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Sexually psychological factors of atractivity of men
Pokorná, Pavlína ; Weiss, Petr (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis deals with sexually psychological factors of what makes males attracive. The theoretical part is based on the theory of evolutionary psychology. We are interested in heterosexual women's strategy when choosing a partner. Of the factors that may affect their partner choice, we have focused on one physical attribute, the penis. The attribution of the importance of penis size depends on the individual. However, we try to find a connection between penis perception as a significant factor of what makes male attractive and other aspects, not only sexuality. For the purpose of our research, we have developed a specific questionnaire which, through a series of questions, examines the attitude towards the importance of penis size. The second part of the questionnaire is more intimate, identifyinf the relationship status, sexual experience, phase of the cycle and the use of hormonal contraception. The questionnaire was simply called "Does Size Matter?". The administration was online and we addressed women through social networks. We received responses from 276 respondents. We found several differences in penis perception as an important factor. Women who have a friend with benefits (they meet a man just for sexual satisfaction) are more likely to consider penis size more important. Women who feel...

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