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EU legislative process during and after Brexit.
The aim of this thesis is description of the EU legal process during and after Brexit. The thesis includes description of functioning of European Union institutions. Also, there is a description of the legislative process, a description of the course of the referendum on Brexit and a summary of the impacts, especially the economic ones. One of main themes of the practical part is the analysis of changes that will occur in institutions after the departure of Great Britain - what will be the new composition and what specific changes will happen here. In the practical part, the research question was set: How will the failure of the British mandate influence the course of voting in the EU Council? For finding answer on the research question, was made an analysis of legal acts which was approved by the ordinary legislative procedure 2014-2018. There is a special focus on the UK position during the vote analysis. The analysis is based on data that comes from the EU portal, which allows access to EU law - Data was collected and divided by reference years and by the country's position.
Czech Shovelware: from Czech Print Media to News Servers or Conversely
Némethová, Eva ; Jirků, Jan (advisor) ; Podzimek, Jan (referee)
This thesis investigates the trend of reusing the content of printed media in their on-line counterparts, based on several selected Czech national newspapers (Mladá fronta DNES, Lidové noviny, Právo) and their corresponding news servers (,, over the course of one constructed week in 2015. The theoretical section examines the interrelatedness of printed and on-line media, the impact of digitization on the transformation of the journalistic profession, and its influence on the content and recipients of media communications. The fundamental questions posed by this research are as follows: What percentage of the printed content is reused in the newspaper's corresponding on-line version and vice versa, and which of the selected media reuse the most content? The research operates with three initial hypotheses regarding the quantity and frequency of content conversion: printed journals reuse their content in on-line news servers at a rate of up to 5%, news servers reuse their content in printed journals at a rate of up to 10%, and the practice of shovelware is most frequently employed by the periodicals Mladá fronta DNES and Právo. The aim of the research is to reveal and interpret shovelware trends in the selected media and evaluate how this practice is perceived. The...
Far-right Parties in Czech Media before 2017 Parliament Elections
Bajtler, Martin ; Hanzal, Jaromír (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
Topic of the thesis is the image of Czech far-right parties in Czech media prior to Elections to Chamber of Deputies in 2017. Aim of the thesis is to investigate how media displays far-right parties prior to the Elections in 2017, what the topics of media coverage are in regards of far- right and how the topics changed in the Elections in 2017 comparing with Elections in 2013. Using quantitative content analysis the thesis monitors texts with far-right topics in national daily newspapers Mladá fronta DNES, Lidové noviny, Právo and Hospodářské noviny in the periods prior to the Elections to Chamber of Deputies in 2017 and 2013. Author also uses qualitative analysis of specific texts. The parties followed in thesis are chosen based on definition of far-right by Cas Mudde and definition of right wing populism by Hans-Georg Betz. In the period prior to the Elections in 2017 the followed parties are: Dělnická strana sociální spravedlnosti; ROZUMNÍ - stop migraci a diktátu EU - peníze našim občanům, důchodcům, dětem, zdravotně postiženým; Svoboda a přímá demokracie - Tomio Okamura; Blok proti islamizaci - Obrana domova; Sdružení pro republiku - Republikánská strana Československa Miroslava Sládka and Řád národa - Vlastenecká unie. In the period prior to the Elections in 2013 the focus is on parties Úsvit...
Neviditelný problém: rovnost a diskriminace v praxi
Skálová, Helena ; Fialová, Eva ; Koldinská, Kristina ; Sokačová, Linda ; Štěpánková, Martina
Sborník textů autorského kolektivu k problematice rovnosti a diskriminace v ČR
The District court in Lišov in the years 1918-1939 taking into account the criminal cases
Justice of the First Czechoslowak Republic follows on from the justice of Austor-Hungarian Empire. The theoretical part of the presented thesis illustrates how the criminal law has changed and what the system of a judiciary organization was. The second part of the thesis, based on the research of archival sources, focuses on district court and cases which falling within their jurisdiction on the example of the town Lišov in South Bohemia in the years 1918-1939. Attention is payed on a local municipal police, as well as the persons of judges and notaries.
Unfair commercial practices used by the Czech retailers
VÍTKOVÁ, Karolína
This bachelor thesis is focused on unfair commercial practices and consumer protection. First of all it explains basic concepts such as commerce, retail, wholesale, businessman or consumer and next it devotes to unfair commercial practices. It contains devision to a misleading and agressive commercial practices and their difference. This work also shows the institutions and various organizations that can be contacted by consumers in case of an unfair commercial practice. For the consumers it is very important to know their rights about a purchase. This work is based on Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection Act and Directive 2005/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning unfair business-to-consumer commercial practices, where all information concerning consumer rights and obligations of sellers can be found. The situation is detected by using questionnaire and a controlled in-depth interview with director of a control from the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. The purpose of the thesis is to evaluate these unfair commercial practices used by the Czech retailers. The aim is to determine the extent and potential impact on customers and how the Czech Trade Inspection Authority solves these situations.
The poimenical aspects of communication at the interface with individual echatology
Flam, Jiří ; Liguš, Ján (advisor) ; Procházka, Pavel (referee) ; Hanes, Pavel (referee)
Poimenické aspekty komunikace na pomezí individuální eschatologie The poimenical aspects of communication at the interface with individual echatology Jiří Flam The present thesis responds to a question, whether there is a way of communication that can be used by churches to address the world, and that is not sufficiently used by the churches today. The thesis thus presents a specific means of communication, which is the law. The law is described as a communication process, and different methods how one can enter into such a communication process are presented. The success of a communication process depends on willingness of participants of such a process to communicate with each other. For this reason, the thesis also deals with the question, whether churches should seek the use of means of communication addressing the society as a whole, while the alternative might be the creation of closed theological elites. The answer to this question is sought through the Christological meaning of communication. The last part of the thesis focuses on research that would provide a partial answer to the question, whether the Czech society is actually interested in communication with churches, with special emphasis on communication concerning selected topics from the field of individual eschatology. Thus, the...
2017 Czech Govenment Crisis in Czech Daily Newspapers
Marek, Michal ; Křeček, Jan (advisor) ; Nečas, Vlastimil (referee)
This master thesis is focused on evaluating media content connected with 2017 government crisis and the influence of media ownership on that media content. The thesis analyses five major daily newspapers. Two of them were owned by Andrej Babiš, one of the two main characters of the crisis, before he put them into the trust fund. The content is analysed by quantitative metrics which are further interpreted. The result of the analysis is, that the influence of media ownership can be observed. MF Dnes and Lidovky are overall more critical to Bohuslav Sobotka than to Babiš meanwhile for example Denik is much more critical to Babiš.
Czech contemporary architecture in czech print media
Zahrádková, Nikola ; Sládková, Hana (advisor) ; Lebedová, Veronika (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Media reflexion czech contemporary architecture in czech periodical" deals with research media representation contemporary czech architecture in daily newspapers Pravo, Lidove noviny and periodical Reflex in the period from 1st January to 31st December 2012 and 2016. The theoretical part of this thesis explains media concepts, describes concept of representation and stereotype represantion. Next part of this thesis deals with subject of contemporary architecture, focus on status of architecture in society and also on the relationship of architecture and media. In partical part, first, I Introduce to the metod of quantitative content analysis, then I explain the procedure of reaserch. Then I presents the results of the reaserch and their interpretation. The evaluation of reaserch data I reply reaserch questions and partly disclaims the hypothesis. Czech contemporary architecture in newspapers and periodical is found mostly in Home News and supplements. We can say, that the representation of this subject in media is created in stereotypical framework. The range and the genre of articles depend of the place in structure of media. The thematic agenda of czech contemporary architecture is really various and diffused. The subject of reaserch is associated with family houses and with...
The analysis of the media representation of the French president election 2017 in dailies MF Dnes and Právo
Vaníček, Bohumil ; Šafařík, Petr (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
The French President election is always a highly watched event worldwide. The French president is one of the most influential European politics, stability of France is reflected in other parts of the European continent. President election is always very important topic for a media, which is analyzed from all possible sides. The presidential campaign in France was characterized by a strong words from the candidates and the election results was expected event worldwide. Marine Le Pen, chairwoman of the National Front, stepped to the final round of the president election. The contrast of her personality and later winner Emanuel Macron has added a special charge to the presidential campaign. I discussed in this bachelor thesis how two Czech media MF Dnes and Právo informed about French president election. I analyzed id and tries to find answer, if media informed about this event objectively and what priority did they give to this event. I also discussed a possible question, if the dailies did not bother one of the candidates in their articles. Both selected media have a different spectrum of readers in the Czech Republic. One is politically oriented to the right and the other to the left. I will discuss the main question of this thesis by a method of a quantitative content analysis. The main target of...

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