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Daseinsanalysis of Heideggers
Kavková, Monika ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Rybák, David (referee)
The diploma thesis tries to outline the daseinsanalysis as such, so that the readers can be better understood. I describe the basic terms that are necessary for daseinsanalysis and without which it would not be understandable to a wider audience. In the first chapters I deal with the history of daseinsanalysis, where the reader is also acquainted with the names associated with this discipline. Then I describe the development in Czech republic and its principles. As the daseinsanalysis is linked to psychology, I do not forget this aspect and the connection with psychotherapy. I devote my phenomenology to the chapter itself, as it is essential for the daseinanalysis to be deepened. I am writing about the principles, development and essence of this philosophical discipline. In the following chapters, I then deal with the interpretation of the time that has been and still is the essence and basic pillar of daseinsanalysis. I describe it from the point of view of Heidegger and also from the philosophical point of view. I also explain concepts such as temporality and succession for better orientation in time. In my work I also distinguish cyclic and linear time and familiarize them with it and its essence. The following chapters are devoted to Martin Heidegger himself. I try to interpret his attitudes, philosophy...
Importance of stays for children with disability and their family members
Subject of this bachelor thesis are stays for children with disability and their family members. These stays are implemented within early care program according to §54 Act No. 108/2006 Sb., o sociálních službách, which serve to help and support families with children with disability. From literature and through research on this topic analysis of meaning of the stays was made for children with disability, their families and organizing workers. The research was based on three questions aimed on purpose of the stays and their positive and negative impact on all involved people. To conduct the research I used qualitative method, questioning and spontaneous interview with family members and workers who organize the stays. Responses were processed by a grouping method. From the acquired data I concluded that the stays for children with disability and their family members have mostly positive effect on the whole family. Through the whole collaboration of the organization with the affected families the most improvement gained was from the stays. Results of this thesis can serve as a source for general public and for families that are considering participation in such stay, furthermore it provides feedback to all participants.
Legal aspects of movement and stay of person in wild nature
Dousková, Pavla ; Žákovská, Karolina (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
Legal aspects of movement and stay of person in wild nature Abstract The thesis deals with the legal framework of movement and stay of an individual in wild nature, that is to say outside developed land areas. The legal framework used is effective on 30th August 2018. The thesis describes the legal aspects and limits of an individual's behaviour in wild nature in the context of nature and landscape protection. The first part of the thesis focuses on the general definition of the key concepts. A definition of wild nature, an individual, movement and stay is given. The following part is divided into chapters according to the kind of area in question, namely movement and stay in the forest, in agricultural areas, on water and in caves. A chapter is dedicated to particularities of specially protected areas. Two chapters of the thesis deal with the legal framework regarding plants and animals. Another chapter deals with staying in wild nature overnight, particularly with regard to camping or bivouacking in the Czech Republic. Penalties that may be imposed on individuals violating regulations concerning movement and stay in wild nature are also mentioned. Description and interpretation of signs used is given for the sake of better orientation in the field. A special section is dedicated to overnight stays in wild...
Nature field trip from a teacher's point of view
Karasová, Jana ; Kuhnová, Věra (advisor) ; Rotková, Hana (referee)
Thesis is focused on all aspects of having pupils of a younger school age participating in a nature field trip, as percieved from a teacher's point of view. The theory section concentrates on the definition of basic terms on given issues, legislation and organisation of the nature field trip. The practical part is formed of a questionnaire section and a discussion with the aim to find out whether schools in the Czech Republic organise these trips and if so, what experiences teachers come across. If not, what reasons let them to that decision. The object of the thesis is to analyse the outcome of the inquiry and to summarise the benefits and disadvantages which emerge for teachers from such nature field trip. Both part sof the thesis highlight the challenges teachers are facing in thein profession not only during the preparation stages but also throughout the course of the nature field trip. Additionally the practical section features actual examples of previously completed trips, including the reflection of participating teachers.
Conception of Freedom in M. Heideggers Existential Philosophy
Krček, Christian ; Zátka, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Hogenová, Anna (referee)
The topic of the master thesis is the interpretation of "freedom" in the existential ' from the "metaphysics of subjectivity" to a ' " " as the " " '
Music at the Chatéau Sychrov
Trakalová, Pavlína ; Palkovská, Jana (advisor) ; Hurníková, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to introduce the musical life at the Chatéau Sychrov and chart the music events since the history after the music events taking place in the present. Althought the musical life at the Cahtéau Sychrov is abundant. That is in the way of the history as well the way of the present, there is no study, or thesis, which would be dedicated to this issue. The intention of the thesis is to fill this vacancy and introduce the musical life at the Chatéau Sychrov in the context. Thesis is stated by the characteristic of the Chatéau Sychrov and it's general history. There is introduced musical instruments found at the Chatéau, I deal with Antonín Dvořák's journeys, who visited the Chatéau regulerly, peaces he composed there and his legacy, for ex. Choir Antonín Dvořák and Antonín Dvořák's festival. Then is introduced the musical life at the Chatéau in the present. There are described the concert spaces, mentioned the chosen musical events and there are also described main musical festivals, which takes place. Powered by TCPDF (
Stay of the third-country nationals in the Schengen Area in the common visa policy framework
Murad, Daniela ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Pítrová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis deals with the development of the Schengen cooperation and characteristic of the Schengen acquis transforming in the course of time, with the stress on the field of visa and residence/migration policy. Main emphasis is on the valid legislation concerning the status and stay of the third country nationals. The thesis looks into problematic parts of the legislation, both theoretical and practical, and provides opinion of the author on those matters. The thesis is divided into four main spheres. The first one concerns development of a visa and migration policy in the framework of development of the Schengen cooperation and its gradual integration into the main EU policies, its definitions and different participation of the Member States. Following key part of the thesis deals with the current valid provisions of the stay of the third country nationals (citizens of the countries outside of the EU). This part defines subjects of law coming from the third countries, as differentiated by the Union and Czech law and defines various types of authorization to stay which entitle them to short or long-stay at the Schengen or Czech territory. The third segment deals with the family members of the EU nationals who are covered by specific legal framework. Last part of the thesis encompasses future...
Heidegger's concept of attunements, moods and emotions. Boredom as a specific attunement of the Dasein
Čermák, Marek ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Jaroslav (referee)
This master's thesis addresses the problem of moods and attunements in Heidegger's famous conceptualization which falls into the 1st half of 20th century and which he introduced in his phenomenology, understood as fundamental ontology. This thesis follows "being attuned" in terms of its essential characteristics and with the emphasis on its full meaning, in terms of existential analytics of man as Dasein. The objective of this thesis is to show, in which sense is "being attuned" grasped as the essential way of being of the Dasein in the midst of beings as a whole, and how is this "being attuned", as this essential way of being, made manifest, or how it may manifest itself to us the possibilities and limits of the Dasein understood as "being here" (Da-sein). In terms of particular moods and attunements, the thesis follows mainly the motif of fear and anxiety and is seeking to create an understanding of profound boredom as the fundamental attunement of the Dasein and its connectedness with the temporal character of the essence of the Dasein. Key words: Dasein, attunement, anxiety, fear, boredom Powered by TCPDF (
Tourism Chosen Destination in the Czech Republic
Řeřichová, Kristýna ; Navrátilová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hrubcová, Barbora (referee)
This bachelor thesis analyzes the tourism in the specific destination. In this case, the work is focused on the micro-region Podblanicko. The first part describes general terms regarding the basic concepts of tourism, its evolution and types. Another part characterizes the micro-region, its location and what possibilities it offers for tourism. It also focuses on cultural and historical monuments of the destination and provides an overview of accommodation and eating establishments. The last part of the thesis is focused on the current situation in the micro-region, the analysis is performed by using a survey and its subsequent evaluation provides an overall assessment and recommendations which could help to increase attendance and attractiveness of the destination.

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