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Business Plan - Establishment of Professional Tools Rental
Kůrková, Ivana ; Pilch, Přemysl (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the development of a business plan for the establishment of a professional tool rental company. The work consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part defines the basic terms and their definitions related to the business plan and the practical part the application of these terms. The output will be the elaboration of a business plan for the opening of a new establishment.
Podnikatelský plán pro založení firmy v zemědělství
Studýnková, Iva
The aim of bachelor thesis is to create a business plan for a new company. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical. The theoretical part contains knowledge needed for developing a business plan, which is set into a more abs-tract level of an investment process. The theoretical knowledge are used to create a concrete business plan. In the conclusion of the thesis the viability of the project is judged.
Podnikatelský záměr zřízení školy
Nováková, Michaela
This bachelor thesis contains a created business plan for the establishment of a private primary school. First, a reader is introduced with aspects of the education functioning in the Czech Republic, including its financing way. Then, an analysis is made of the selection of a suitable regional city for a private primary school establishment, using the standard method used in order to evaluate public contracts. The most ideal values were achieved in the Ústí nad Labem town, where the business plan of a private primary school was applied. The business plan includes an analysis of this city´s social environment and the chosen marketing mix of the primary school. Finally, a financial plan is created based on the opening balance sheet and profit and loss statements for the following three calendar years.
Podnikatelský záměr webové služby Hostessguide
Křenková, Monika
Křenková, M. Business plan of HostessGuide service. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel university in Brno, 2017. The text describes how to create a business plan for HostessGuide service.
Podnikatelský plán - založení cestovní kanceláře pro mladé
Kotlík, Vojtěch
Kotlík, Vojtěch. Business plan - founding a travel agency for young people. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. The bachelor thesis is focused on a business plan for founding a travel agency for young people. The theoretical part discusses tourism, travel agency, legal forms of business in the Czech Republic and the business plan. Theoretical basis are used in the practical part for writing the business plan with an implementation of the results of marketing research.
Založení živnostenského podnikání v oboru pekařství a cukrářství
Bradáčová, Denisa
Bradáčová, D. Establishment of business in bakery and confectionery. Bachelor the-sis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. Bachelor thesis is dealing with establishment of business in bakery and confectionery. The reader of this thesis will find out, how to establish confectionery with the cake studio, even if the businessman does not have education in corresponding field of study. In the first part the self-employment and entrepreneurial plan is described. The second part contains a sample of registering form for the self-employment and entrepreneurial plan. The intention is created for the specific business, which the author wants to establish in the future. This part contains also analysis of the market, comparison of competitors, marketing and financial plan. Based on the findings of the financial plan, is at the end of the work selected a loan, which would be, for the given entity, the most advantageous.
Podnikatelský plán na založení mateřské školy
Žáková, Denisa
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the business plan for the establishment of a private kindergarten. Thesis is divided into several chapters, into two main parts. Theoretical part defines terminology of the business, legal forms of companies, small and medium enterprises and main charter of this part is focused on the structure and key principles of a business plan. In the practical part of the thesis is desinged and described specific business plan. From the financal perspective is also evaluated whether is this business plan viable.
Podnikatelský plán
Roženková, Markéta
Roženková, M. Business Plan in Gastronomy. Bachelor thesis. Mendel University. Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, 2017. This bachelor thesis deals with the business plan for FORALL s.r.o. company pro-viding services in gastronomy. The thesis consists of two parts. The first, theoretical part explains the general terminology and defines the types of business en-tities. Also, it describes general requirements on a business plan. The second, practical part presents particular business plan of the company including company description, market analysis and financial plan. The purpose of this thesis is to find out whether the company might succeed on the market. The conclusion of the thesis is that this business plan is useful basis for foundation of a new restaurant.
Podnikateľský plán na založenie firmy Cornea
Benčo, Peter
The subject of thesis is Business plan for the establishment of the company Cornea. Processing of business plan is leading us towards establishing of real company. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of basic information concerning the business, structure and content for the business plan and decision for the legal form. The practical part includes the creation of a business plan for the establishment of optics Cornea.
Podnikatelský záměr založení fitness centra
Havelka, Jakub
This diploma thesis focuses on establishment of fitness centre in a small city. It describes all aspects of a fitness market, its current state and expected future trends. Based on these findings and available practical information about each location, a business plan is assembled that shows efficiency a sustainability of the fitness centre in each location with regard to a rule set specific for the fitness mar-ket.

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