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Hodnocení reprodukční užitkovosti mateřských plemen prasat
Novotný, Jakub
The bachelor thesis concerns reproductive performance of maternal breeds of pigs. To begin with, there is mentioned the significance of pig breeding, especially in relation to reproductive performance. Afterwards the reproductive attributes as milkiness and fertility and factors affecting the performance are analysed. And finally, there is defined the characteristic of maternal breeds of pigs including their super-prolific lines and the control of reproductive performance in the Czech Republic in the period of 2010-2016.
Vliv výživy na reprodukci skotu
Aulichová, Tereza
The bachelor thesis deals with nutrition of dairy cattle with consequent influence on reproduction. It is focused on feeding by poor quality feeds and feed doses that negatively affect fertility. In the first part, it deals with biological bases of reproduction and especially with fertility, which is the most valuable property in cattle breeding. The second part deals with nutrition of dairy cattle. It contains a description of vital nutrients and their effect on fertility. Attention is paid to antinutritional agents and their effects on reproduction. Furthermore, the thesis deals with assembling feed doses according to the phase nutrition. This is where attention is paid to the feeding of breeding bulls. The last part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the most frequent causes of culling of dairy cows. Attention is mainly focused on nutrition and reproduction.
Vliv stárnutí populace na spotřební chování domácností
Bayerová, Pavlína
The diploma thesis deals with evaluation of the impact of population aging on consumption behavior of households in the Czech Republic, Germany and Japan. In the paper, we focus on the evaluation of population changes and changes in consumption expenditure and the structure of consumption within the age groups. Then, the impact of population aging on consumption is quantified by re-gression analysis. This is followed by an assessment of the impact of aging on consumer behavior and a proposal for recommendations
Corylus colurna L. - the perspective species for the forests
Němečková, Gabriela
This thesis is an evaluation of growth characteristics of the Turkish hazel tree in Brno and Bílovice nad Svitavou localities. Following the methodology (Kolařík et al., 2010), the physiological vitality, health condition and stability of this species are evaluated. The thesis encompasses a comparison with results obtained in theses written in 1988, 2002 and 2010, which were composed of an inventory and an evaluation of the Turkish hazel species in the same localities. In the following chapters, a description of its fertility capabilities, flowering intensity and of the infestation of the hazelnut gall mite (Eriophyes avellanae Nal.) can be found. Detailed branch measuring method and age determination calculations are also given.
Analýza faktorů ovlivňujících reprodukční užitkovost prasnic v podmínkách užitkového chovu
Bezděková, Tereza
The aim of the diploma thesis was to analyse the factors affecting the reproductive performance of sows in the conditions of farming. Self-monitoring of awakening in selected pig breeding, data for evaluation was published in PIGMATIC. The period from 2016 to 2018 was selected for evaluation. Sows were Topigs genotype and boars of BO x PN genotype were embedded. In terms of the reproductive indicators there were evaluated successful insemination and the frequency of piglets, the number of all piglets born, the number of alive and stillborn piglets and the number of piglets weaned. It was evaluated according to the order of the reproduction indicator. Furthermore, an assessment was conducted in accordance with the parity and the specific causes of the elimination. It can be stated from the evaluation of the achieved results that the company has average reproductive performance and the litter order has a significant influence on the litter size. The best reproductive parameters were achieved in 2018, namely 14.7 of all births, 13.3 live births and 11.5 weaned piglets per litter. The stillborn piglets averaged 8.22% in 2016, 9.78% in 2017 and 9.39% of the litter in 2018. In 2016, the number of born piglets in the 4th litter, in 2017 in the 7th litter and in 2018 in the 5th in the year of litter increased in the number of all born piglets. In the case of older sows, the number of piglets born decreased. In evaluating the success of the insemination, it can be said that the best results were achieved in 2016, when 89.5% of the total number of admitted breeders took over. The worst results were achieved in 2017, when 86.2% of the total number of admitted sows were pregnant. Despite this, it means good sowing of sows mainly due to the successful search for rut and proper insemination techniques. The sows in the observed breed were better with young from the 8th litter. Furthermore, it was found that sows and gilts were the worst in the summer months. The highest number of sows was eliminated in 2016 after the first litter, in 2017 after the tenth litter and in 2018 after the eighth litter. The main cause of the decommissioning of breeding was poor health in 2016 and 2017, in 2018 it was old age. Due to old age, sows were eliminated in 2016 from the 8th litter, in 2017 from the 10th litter and in 2018 already from the 7th litter. Other reasons for decommissioning of sows were overrunning, limb defects, low yield, difficult births and abortion. Sows in breeding reach high litters, which indicates very good individual zootechnical care for individual sow.
Analýza reprodukce skotu zaměřeného na produkci mléka
Kauerová, Adéla
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of there production of the cattle focused on dairy yield. It deals with there production in general – from dairy production, the biological bases and the action of hormones to fertility and fertility assessment in cattle. Rut, pregnancy, parturition and fertility disorders are included too. Part of the work is devoted to the most famous breeds of cattle. Emphasis is placed on artificial insemination, natural breeding is not included here because of there search which is focused on the success of the pregnancy rate after insemination. Insemination is currently the most suitable way of natural breeding from the point of view of cattle breeding, selection breeding and health reasons – we can prevent the transmission of venereal diseases. The correct management of reproduction in cattle is a prerequisite for the effective development of the enterprise and the management of the herd, especially in dairy cattle, when there production is used for further production of the enterprise.
Reprodukční vlastnosti mateřských plemen prasat
Mandová, Lucie
The thesis is focused on reproductive properties (fertility and dairy) of maternal breeds of pigs. At first are described the reproductive properties of sows and boars, including the external and internal factors influencing these properties. Another part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the charakteristics of maternal brees with the genetic reserve, the transverse black-haired pig. The maternal breeds are analyzed at performance of pigs focusing on development of daily gain, lifetime performance and current situation, ie a general overview of the stocks in the studbook. After the analysis, comparison is made with paternal breeds.
Zhodnocení reprodukčních vlastností vybraného plemene králíků
Kocianová, Kristýna
In my Bachelor Thesis on the Evaluation of reproductive characteristics of selected bre-ed of rabbits I have dealt with the origin, history and domestication of the domestic rabbit. I described the beginnings of its breeding in the Czech republic and also focused on the history of the dwarf rabbit. I analyzed the anatomy of the domestic rabbit and I focused on its reproductive properties. I have been involved in the rearing and puting aside of the offsprings. In the research part i evaluated the reproductive properties of dwarf teddy rabit and its crossbreeds. It was found that the average pregnancy lengh of all females was 31 days and on average one litter was born 3,65 offsprings and 3 of them were puted aside. Their total mortality was 27,4 %. The percentage ratio between the sexes was almost 50:50. The average weight of one offspring of all litters was 181 grams and the weight of the individual offsprings varies according to their letter count. Which were more off-springs in the litter that they average weight was lower.
Postoje a realita v reprodukčním chování v České republice
Terková, Michaela
The thesis focuses on the issues concerning development of reproductive behaviour in the Czech Republic and basic socio-demographic and economic indicators which affect this behaviour. The main aim of the thesis is to identify key socio-demographic and economic factors which affect attitudes and reality in the reproductive behaviour in the Czech Republic. It describes changes in the demographic structure and reproductive behaviour as well as changes in and consequences of population development. The analytical method used was a questionnaire and the data provided by this questionnaire were analysed with the help of word dependence and comparison. The questionnaire results proved that in ideal living conditions respondents would like to have more children than in reality. Reality is far from ideal and it is particularly caused by relationships between partners and by economic situation of respondents. However, most respondents prefer to have two children, which in terms of natural renewal of the population is not sufficient. It is important for today's demographic development to support an economically active population with three or more children. The questionnaire results are described in tables with a commentary and conclusion enclosed.
Studium vhodnosti odrůd kdouloní pro oblast úpatí Nízkého Jeseníku
Škardová, Pavlína
The present work evaluates the collection of selected varieties and species of phenotypes Cydonia oblonga Mill, in the climatic and soil conditions of the foothills of Nízký Jeseník Mountains. The collection consisted of: 'Blanár'; 'BO-3'; 'Brna'; 'Buchlovice'; 'Hruškovitá'; 'Champion'; 'Ironda'; 'Izobilnaja'; 'Jurák'; 'Kocurova'; 'Leskovačka'; 'Mir'; 'Morava'; 'Muškátová'; 'Otličnica'; 'Pinter'; 'Selena'; 'Triumph'; 'Úspěch' and 'Vranja', planted in the Paseka municipality. The growth characteristics were monitored as were production quality, pollen germination, starting of selected phenological phases and the sensory features of raw fruit and jam were assessed. The temperatures and precipitation values of the chosen planting location were discovered to be close to the climatic values of Žabčice area. Considering the growth characteristics for the selected plantation area it appears the most suitable phenotypes are 'Brna' and cultivar 'Vranja'. Because of the possibility of late spring frosts, more suitable varieties for growing would be 'Champion'; 'Jurák' and 'Kocurova'. Due to the early termination of the vegetation the varieties 'Champion', 'Ironda', 'Leskovačka' and 'Muškátová' and phenotype' BO- 3' could also be recommended. In the assessed collection of sensory score, the best value was acheived by the variety 'Otličnica'. Other observed characteristics showed considerable variability. Under the climatic conditions, the successful cultivation of quince in the foothills of the Nízký Jeseník Mountains seems possible and in the future, quince could become a commercially exploited commodity in this area.

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