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The selected acute conditions in pediatrics from the point of view of paramedic
The bachelor thesis deals with the problems of states which can immediately endanger the child's life and are solved in pre-hospital emergency care by emergency squads including paramedics. They must possess the appropriate knowledge and experience. Without their early and effective help, a child patient could experience irreversible health changes or even die. The thesis is divided into theoretical and research part. The theoretical part deals with the differences between pediatric and adult patients because by providing pre-hospital emergency care it is important to think constantly about the fact that a child is not a small adult and that taking care of him or her carries its specifics which must be respected. Furthermore, this part deals with selected acute conditions in paediatrics from the point of view of a paramedic. The research part comprises of a quantitative research based on interviews containing 24 questions and the research group consisted of 12 paramedics performing their profession in the South Bohemian region. It includes analysis of acquired data and their evaluation. The goal of the work is to map the awareness of paramedics about the issue of selected acute states in paediatrics.
The current status of pediatrics nurse field and its impacts on practice
TUŠLOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis: "The current status of pediatrics nurse field and its impacts on practice" deals with actual problem and it means education of pediatrics nurses. There were set two targets: 1. Changes in pediatrics nurses field in time. 2. Detections of problems in education of pediatrics nurses that are caused by new changes in the study program. These targets were specified by four research points and three hypothesis yet. Implementation of research was carried by a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Five head nurses participated to the research and then one hundred nurses from children's unit in hospital as well. Our research was divided in three parts. In the first there were made interviews with head nurses. We used semi - structured form. In second phase we spread our written survey in pediatrics nurses who are working in children's unit. It was created an online survey mainly for students of medical disciplines for comparison. In last phase there were analyzed documents of work load of nurses from children's unit. Results show that in practice there we are able to see many problems. Pediatrics nurses who completed their education in high school grow old. New ones are missed and it means that like pediatrics nurses work general nurses as well. In our survey we found out that nurses with different length of practice are the same opinion on education. Then that pediatrics and general nurses, who are working in children's unit perceive the problems equally. But nurses with different length of practice are different opinion on actual long of study. Final results of this thesis will be published in professional journal.
Radiation protection of pediatric radiodiagnostic
In my thesis I deal with ionizing radiation, its origin, its effects and principles. I also deal with radiation protection and its principles, medical exposure and pediatric radiodiagnostics in terms of imaging methods and specifics of radiation protection in paediatrics. And whether all the methods used to reduce radiation exposure in children undergoing ionizing radiation are used. Part of the work is also devoted to the way of communication in this area and awareness, whether it is paid enough attention or this area is neglected in the Czech Republic.
Radiation protection of pediatric radiodiagnostic
Due to the increase of number of ionizing radiation examinations in the pediatric population, it is important to focus on protecting them, as we assume that children have a long life ahead, and therefore the likelihood of a higher risk of ionizing radiation damage, where repeated use of ionizing radiation can cause irreversible changes of the organism. Therefore, the main objective is to evaluate and investigate the level of radiation protection both of professionals and of the general public.
Nursing care of child with juvenilie idiopathic arthritis
Bobitko, Julia ; Lukášová Jeřábková, Lenka (advisor) ; Kulhavá, Miluše (referee)
Juvenile idiopathic arthritis is one of the most common rheumatic diseases that affects children less than 16 years of age. The illness is considered irrecoverable because of its unclear aetiology. My work is focused on nursing care of a child with juvenile idiopathic arthritis due to the very low awarness of this disease. The main objective was to describe the nursing care of a child with a given disease and to increase awareness of juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Another objective was to create information material for the public about the illness. I choose a case study method to meet these goals. I described the nursing process of the patient with the disease in the practical part of the bachelor thesis, supplemented by Mary Henderson model. Information was drew mainly from medical records, interviews with parents, medical staff, and by providing nursing care to the chosen patient. The specifics of nursing care of a child with juvenile idiopathic arthritis were described on the basis of the information and knowledge gained during the hospitalization of the patient. These informations were used also for creation the information material for the general public. keywords: juvenile idiopathic arthritis, nursing care, rheumatology, paediatrics nursing, arthritis
The role of paediatric nurses in the prevention of chronic respiratory diseases of children with a focus on prevention of parents' smoking
Abstract Objective: The research study is to characterize the nurses´ role in the prevention of chronic respiratory disease, focusing on smoking prevention. The next objective is to raise awareness among parents about the negative impacts of smoking on the health of their children. It was then established, how many informations have got parents smokers about adverse effect on the health of their children. In relation to these objectives was established six research questions. The way of achieving the objective: To achieve the objectives a method of qualitative research was chosen, which was implemented through in-depth interviews. On the basis of specified research questions were created individual categories for getting answers to the research questions. It was elected a methode of intentional choice. Survey research took place in outpatient offices in the districts Znojmo and Brno Venkov. 10 parents smokers and 10 nourses agreed to be interwieved through using a method of anonymous questioning. Scientific benefits: A research study presents an overview of the impact of smoking on the health of children, the possibilities for intervention in the prevention of chronic diseases of children and and helping their parents smokers in the treatment of tobacco dependence. It will find application in primarily preventive and inpatient care as well. The knowledges gained and their conclusions: Baby nurse has important and irreplaceable role in the healthy development of children and in the prevention of risks to their health. Risk behaviour of children and youth is currently a serious social problem. The educational efforts has to be directed to change lifestyle and its components and is connected with the support of health. The results of our investigation shows that parents smokers often underestimate the influence smoking on the health of their children and are not very willing to do something for children. Parents also underestimate the effect of passive smoking, even though most of them have sufficient information about the risks. Whereas, children usually can't decide on environment, where they live, health professionals would aim interventions to protect children including the unborn ones. Question of health education is included in the nurse´s competences and is ordered to the doctors and nurses by law. It is therefore desirable that paramedics, having used their authority, increase their efforts and interventions to promote non-smoking. Nurse can help the patient with motivation and treatment their addiction and intervene according to recommendations based on scientific evidences. To a short 10 minute intervention has nurse opportunity apply in every contact with the patient, during his visit at doctor´s office or at the hospital in the pacients admitted to hospital. At least ask about smoking and give the smokers clear recommandation how to stop smoking and offer clear advice to the treatment referred in the brochure, with information of the harmful effects of smoking on the health of children. Use for practice: The conclusions were accepted in the scientific magazine Pediatry for practice and magazine Florence.
Utilization of yoga in pediatric physiotherapy
Šonská, Kristýna ; Ptáková, Karolína (advisor) ; Králová, Aneta (referee)
This bachelor thesis summarizes possibilities of yoga utilization in rehabilitation of pediatric patients. The theoretic part lists basic terms necessary for understanding of this topic. Then it focuses on some yoga techniques, the influence of exercise on human body and its advantages. It also describes how a yoga lesson for children should look like and what approaches to avoid. The next part contains overview of published articles. The practical part of bachelor thesis includes three cases of patients with different diagnosis who attended eight week yoga course in FN Motol. Their examination contains kinesiology analysis, standardizes MABC-2 test and a PedsQL questionnaire. The effect of incorporating yoga into their therapy is described as positive.

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