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Research of social networks - Patreon, Onlyfans, Swag - focused on the pornography industry
Vančo, Ondřej ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
In my thesis I analyze the functioning of social media, which are part of the pornographic industry. Namely, the work is focused on Patreon, OnlyFans and Swag. In my work I focus on two models and follow the development of their work habits over time. The theoretical part of the thesis also touches on a brief history of pornography on the Internet. Given the current situation, I also describe very marginally the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the porn industry. Finally, a quantitative analysis is performed using a questionnaire survey, which examines the phenomena described in this thesis.
Men versus pornography. A strategy proposal for online community Nofap
Mičke, Vítek ; Báča, Ladislav (advisor) ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the negative impact of problematic pornography use among men. Scientific results from this research area described in the theoretical part, are used for creation of strategy proposal for NoFap, an online community helping men to end their problematic pornography use. The selected product for communication is a 90-day abstinence from pornography called NoFap Reboot. The main goal of this thesis is to find a specific product benefit which would make as many members of the target group as possible to try NoFap Reboot. Quantitative research among target group strictly follows a method called Profitbooster. Excluding the gained insight into the strategic planning faze of a marketing campaign, this thesis may serve as an elementary summary of scientific results from the academic area researching the negative impact of problematic pornography use.
Hierarchy and human behavior. BDSM as an alternative sexual behaviour.
Jozífková, Eva ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Bob, Petr (referee) ; Zvěřina, Jaroslav (referee)
Preferences for sexual arousal by overstated dominance and submission in sex is categorized as F65.5, sadomasochism, according to ICD, but this behaviour is called BDSM among the general public. The ground of these preferences could be ultimately biological. These preferences reflect behavioural strategy which enables to gain higher reproductive success. Men and women who were sexually aroused by a submissive partner had more male relatives than men and women with other preferences. Contrary to the women, the dominant men reported themselves as more attractive. Women who were aroused by a higher-ranking partner considered themselves more attractive. Sons of couples in which was hierarchical disparity had more siblings than sons of "equal" couples or couples with no hierarchical disparity. Daughters of hierarchically disparate couples had more brothers than daughters of "both dominant" partners. Concurrently, number and gender of offspring as well as self- reported attractiveness are likely to be criteria of the reproductive success in humans. It is also interesting that hierarchically disparate couples, without regard to gender of higher-ranking partner, reached higher reproductive success than "equal" couples. Individuals who preferred higher- or lower-ranking partner were also aroused by...
Consumption of online pornography in relation to the satisfaction in a partnership: Correlation study
Hájek, David ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis takes a look at the satisfaction level of partners in an intimate relationship and the consumption of on-line pornography. The goal is to show a possible interdependence of both factors. The results were derived on the basis of data from an internet questionnaire, into which all respondents were enrolled either through self-selection or via the snowball method. The questionnaire was constructed with 22 closed end questions, dichotomous, trichotomous and selective, which were answered by 229 respondents. Aside of demographics, the fields of questioning were divided into those which observed the level of partership satisfaction on the basis of appraisal by the partner, parnership sexuality and own level of pornography consumption. The results show a proven correlation and in the closing statement a practical use for specific problems in couples therapy is formulated. Key words: pornography, internet, addiction, correlation, quantitative research
Consumption of online pornography in relation to the satisfaction in a partnership: Correlation study
Hájek, David ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the intensity of consumption of online pornography depending on relationship satisfaction. First, dependence and pornography are defined, their interrelationship and contextualization. In the theoretical part, the types of addictions and the historical development of pornography are definedfocusing into the current media. The theoretical background including relevant literature is mentioned. In the practical part, research questions are raised, ie whether there is a correlation between partner satisfaction and the level of online pornography consumption, methods of data collection and research design are presented. In this case, it is a quantitative research. In the final part are presented the results of the research, their analysis and the final discussion. Since no correlation rate has been shown to be positive or negative, the results are confronted both in the context of previous research on related topics and with original expectations. The discussion gives a critical assessment of the whole work and the starting point for any further study on the subject. Key words: pornography, internet, addiction, correlation, quantitative research
Threats and negative influence of the use of technologies
Wohlgemuth, Petr ; Krhutová, Milena (referee) ; Walek, Agata (advisor)
Uživatelsky orientované produkty technologického pokroku jsou všudypřítomné a mají nepopiratelný vliv na člověka i na společnost. Cílem této semestrální práce je shrnout negativní důsledky používání těchto technologií a poukázat na možné hrozby se zaměřením na kognitivní funkce lidského mozku, behaviorální závislosti, které tyto technologie přinesly a uzavřít práci nabídnutím možných řešení dílčích problémů a návrhem výzkumných metod, kterými by se dal průzkum na dané téma rozšířit.
A comparison of eroticism in post-revolution era of Vladimír Páral's prose with Fifti Shades of Grey
Buchtová, Michaela ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Píšová, Ina (referee)
This thesis compares eroticism in the post-revolutionary work of the Czech prose writer Vladimír Páral with the bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey by the British writer E. L. James. From Páral's work, the works of Dekameron 2000 or Love in Prague, Playgirls, Book of pleasure, laughter and joy, and the Book about the whip are discussed. Also included is The Professional: Vladimír Páral about himself and other interesting things, which came out in the 1990s, but it is an autobiography. Therefore, this book will be included in the chapter on autobiographical connotations. The thesis is divided into three main parts. The first one is mainly terminological, it explains the terms sex, eroticsm, pornography, erotic and pornographic literature and love. The second part deals with the authors themselves and their body of work. It is organised into sub-chapters in which specific pieces are analysed. In the case of Páral, the parallel between the Book of pleasure, laughter and joy and Kundera's Book of laughter and forgetting is also taken into account. In the case of Fifty Shades of Grey, some similarities with the erotism in Milan Kundera's work are found. In the summary, the texts are compared in terms of the role of eroticism, sex tools, plot characters as well as author's intention and style. The subjective...
Excessive use of online pornography and its impact on quality of life: qualitative research
Sloviaková, Kateřina ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vondráčková, Petra (referee)
This thesis is focused on the impact of excessive use of online pornography onto the quality of life. Pornography has rich history, which reflects shaping of the social a cultural context throughout the time. Foreign scientists focus heavily on the pornography impacts. They study its impact onto the different parts of human life, behaviour, physical and psychic health or relationships. This thesis is based on quality research. The aim was to describe, what effect has excessive pornography use on the quality of subject lives, describe the evolution of subject pornography consumption and if the criteria for behavioural addictions were fulfilled. Interviews with the use of manual were undertaken with eight respondents from the webpages Život na pornu. Data was analysed by Grounded theory. Results showed, that respondents had first encounter with pornography early, around the age of 9 to 11. Spending time using pornography evolved for most respondents to several hours a day. Most common trigger points were stress, boredom and lust for some excitement from the daily routine. All respondents fulfilled the criteria of behavioural addiction - prominence, toleration, mood changes, interpersonal and intrapersonal conflict and relaps. Presence of withdrawal symptoms have not been proofed. Quality research...

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