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Incubation behaviour of birds in polar regions
Hromádková, Tereza ; Pavel, Václav (advisor) ; Praus, Libor (referee)
The climate in the polar regions is so extreme that it has led to a big number of special adaptations in life and reproduction of local animals. However, the disadvantages are compensated by several important aspects like much lesser activity of preadtors, long sunny polar day and an abundance of nutriments during spring and summer. I tis no wonder that many species of birds have adapted their life cycle and migrate annualy thousands of kilometres to the polar regions in order to increase their chance of successfully leading out their offspring. Birds in these areas nest during the polar summer. Only one species of nesting begins already during the polar winter, i tis an Emperor Penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) in Antarctica. The broods of birds nesting in polar regions are bigger in quantity in average and they also incubated longer then their conterparts in temperate and tropical. The main difference is the incubation rhythm adjusting mainly the extension of sessions associated with a reduction of recesses. The only exception are songbirds who leaves their nests frequently but only for a short periods of time. The information about the incubation behaviour of the most of the bird species of the polar regions are still very limited and incomplete. Therefore, bachelor thesis contains so far...
Emise skleníkových plynů ve vztahu k mikrobiální aktivitě a obsahu živin arktických půd
The aim of this study was to understand the link beween greenhouse gasses emissions (CH4 and N2O) microbial activity and nutrient content in soil from different types of soil in Svalbard. Warming can cause release of large amounts of carbon and nitrogen in form of greenhouse gasses from soil into the atmosphere. This might strengthen the greenhouse effect and thus global climate change. We measured release of greenhouse gases from soil. At the same time, soil sampling was conducted at five different localities in August in the years 2014 and 2015. Soils were found to have low nutrient content and unfavourable C/N ratio to support vegetation growth. Areas were not a significant source of emissions of greenhouse gasses from soil to the atmosphere.
Teaching regional geography of the world ocean and polar regions at the second grade of elementary school
The thesis deals with teaching regional geography of the world ocean and polar regions. It focuses on creating my own conception of teaching geography at the second grade of elementary school. The thesis includes the didactic analysis of textbooks and workbooks of geography for second grade of elementary school, which contain the subject matter. For inspiration and to create notions about the current teaching of the topic, a questionnaire survey was made on a few selected elementary schools. The main goal of the thesis was to create my own teaching materials in the form of a textbook, a workbook and a methodical manual for teachers with regard to new tendencies in education.

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