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Variety potkanů a jejich genetická determinace
Tichá, Petra
The work describes variations of chat stroctures and colour of fancy rat (Rattus norvegicus var. alba) bred by hobby breeders. The document contains list of various coat types, colours and also frequently occuring coat colour patterns. The document is not limited to listing specific variations but describes their genetics origin. The work deals with specific mutations leading to differentiations of coat colour patterns. The source information used was obtained from subject articles about genetics of laboratory rats and complemented by authors own experience in fancy rat breeding. The document includes an example of genetics determination of selected types of rat varieties. The point of this work is to create a comprehensive notion of mutations affecting the fancy rat appearance and their heredity. Hobby breeders will find various breeding wals leading to occurence of standardized coat types, specigic colour types and pattern types, broadening their awareness of the problematic.
Vliv zkrmování barevných pšenic na krevní parametry u laboratorního potkana
Krajčiová, Paula
The thesis studies an influence of pigmented wheat Konini, Skorpion and UC 66049 on blood parameters. The tested animals were rats of strain Wistar albino. The experiment was performed on 20 male rats which were divided into 4 groups. Each group was fed with wheat granules. There were Konini group, Skorpion group and UC group. The fourth control group was fed with granules from common wheat Vánek. During the experiment subjects weighted every third day and weight gain and the feed consumption were recorded. After 11 weeks blood was collected from the rats and blood plasma was obtained from it. The biochemical profile of the blood plasma was analysed using the Ellipse analyser. The results showed the demonstrable effect of Skorpion wheat on the increase in alkaline phosphatase in the blood compared to blue wheat UC 66049. The effect of Wheat UC 66049 on cholesterol lowering in blood was also demonstrated. The processing was used ANOVA statistical method using the Scheffe test.
Aplikace mesalazinu do peritoneální dutiny potkana
Hönigová, Kateřina
The objective of this diploma thesis was to determine the influence of the application of 5-aminosalicylic acid (5-ASA) in the peritoneal cavity on the initiation and course of the inflammatory reaction. For these purposes, the rat was chosen as the model animal on which the model of intraperitoneal lavage was applied. The rat’s peritoneal cavity is easily accessible and reflects the functions and reactions of the immune system. For the purposes of the experiment, the rats were divided into 3 groups; in the first group, the peritoneal cavity was assessed in its physiological condition, without any prior application of the substance. PBS was applied to the second group of rats, and the evaluation of the absolute numbers of cells followed after 4 and 24 hours using the Bürker counting chamber and optical microscopy. In the last group, mesalazine was applied, the exposure of which was 4 hours for one half of the group and 24 hours for the other. These time intervals were followed by the evaluation of the absolute number of cells. In order to determine the differential numbers of cells for all the samples, the coated glasses were coloured and evaluated. The greatest statistically relevant difference was identified in the case of the neutrophil population, where the neutrophil share increased from 0-5 % in the intact cavity to up to 35 % in the cavity after the PBS application. Out of all the experimental groups, the population of lymphocytes was relatively stable; the share of macrophages was, statistically, considerably lower for the groups after the mesalazine application. These results indicate that the application of PBS as an inert substance did not cause such a major reaction regarding the influx of neutrophils as the application of 5-ASA.
Geny zbarvení a jejich variabilita u laboratorních potkanů
Čermáková, Kristýna
I dealt with evolution of laboratory rat and its importance in scientific and researcher area in this work. Than I focused on genome, which is described here. Main purpose of this work was molecular characteristic of genes which affect coloring of rats. Colours are divided to the two main categories, first one are agouti colour and second one are non-agouti colours. ASIP (agouti signal peptide) affects coat colour of rat (if it will be agouti or not). So this is main gene in coat colour of rats area, I used this gen as example in testing of polymorphism.
The ex vivo effects of selected silymarin flavonolygnans on isolated rat aorta
Sloukgi, Tatiana ; Pourová, Jana (advisor) ; Mladěnka, Přemysl (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Student: Tatiana Sloukgi Supervisor: PharmDr. Jana Pourová, Ph.D. Title of Diploma Thesis: The effect of Silymarin Flavonolignans and their sulfated conjugates on blood vessels ex vivo. Silymarin flavonolignans have recently shown some positive effects on the cardiovascular system. In this work, we studied the vasodilatory effect on rat aorta ex vivo of three silymarin conjugates, silybin A-20-sulfate, silybin B-20-sulfate and 2,3- dehydrosilychristin-19-O-sulfate, and one parent flavonolignan 2,3- dehydrosilychristin. For each substance, a concentration response curve was created and the concentration that produces 50% of maximum relaxation was determined (EC50). All substances exerted very low or no vasodilatory activity. Finally, we focused on the mechanism of action of silybin A. We tested whether its vasorelaxant activity depends on the presence of intact endothelium. The vasorelaxant effect of silybin A on isolated rat aorta ex vivo was clearly endothelium-dependent.
Social behavior and communication in a laboratory rat and autism models
Tučková, Klára ; Petrásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Pohanová, Petra (referee)
Social behavior of the brown rat as an animal living in a hierarchical collonies is very diverse and developed, which remains the same with the domestic laboratory rat. Rats communicate not only via odors, but also via various types of vocalizations, which express stress, pain or anxiety or on the other hand positive emotions and also communication during any social contact. Because of complex social behaviour and communication, rat is a suitable model organism for research of human mental disorders such as autism. This thesis gives an overview of natural social behaviour of rats, behavioural methods used for testing of animal models and describes selected rat models of autism induced through various types of interference (natural mutation, gene inactivation, virus infection and chemical disruption of brain development) and compares their impact at the level of rat behaviour. Key words Rat, social behaviour, communication, vocalization, experimantal tasks, model organism, autism, models of autism
Antioxidant system in hypoxic heart
Sotáková, Dita ; Žurmanová, Jitka (advisor) ; Kalous, Martin (referee) ; Babula, Petr (referee)
The cardiovascular disease, particularly acute myocardial infarction, is the most common cause of death worldwide. It is well documented that adaptation to chronic hypoxia increases resistance to ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury in heart tissue. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) play an important signalling role by the activation of the protective pathways during I/R, although, the excess of ROS during reperfusion leads to cardiac tissue injury. As the cellular antioxidant system is responsible for the maintenance of redox homeostasis, the main aim of this thesis was to investigate the relationship between myocardial tolerance to I/R injury and regulation of main components of antioxidant systems, related transcription factors and their target genes in protective and non- protective regimens of chronic hypoxia. We found differences in cardioprotective phenotype in rats exposed to three regimens of chronic normobaric hypoxia (FiO2 0.1, 3 weeks). The adaptation to continual (CNH) and intermittent (CNH-8; 8 h/day) regimen of hypoxia increased myocardial resistance to I/R damage, whereas 1-hour daily interruption of hypoxic adaptation (INH-23) abolished cardioprotective effect and decreased the ratio of reduced and oxidized glutathione (GSH/GSSG). Both cardioprotective regimens significantly increased...
The establishment of invariable behaviour of rats in novel one-trial trace association task (OTTAT)
Alexová, Daniela ; Stuchlík, Aleš (advisor) ; Telenský, Petr (referee)
Animal episodic-like memory tasks represent important component of episodic memory research. However, currently available episodic-like memory tasks are not based on episodic-like memory or encompass important caveats. In our laboratory, we recently devised a novel one-trial trace association task (OTTAT) to examine one-time associations of temporally discontinuous stimuli. This thesis deals with the improvement of OTTAT protocol by rat strain and compartment divider ('doors') selection which optimally promote the establishment of invariable behaviour of rats in OTTAT. Moreover, the accuracy of one-trial associations is also assessed by determining specificity of "rapid escape" response to conditioned stimulus of given sound characteristics. In Experiment 1, rats (Sprague-Dawley (SD), n = 36; Wistar (WI), n = 17; Long-Evans (LE), n = 8) were habituated 15 min daily for 3 days with standard doors (9 x 11 cm opening) to modified light and dark apparatus. The number of transfers between compartments and values of time spent in dark compartment obtained from 3rd habituation session were evaluated as indicators of invariable behaviour of rats. We found WI rats spend significantly more time in dark compartment than LE (p = 0.002) and SD rats (p = 0.001) and have significantly fewer transfers than LE rats...
The in vitro effects of selected fenolic substances on isolated rat vessels
Rajtmajerová, Iveta ; Pourová, Jana (advisor) ; Hrdina, Radomír (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Student: Iveta Rajtmajerová Supervisor: PharmDr. Jana Pourová, Ph.D. Title of diploma thesis: The in vitro effects of selected fenolic substances on isolated rat vessels Silymarin flavonolignans are endowed with various aspects. Recently their hepatoprotective effect has been discussed widely as well as their positive influence on the cardiovascular system. This diploma thesis is concerned with the vasodilatory effects of silybin-A, silybin-B, silybin-A + B and isosilybin-A on rat aorta. The aim of this study was to test the vasodilatory effect of selected substances. The dependence of aortic relaxation on the increasing concentration of tested substances was measured. Isolated Wistar breed rat aorta was used. DRC curves were created and EC50 values were assessed from the obtained values of vessel tension. The results were evaluated subsequently. The vasodilator potential of silybin-A and isosilybin-A is comparable; hence the position of the substituents may be irrelevant in having any impact on relaxation of the vessels. Different vasodilatory effects of silybin-A and silybin-B have been observed thus, the relaxation could be stereoselective. The testing of the equimolar mixture of silybin-A and...
Cardioprotective effect of adaptations to hypoxia and cold: Connexin 43 and hexokinase 2
Kohútová, Jana
Ventricular arrhythmias are the main cause of death worldwide. An increased incidence of arrhythmias in the heart of mammals is accompanied by a remodeling of the cellular distribution gap between the channels of mainly connexin 43 (Cx43). Recently has been demonstrated significant effect of mitochondria and their association with arrhythmogenesis. Various pathological conditions alter the expression and / or distribution of Cx43, depending on the phosphorylation status. but also on altering the association of hexokinase with mitochondria, which reduces the likelihood of apoptosis activation. Adaptation to intermittent hypobaric hypoxia potentiates endogenous pathways reducing the incidence of ventricular arteries, whereas continuous normobaric hypoxia does not have this effect. Another studied model is cold acclimatization, which has been known for several decades by known effects on human health. However, the heart study of these models in relation to Cx43 is missing. Our goal was to determine the expression of Cx43, phosphorylated Cx43 (p-Cx43) and hexokinase (HK1, HK2) and their distribution in cardiomyocytes. In addition, the expression of Cx43 upstream kinases, protein kinase A, protein kinase G, casein kinase 1 in normoxic and hypoxic left ventricles of rats, along with Cx43 distribution...

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