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Pupils' learning from educational material followed by eye-tracking method
Krejčí, Alžběta ; Kekule, Martina (advisor) ; Snětinová, Marie (referee)
This thesis focused on monitoring the process of reading an educational text by pupils and the influence of text related questions on this process. The monitoring was done using the eye-tracking method and 12 pupils and 1 teacher took part in the study, all of them from various high schools. The study showed that pupils who have text related questions at their disposal spend almost twice the time reading the educational text. Moreover, they tended to pay more attention to additional visual material such as pictures and graphs. By analyzing gaze plots and interviews with the pupils we found out that from time to time they seek out or remember key concepts with no further context, which in turn sometimes leads to incorrect understanding of the concept or the covered topic.
Rigid Body Simulation
Leitner, Denis ; Milet, Tomáš (referee) ; Chlubna, Tomáš (advisor)
This thesis deals with rigid body physics simulation in real time. It describes basic methods for collision detection between convex polyhedra, solving collisions and simulation of rigid body dynamics used in game development. Work also describes design and implementation of rigid body simulator written in C++ using OpenGL for rendering.
Physics in sport
This Bachelor thesis interconnects Physical Education and Physics. Physics plays an important role at modern top-level sports and it is one of the main influences when reaching top-level results. The theoretical part presents the theoretical explanation of dynamic and kinematic which are applied to various sports. The practical part of my Bachelor thesis focuses on chosen sports which are described from the physical point of view. The thesis is concluded by results measured on volleyball players, which shows the significant importance of physics.
Students's conception about physics as a science, evolving knowledge in science and their oppinions about learning science
Rakovská, Jitka ; Kekule, Martina (advisor) ; Žák, Vojtěch (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on student's epistemological opinions on physics, more specifically on the structure of scientific knowledge, character of knowing and learning of physics and on sources of ability to study. The goal of this thesis is to use quality research and focus on intense survey of student's visions related to above mentioned. Research metod was semistructured interview using questions from questionnaire EBAPS (Epistemological Beliefs Assessment For Physical Science). I have decided to choose nine students of high schools from Zlín's region, with different sex and study results in physics to realize all interviews. Four interviews were rewrited and encoded. What I found the most interesting is that students with the same attitude may have different opinions. Even all students had different opinions to facts, on the other hand, they all agreed, the most important is to fully understand the theory. Keywords: epistemology, dimension, coding
Motivation of preschool and younger school pupils to physics through stories
Čermáková, Aneta ; Houfková, Jitka (advisor) ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (referee)
This Bachelor thesis goal is to prepare pedagogical material for teachers and lectors working with children in kindergartens or school clubs at elementary school. It deals with a problem how to motivate children to explore physical laws and natural phenomena in our surroundings, and with the issue of the loss of natural curiosity and desire to discover the new. One part of the work is a research of the available resources of basic physics experiments for pupils at elementary schools and for preschool pupils in kindergartens. It also summarizes literature dealing with developmental psychology and inclusion of stories into usual activities. The main part of the work includes two stories with 11 physics experiments, which are integrated into the stories and are also later described and explained in detail. The notes from realizations are a very important part of this work. A CD with the thesis text in digital form, feedbacks and photos from the realizations and some examples of drawing feedback from kindergarten children is enclosed to the thesis. Powered by TCPDF (
Physical aids created by 3D printer
KLOFÁČ, Patrik
The aim of this diploma thesis is to identify, propound, create and verify own educational models and aids usable for teaching physics. Models and aids are selected according to the Framework Educational Program for the second grade of elementary school. Models already created are verified and described, alternatively modified.
Historical experiments and their analogies as a part of physics education at upper secondary school level
Špilínková, Ivana ; Žák, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Koudelková, Věra (referee)
Title: Historical experiments and their analogies as a part of physics education at upper secondary school level Author: Ivana Spilmkova Department: Department of Physics Education Supervisor: KNDr. Mgr. Vojtech Zak, Ph.D., Department of Physics Education Abstract: This bachelor thesis is focused on activities related to historical experiments. With regard to the aim of the bachelor thesis, research on Czech and international sources concerning to the use of historical experiments in physics education was carried out. For further processing. Oersted's, experiment and historical methods of measurement of gravitational acceleration and speed of light were selected. Activities related to these experiments were verified in physics lessons at various classes of grammar school (both upper and lower). According to lessons, these activities were modified. The proposals of these activities are presented in materials intended for physics teachers. Keywords: experiment, historical experiment, physics, physics at secondary school
Mechanical/Physical Simulation of Solid Objects
Bureš, Jaroslav ; Maršík, Lukáš (referee) ; Široký, Adam (advisor)
This work deals with simulation of launching a golf ball. Here are described simulation techniques which can be used for computer simulations. In addition, physical laws are discussed, that need to be understood to create a valid golf ball launch model. These include aerodynamic laws for calculating ball's flight trajectory, as well as events occurring while ball moves on the ground. After this is analyzed implementation of the program using C++ and OpenGL graphics library. The work is completed with comparison of measured simulation results with analytical solution and values of other applications.
Brittle Body Simulation
Chlubna, Tomáš ; Lysek, Tomáš (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
Brittle bodies differ from the rigid ones in the possibility of shattering into small pieces according to the laws of physics. The brittle body simulation therefore uses principles of a general rigid body simulation and requires solutions to the other problems related to object decomposition into fragments and involving these fragments of the original object in the simulation. Description and evaluation of the possible solutions to this problem and a proposal with a reference implementation of such simulation are the goals of this thesis.
Nové pomůcky pro výuku fyziky na gymnáziu: testování, sestavování a vytváření návodů k experimentům
JÍCHA, Jaroslav
The aim of this thesis was to test and assemble high-school experimental equipment. Manuals were created to enable the teacher (frontal experiments) or the students (student's experiments) to easily reproduce the experiments. The experiments are listed in the order they appear in textbooks, which simplifies the searching process.

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