zuzana ; Peterková, Jana (advisor) ; Rolenc, Jan Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on communication and media factor of Slovak presidency in the Council of the European Union which took place in the second half of 2017. The aim of the thesis is to approach communication and media aspect in detail, review Slovak organisational and presentation ambitions and provide a perception of Slovakia in this role. The thesis partly deals with public diplomacy of Slovak Republic. It concerns branding strategy adopted before the presidency was held in order to improve image of the country abroad. The accomplished presentation results are evaluated at the end, as well as the communication with domestic and foreign media.
War Powers of the U.S. President in War Against Terrorism: A Case Study of President Bush's Military Order for November 13, 2001
Dobeš, Petr ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Raška, Francis (referee)
The subjects of this thesis are the war powers of the U.S. President. The main theory of this work is that from the beginning of the 20th century, there is the trend of expanding presidential powers and a strong executive which peaked during the presidency of George W. Bush under the influence of extraordinary circumstances that had been in place after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. This theory will be proved by the case study of a Military Order of November 13, 2001 regarding Detention, Treatment, and Trial of Certain Non-Citizens in the War Against Terrorism issued by president George W. Bush and by the analysis of communication between certain members of the executive. This thesis seeks answers to questions whether the U.S. Constitution is able to cope with the threat of global terrorism, in what ways President Bush overstepped his constitutional authority and whether the presidency of George W. Bush could be regarded as a case of an "imperial presidency" as described by Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Executive orders in the US political system
Bui Thuy, Hanh ; Kotábová, Věra (advisor) ; Brunclík, Miloš (referee)
During the formative years of the American political system, the presidency has adopted so called unilateral tools, by which the President is able to enforce his agenda without the need of consent from the Congress or judiciary court. However, these tools are not written in the Constitution and their amount and means of usage has changed throughout time. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to study the factors that have caused these changes, specifically the unilateral tool of executive orders. The thesis analyses executive orders issued by the current president of the United States, Barack Obama, whose governing tenure is often characterized by frequent use of executive orders. It also examines whether and how these executive orders can be evaluated from the perspective of the Constitution. The result of the thesis serves as an introduction to the issue of these controversial presidential acts with the need of further study within the complexity of the American political system.
Promoting Czech Priorities in Eastern Partnership: Three Czech Presidencies
Franěk, Robert ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Najšlová, Lucia (referee)
The thesis "Promoting Czech Priorities in Eastern Partnership" deals with Czech policy towards six states of Eastern Europe and Southern Caucasus during three presidencies: in Visegrad Group in years 2007/2008 and 2011/2012 and in the Council of EU in 2009. These periods were chosen, because Czech Republic had the biggest opportunity to influence the project in them. Based on the analysis of presidency programms and evaluation of agenda, the thesis tries to assess, if was Czech Republic successful in promoting its foreign policy priorities in the project during the presidencies. First chapters of the thesis are dedicated to history of Czech relations with the region of Eastern Europe and to description of Eastern Partnership project. The other three chapters are case studies of particular presidencies. After all, the thesis concludes, that despite the fact, that Czech Republic successfully included its priorities in presidency programms and agenda, it was not able to promote them on the EU level because of lack of political interest and experience.
French-Czech Relationships after the French Presidency of the Council of the EU (2009-2013)
Čapková, Zuzana ; Tomalová, Eliška (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
The diploma thesis "The French-Czech relations after the French EU Presidency (2009- 2013)" examines the relations between France and the Czech Republic during five years after the French presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2008, which was replaced by the Czech Presidency in the first half of 2009. It is evident that bilateral relations between Member States are influenced by their membership in the EU. The aim of this work is to find out whether we can observe a similar process in the opposite direction, that is, whether bilateral cooperation between France and the Czech Republic contributes to the Europeanisation of relations in the fields of foreign policy, defense and security, justice and home affairs, transport, environment, trade and economic relations, culture, science and education. The work is divided into two main parts. After a theoretical and methodological introduction, the first one treats the evolution of the French-Czech relations in the 20th and 21st century, the largest part of the work is the analysis of key areas derived from the text of Strategic Partnership established in 2008. In the final chapter, the author tries to generalize the Europeanisation of bilateral relations between these two EU Member States with regard to the importance of bilateral and...
Role of the US Foreign Policy Advisers
Blažek, Jiří ; Klepárník, Vít (advisor) ; Koubek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on the role of the advisors in the US foreign policy, especially in the decision-making process, which constitutes a part of presidential system in the United States of America. The methodology of the conceptual part is based on individual typologies of presidential control of the US administrations. The thesis also describes evolution of this discipline, which in the USA is studied in the field of Foreign Policy Analysis. The conceptual scheme of the presidential control is based on the models by Johnson, George and Mitchell. The theoretical approach to the roles of advisors is patterned on the models of Mulcahy, Crabb and Hönig. The thesis combines these theoretical bases to describe and explain the evolution of presidential control typologies. Some problematic particularities of the Mitchell typology are also reviewed in this part. The next part based on the theoretical models analyses empirical reality. The analytical part constitutes of two case studies, which describe the role of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs in the key deliberations of the presidential administrations of William J. Clinton (reaction to the conflict in Bosnia) and George W. Bush (preparation of the invasion in Iraq). The aim of this thesis is to applicate the typologies of...

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