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Application of physiotherapeutic procedures in conducting physiological childbirth
Šimánková, Marie ; Ježková, Martina (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Michaela (referee)
This bachelor thesis explores ways physiotherapeutic procedures and concepts can be used to effect the proceedings of physiologic childbirth. The beginning of the theoretical part describes anatomical structures relevant to pregnant women, the stages of labor, pain and pain medication. The thesis then deals with ways of influencing changes in the mother's body during pregnancy. With physiotherapeutic interventions we can achieve positive impact on the pregnant woman's body and her physical condition. Through these interventions the expectant mother is better prepared for labour. The topic of the main part of the thesis is the application physiotherapeutic methods and concepts during childbirth. The selected exercises and techniques to be used at each stage of labour can reduce labour pain and shorten the whole delivery process. The last chapter discusses exercise to be done during the puerperium. The practical part of the thesis contains a case report of an expectant mother, her kinesiological analysis in pregnancy and after the labour, description of her labour, a therapeutic plan and a description of her therapy sessions. The practical part also includes a questionnaire research of 51 women after vaginal delivery.
Výživa březích a laktujících klisen, hříbat a mladých koní
The horses' diet is a complex difficulty which challenges horse breeders. The main problem is that many times horses are overfed and breeders reduce the amount of nutrition consequently. This combination leads to an imbalance in the horses' nutrient uptake and lead to health problems. Professional breeders choose their horses because of their sportive performance and fast growth. Especially these horses need a balanced diet. If a balanced diet is not given, an incorrect feeding technique can lead to complications in a horses' growth and its bone grafting. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the main aspects of horse feeding with a focus on pregnant mares, foals and young horses. Further this thesis addresses health problems causes by a faulty feeding and feeding technique. Based on the aspects covered in this bachelor thesis a recommended daily feeding dose for the selected horse categories will be given.
Antenatal preparation in České Budějovice region
ŠTĚCHOVÁ, Gabriela
This bachelor thesis deals with the importance of antenatal preparation and the use of information obtained at these courses. The first aim of the work was to map the knowledge of women from antenatal preparation and their use. The second goal was to find out the opinions of midwifes on the usefulness of antenatal preparation. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part contains basic information about antenatal preparation in general. Furthermore, the theoretical part is divided into topics of theoretical and practical nature, with which women can meet in the courses of antenatal preparation. Topics as pregnancy, lifestyle in pregnancy, prenatal care, selection of maternity hospital, birth plan, when to go to maternity hospital and what to bring there, escort to childbirth, birth process itself, first treatment of newborn and postpartum period are described there. Practical topics include for example breathing and pushing techniques during childbirth, puerperium exercises, breastfeeding and newborn care. The practical part of the thesis was carried out by means of qualitative research, in the form of semi-structured interviews. The research group consisted of 10 women who attended a course of antenatal preparation in the České Budějovice region and 7 midwives working at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department at České Budějovice Hospital, a.s. The interviews with the respondents were recorded on dictaphone with their consent, then literally rewritten and analyzed. In order to evaluate the data with women who have completed pre-natal courses, 6 categories that include also10 sub-categories were set. Four categories were created for data evaluation with midwives. Based on the above-mentioned goals, three research questions were identified for the research part. The first research question explored what the knowledge of women from antenatal preparation is. Research has shown that most informants were satisfied with the amount of information they received on the course. One of the respondents stated that instead of theoretical information on the course, she would rather appreciate the practical knowledge. On the other hand, another respondent mentioned that there was a lot of information and a small amount of time to obtain the information. The second research question dealt with the use of information obtained at pre-natal courses. Research has shown that most respondents used the correct breathing technique that they have learned in courses, during their delivery. The interviews also revealed that the respondents used other information gathered on the course, such as when to go to maternity hospital, what to pack to the maternity ward, how to distinguish pregnancy cramps from the contractions or the pushing technique. The third research question dealt with the opinions of midwives on antenatal preparation courses. All midwives interviewed have a positive attitude to prenatal preparation courses. But they stated that there is no significant difference between the woman who attended the course and the woman who did not attend any course. However, midwives are convinced that it is certainly worthwhile to attend antenatal courses, especially for primiparas. The knowledge acquired during processing of this bachelor thesis can help midwives who lead antenatal preparation courses, for example to improve their leadership. The output of the bachelor thesis is a leaflet in which there is a comprehensive list of prenatal courses, which are offered in České Budějovice and a more detailed description of individual courses.
Possibilities of physiotherapy and sports in pregnancy
This work deals with the possibilities of phys.iotherapy and physical activities during pregnancy. The aim of this work was to describe physiological pregnancy and the way it impacts the musculoskeletal system; find out what activities are suitable for pregnant women and which of them were the most useful in practise. I placed these research questions: What is the impact of physiological pregnancy on musculoskeletal system? What physical activities are suitable during pregnancy? Which physical activities will really fit pregnant women? The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals with the anatomy of physiological pregnancy, describes woman's genitals, the duration of pregnancy, the changes in the body during pregnancy and their impact on musculoskeletal system. Then it generally describes which activities are and are not suitable to perform during pregnancy. The last point of the theoretical part covered physiotherapeutic methods, which I later used in the practical part. The practical part describes the methods which were used in the research and the way of processing the results. It also defines the research file and describes the work with individual pregnant women in detail. These chapters include the case history of pregnant women, the results of their entrance and final examination, descriptions of sessions, their results and recommendations. The aim of the work was met and the research questions answered. The sessions were positively assessed by the pregnant women. They brought them relieve from the pain that usually accompanies pregnancy. It the summary I think about the usage of these findings in practise and about how to introduce these therapeutic methods into the common lives of pregnant women.
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to collect information about horse reproduction. It was evaluated the outcome of breeding mares and fertility of stallions at the selected breeding station. It was collected information from literary data about factors that influence fertility. The results of the work illustrate data about fertility of three stallions in season 2018. It was found that the using of stallions is not equal and intensity of using depends on breeder's interest. Frequency of using stallions is determined by intensity of mare's heat. The most intensive use of stallions was in May and June. Mares were breed at one heat three times on average. Success of the breeding was 59% and more. Time of ejaculation was on average 9 seconds and it was ascertained important differences between length of preparation before breeding mare, because stallions have different preferences to specific mare. Stallions used for breeding and sports have higher requirements on feed quantity and quality in order to retain good condition and high fertility. Popularity of stallions is affected by their results in sports in previous seasons.
Hyperkoagulační stavy v graviditě a jejich komplikace
KABELOVÁ, Kristýna
Hypercoagulable states occur when the process of hemostasis is disturbed. It manifests as a deep vein thrombosis or a pulmonary embolism. It is also one of the most common cardiovascular diseases. There are two factors- genetic and acquired. Inherent factors involve coagulation inhibitor deficiency, prothrombin gene mutation and activated protein C resistance. Acquired factors include antiphospolipid syndrome, pregnancy, overweight etc. The analytic part of the thesis is focused on the effect of a low molecular weight heparin. It was shown in many theses that the LMWH could have a negative impact on a parturition complications or a week of parturition, a birth weight. The results of statistical analysis show that there is a coherence between the week of parturition and the type of parturition. What is more, the anticoagulation drug therapy shows a positive effect on the week of parturion. The data used in the thesis originate in laboratory information management system of Clinical Haematology ward in the hospital Nemocnice České Budějovice a.s.
Use of homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth
Oleksulinová, Eliška ; Jurigová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Tisová, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce basic facts about homeopathy, which is one of the most commonly used therapies among alternative treatments, and its use in obstetrics. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part is an introduction to general homeopathy which is followed by an overview of the use of homeopathy during pregnancy, childbirth and during puerperium. Theoretical part focusing on homeopathy during pregnancy is divided into sections prezentant individual problems that may occur during this period, and describes the possibilities of homeopathic treatment. The subsequent part describes how homeopathy may help before childbirth and during childbirth. In the next chapter ways of possible uses of homeopathy during puerperium are outlined. The practical part of the thesis investigates opinios on the use of homeopathy in obstetrics by doctors and midwives who work at labor wards. A survey was made through an anonymous questionnaire. The analysis of the research data shows that the views on the use of homeopathy in obstetrics differ greatly between the midwife research group and the research group of doctors-obstetricians. It is clear from the research that the use of homeopathy in obstetrics is more supported by midwives then doctors. However,...
Awarenes of high school students about selected aspects of the influence of physical activities in pregnancy and maternity
Michálková, Diana ; Nechlebová, Eva (advisor) ; Vančata, Václav (referee)
The thesis focuses on the topic of awareness of the secondary vocational school female students about suitable physical activities before and during the pregnancy and maternity period. The thesis is composed of theoretical and practical research part. The aim is to determine the level of the students' knowledge and general awareness of the possible physical activities during pregnancy and postpartum, to map their readiness for pregnancy and motherhood, and to increase their interest in a overall physical education. The theoretical part examines the physical activities in general, recommended exercises in pregnancy and postpartum. It describes all pregnancy stages, physiological changes of women during pregnancy and nursing, including appropriate and inappropriate workouts for all the stages. Last but not least,as the subject matter is not pregnant women but girls in a stormy hormonal development, it is necessary to mention the psychological aspects of adolescent girls. The research part is carried out by a school project in which the author discovers the level of students' knowledge about the given subject matter, applies the physical activities in practice and supplements it with explanation. The purpose of the research is to provide students with factual and practical information on the subject...
Influence of the psychosomatic situation of mothers in pregnancy on the prenatal development of the child and condition of newborn after delivery
Current status: Mental well-being in pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman's life. It's such a miracle experience. There is a period of complete change with pregnancy. Both women and their partners are changing their living standards, changing their lifestyle, and changing their life position. A pregnant woman feels that nothing will be like before. A pregnant woman is very sensitive and also vulnerable. Purpose:The aim of the diploma thesis is to evaluate the psychosomatic situation of the pregnant woman and her influence on the prenatal and postnatal development of the child. Another goal is to determine the degree of mental (non) well-being during pregnancy and after delivery. Methods: Qualitative secondary analysis of data and documents and subsequent synthesis of the information obtained was used to achieve the objectives set. I used the data from the National Medical Library in Prague, the library of 2. LF UK and FN Motol in Prague, the library of National center of nursing and non-medical health providers in Brno and the Academic Library of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Also searched were the international internet database ScienceDirect, Ebscohost, PubMed. In the Scopus database, keyword search was unsuccessful. Results:The benefit of the diploma thesis is the degree of psychological well-being of pregnant women using the Freybergh scale on the basis of acquired data. Research method and research file: The diploma thesis uses a standardized evaluation method, using the Freybergh scale consisting of seventy closed questions. I will get the approval of the respondents and also Mr Freyberg, using a standardized scale. The annex is the approval of Professor Freyberghov, using the assessment scale in my diploma thesis. Respondents were ad-dressed from February 2017 until February 2018. A total of 30 pregnant women were approached by a written form, personal handover or social networking, of which fifteen were willing to engage in research. The research group was to consist of fifteen pregnant women, which is fulfilled. I responded to each respondent in third, sixth, ninth month pregnancies, and postpartum. When the respondents filled the same rating ranges from seventy questions both in the given months of pregnancy and postpartum, the respondents' task was to express the frequency of occurrence of feelings on a four-point scale from "never, at all", "rarely, exceptionally", "occasionally", "often" to "always, always, always". The nine respondents were first pregnant and six respondents had at least one pregnancy experience. The evaluation was performed using a qualitative method in the form of axial and selective coding of anchored claims using the Atlas.ti computer program. Conclusion: The paper deals with the degree extent of pregnancy psychosomatics of pregnant women using the Freybergh self-rating scale. The thesis is divided into two parts, namely the theoretical part and the practical part. The theoretical work focuses on the development of the fetus throughout pregnancy. It also focuses on prenatal psychology, prenatal history, and the most important part is prenatal communication. In the practical part is selected quantitative research focused on the psychological well-being of pregnant women using the Freybergh scale in selected months of pregnancy.
Abortion and its consequences
The topic of the bachelor thesis is abortion and its consequences. Cancellation and its issues is currently a very topical and discussed topic. The bachelor thesis consists two parts, namely theoretical part and research part. In the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis is described a disorder, its methods are divided according to the length of pregnancy of the woman and the complications that can arise as a result of artificial interruption of pregnancy. The theoretical part is also a chapter depicting the historical development of the testimony from the antiquity to the 21st century. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis concludes with a chapter dealing with the ethical aspect of abortion. Two objectives were set for the research part of the bachelor thesis. Through the first goal, women's attitudes to interruption and its consequences were identified. By setting the second goal, the opinions of midwives were mapped to the issue of abortion The research quality survey was conducted through semi-structured individual interviews. Before the interviews, gynecologists, interviewed midwives and women were introduced to the topic of the bachelor's thesis, research goals and questions. On the basis of the assurance of the preservation of anonymity, applications for cooperation were signed. Women interviews were conducted in the months of April and May in 2017 in the home environment of respondents. A total of fifteen open questions were put together for the interview. The first four questions identified the basic identification data of women, followed by eleven questions that focused on the interruption, its complications and its implications. Interviews with midwives were performed in April, May and June in 2017 in selected gynecological clinics in the South Bohemian Region. A total of thirteen open questions were set up for the interview, dealing with the interruptions and a range of issues surrounding it. The interviews with women and midwives were rewritten into the printed form and analyzed by the dyeing method. On the basis of the analyzed data, the main categories and subcategories were identified. Data obtained from interviews with women were divided into three main categories, which were extended by seven subcategories. Analyzed data from interviews with midwives were divided into four main categories, supplemented by nine subcategories. The results of the research show that most women surveyed have problems with abortion and its problematic neutral attitude. Five out of eight interviewed women consider abortion to be an essential part of women's life for the choice that every woman has a right without having to explain or prevent it. Only three respondents showed a negative attitude to abortion. Two women say their negative attitude to the violation is heavily influenced by the Christian faith they profess. Only one woman said the negative attitude to the violation was based on her own conviction. Like women and most interviewed midwives, she has a neutral view of abortion and her problems. Only one of the five midwives interviewed had negative opinions about the interruption, but at the same time stated that this opinion always stayed outside the door of the surgery, and during her practice she did not allow her attitude to affect her professional attitude and understanding of the woman and her decisions. The results of the research can be used as information material for midwives, in the education of women on the topic of abortion and its consequences. This bachelor thesis could also be suitable for women as a source of information on this issue.

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