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Motivation for playing games and motives behind different types of games
Foltman, Petr ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Brtník, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Motivation for playing games and motives behind different types of games Objectives: The aim of this work is to give an overview of the principles of motivation, explain motivation for playing games, compare and create a summary of information and theories about motivation for playing games. Then the aim is to create an overview of motives in different types of games. Methods: This is a theoretical work with use of a method of analysis and synthesis. After an analysis and comparison of the literature review it is synthesized into shorter integrated form. Then we use deduction to link underlying motives to different game types. Results: We found that motivation is a very complex process that is difficult to study. The professional public is not in unison in questions of games definition, classification, purpose and motivation for it, except that children's play serves learning. The inquiry of motivation could be accelerated by the fairly new field of affective neuroscience. Keywords: needs, play, game classification, game categorization, game purpose.
Art Education and Play from the Viewpoint of the Object Relations Theory
This work aims to explore the phenomenon of play in detail and classify its relationship to artistic activity and education. As its starting point it uses the paradigm of general and developmental psychology with an emphasis on the formal and functional definition of the term play. This theoretical background will then be widened by- and confronted with the viewpoint of the depth psychology. The theories of the depth psychology will explain the connotations between the play, personality, imagination, and creativity more in depth. The main sources of this work will then be the works of the main representatives of the object relations theory. Due to their focus on early personality development they will help with uncovering where, when and which phenomena connected to artistic activity take place and their influence on human mentality. In this work's conclusion, based on the theories of the general and depth psychology, the foundations for didactic strategies of art education and art psychologists will be proposed, which arise from these theories. These foundations will, finally, be confronted with specialist literature about current approaches to arts education.
Amateur Poetry on the Internet as a Result of Leisure Akctivity
The work deals with relations between play, free time, amateur poetry on the Internet and selected competencies. The first chapters are devoted to the definition of the term leisure time and leisure time related participation. This is followed by characteristics of interest education and of human being as a subject of interest education. Next parts of the thesis include definitions of poetry and play and to an attempt to identify their common features. Subsequently, the thesis deals with the importance of play and poetry in human life. This work defines the term amateur literary web, maps and presents current Czech amateur literary websites. The last part deals with selected competencies, ie leisure and literary competence.
Drama education as a way to develop personality
The aim of this bachelor work is to zoom in the drama education as a preschool children progress possibillity. In the theoretical part I dealt with its characterisation, further on its methods, principles, goals and the areas of preschool children progress. In the practical part there were implemented seven leisure time kindergarten drama club lessons which were evaluated through observation and interviewing of children. At the same time there was done a questionnaire investigation refering about the level and means of using drama education at the kindergarten.
Development of visual literacy in preschool age children through art activities.
My work deals with the development of visual literacy in pre-school age through art activities. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The first chapter focuses on the pre-school age of children, their physical and mental development, the development of basic skills and skills, socialization and play. The second chapter focuses on the concept of visual literacy. The third chapter deals with the artistic activity in terms of its contribution to the personality of man. The fourth chapter describes how to develop visual literacy in practice through verbal and visual interpretation of visual arts. In the practical part of the diploma thesis I describe four art projects that I made with the children in the kindergarten. For each activity, the assignment, course of project, material, educational target, and final evaluation are given. The result of the thesis is the finding that the development of visual literacy is important for a person living in the 21st century. Visual art is a possibility how to develop visual literacy.
Child with autistic spectrum disorder
This bachelor thesis is focused on the topic of autistic spectrum disorders. The main objective is to compare ways of educating pre-school children in a regular and special kindergarten, and a description of the benefits and deficiencies in the life of a person with ASD. The first part of the work is focused on characteristics of autism, definition of individual concepts, classification, possibilities and means of education based on sources of professional literature. The second part describes the possibilities of education in a special kindergarten, where two boys of the same age and a diagnosis of child autism were selected for qualitative research. The work was done by the method of participating observation. I became a direct actor in the educational process. Research findings are based on responses, activities, approaches of individual clients and other participants in the whole process in home and school facilities. Here are some of the specific methods that are used in those institutions, and their effects on the observed clients. By regularly attending selected places, I evaluated whether the chosen techniques were successful in their versatile development, and I compared the mutual collaboration of the family and the school. A rich description of the two observed clients and their individual manifestations was created, based on the sorted data. Finally, I discuss the results of the whole research, the benefits and possible shortcomings that take place in the life of the clients, and my own view of the given situation.
Secretiveness and processuality of the Game
Skořepová, Kateřina ; Chavalka, Jakub (advisor) ; Petříčková, Taťána (referee)
Kateřina Skořepová Předmětnost a procesualita hry, Praha 2018 ANNOTATION The idea of a game as a limited space used mainly for fun, leisure or a purposeful instrument is quite limited. From this definition of the vast phenomena of games and play, it is impossible to recognize what else playfulness can offer. By differentiating the subject of the game from the gaming process itself, allows perceiving the general concept of game in a new light. Such a deviation from the generally accepted interpretation of what game is and what playing is, enables the perception of playfulness as a principle in the same way as Greek and modern philosophers described the principle of being. Utilizing this new view we can change the perception of values in everyday life and transform the way we perceive own being. KEY WORDS Game, play, processuality, paidia, world, being
Laterality in social and locomotory behaviour of domestic pigs (Sus scrofa f. domestica)
Kunclová, Kristýna ; Špinka, Marek (advisor) ; Nekovářová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out whether pigs exhibit laterality in social behavior, especially the laterality of rotational movements in game behavior and social interactions. We aimed also to explore how this laterality is influenced by other factors, especially the possibilities of playful behavior in ontogenesis, personality and others social and non-social factors. Alternatively, whether the degree of laterality determined varies depending on the social situation (game / aggression) and whether is influenced by the litter. I have investigated this behavior for 64 pigs in 16 litters from videotapes of their social behavior. For each pig, I recorded the playing element and the preferential side. For individual game elements I did not find any preference for rotation at the population level and only a slight tendency for individual laterality. For social game elements, I have shown a weak population tendency to prefer left side, but only for a group of more playing pigs. The main contribution of this work is the symmetry found in the implementation of individual game elements and, on the contrary, the observed laterality at the population level for social game behavior. Since the laterality of playful behavior has not yet been investigated, it is possible that this symmetry is...
Playing and socialization of preschool children with mental and multiple disabilities compared with peers
Klimovičová, Hana ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is Playing and socialization of pre-school age children with mental disability and combined disability compared to peers. The theoretical basis of the thesis are the findings of developmental and social psychology of pre-school child, special pedagogy especially psychopedics and game theory. These research methods are used in the thesis: Observation of selected groups of children and questionnaires for teachers and parents of these children. The supplementary method is also an interview with parents, children and educators. Thesis takes into account the individual anamnesis of the persons (children) undergoing research. The aim of the thesis is to compare the influence of the play on the social development of a sample of pre-school age children with mental and combined disabilities with intact children of the same age in order to find out how the playing influences the social development of these children and which differences in the socialization of these two groups occur. Research environments were two kindergartens for children with disabilities and one kindergarten with integration. The research sample consists of six children (two girls, four boys) with mental disabilities or combined disabilities. Research results are recorded in the comparative tables. Based...
Social aspects of modern board games
Jarůšková, Judita ; Hrabec, Ondřej (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the theme of modern board games and the interactions of a small social group. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part provides an introduction to the theory of play as such with a more detailed understanding of two play concepts. I also deal with the definition of board games and the differences between classical and modern board games. I devote more space to the modern board games with emphasis on three aspects, namely the social dimension of the play, the existence of the board as a meaningful game space and specific game material. The theory also includes the introduction of a method Interaction Process Analysis of F. Bales and a selected typology of group roles that are both used in the empirical part of the thesis. In the practical part is presented a research of qualitative methodology consisting of observation of three game groups during the part of a concrete modern board game (Dead of Winter). An audio record was taken from each observed game. The collected data was then encoded and processed according to the method of the Interaction Process Analysis and subjected to further analysis. The output of the work is mainly the characteristics of player interactions, the description of their group roles as well as the so-called...

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