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Social aspects of activities offered in the Park Čtyři Dvory in České Budějovice
This work pursues activities offered by park Čtyři Dvory in České Budějovice and its social impact to this area. The goal is description of all these activities and maping problems which prevent further development of providing social services to citizens. For this survey I choose two questions. Which are the problems of currently offered activities in development in park persist? What is the solutions of these problems according the respondents. Theoretical part is dedicated to social problems on current big Czech agglomerations and to specific social problems of housing estates Máj and Vltava in České Budějovice and finaly the park itself where it is analysed its potential and limits of impact on solutions of the social problems of these estates. Research part is made by qualified research and technique of structual conversations with open questions. The questions were conducted with  representatives of public and with involved specialists. The research showed us that the biggest problem is not enough of control over the park and its all round maintenance. The there are problems with truancy, bullying and using of narcotic and psychotropic substances. And last but not least unused potential of the park. On base of the results was suggested actions in form of plan overall improvement condition of the park, potential expansion, periodical controls of all facilities. The instalation of quality camera system and of course social workers working with families in excluded locations.
5- Minutes Neighbourhood
Uhrová, Veronika ; Urbášková,, Hana (referee) ; Menšíková, Naděžda (advisor)
The aim of my thesis was the design of a new urban structure, located in the existing buildings by the river Svitava inZvonařkaStreet, near the center of the city. My proposaladded to the existing urban character of the area and added it to the missing block development. This location has become an attractive area for the whole region, which offers a wide range of new jobs in services, administration, education, healthcare and a number of residential units for different social groups. The proposed multi-purpose building uses plot in the urban area and is designed as a selfcontained. It reduces transportation and cumulates more diverse functions in one place. It follows the surrounding urban areas. West facade respects the existing street line the MasnáStreet and its height fits the surrounding buildings. When forming materials, some spatial structuring principleswere used, namely: multiplicity, porosity and connectivity.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Myšková, Hana ; Kabela, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This final diploma thesis deals with revitalization of Film studios in Zlín and its surroundings. On the west from solved area is forest cemetery and residential complex Fabiánka. Areal of the Film studios is from residential complex Fabiánka separated by terrain depression. The Film studios in Kudlov which is situated near to Zlín was established in thirties of last centrury, their strong side is interesting history, the natural environment and good availability from Zlin. The theme of the Film survived in the area to the present days, there are film laboratories and film secondary school. Some objects are rentes as office space, there is Zlín radio and on the northeastern part of the area is situated pharmaceutical production. The main new function witch is design is housing in apartment buildings which are completed by offices and public services witch is situated around film pedestrian zone. There is designed a new sports complex and film park with forest amphitheater, therefore it can be used by general public. In areal are functions for all age category.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Rašovská, Michaela ; Schmeidler,, PhDr Karel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
Diploma thesis addresses the new use of film studios in the city of Zlin – Kudlov. Solved territory is located about 2.5 km southeast of Zlin. The aim of the design was to create a functioning unit, which combines several functions, both existing and proposed. The resort is located on one of the highest points in the area with beautiful views of the surrounding area. In the area of film studios is therefore proposed tower, which is inspired by the film strip and dominates the area. Film studios are also associated with the emergence of the Zlin Film Festival. There is therefore designed pedestrian zone with squares for cultural events and exhibitions related to film themes. The proposal seeks to create a living organism that would be returned to the film studios lost life.
Urban concept of BVV Trade Fairs Brno
Sannikova, Olga ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This thesis has been prepared as urban study BVV in Brno. The project deals with the revitalization of the area, streamlining usage in the long run. The area is delimited to the northeast street Hlinka, southwest Street Bauer. The territory is located near the center of Brno, near the Mendel Square. It is directly connected to the ring road. The main objectives of the project are to restore its original luster campus, thanks to which Brno became known in the world - to create an international cultural and sports science node. Open to the public year-round resort and create new areas of specific housing related to the function of the complex.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Pospíšilová, Šárka ; Kabela, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
The subject of thesis is urban design of the Film Studios, its recovery, opening this area to the public, the use of film themes and to design the new functional use. The area, where the Film Studios have been built, is located in the city Zlín – Kudlov. The area has size of 10,11 ha and it is defined by the built-up area in the south, north and west and from the east street Vrchy. The area is crossed by street Filmová, which is divided into two parts, on the part of the bulit-up area of the Film Studios and the undeveloped part of gardening and unmanaged areas. The vision of the project is to revitalize the area using the new functional use, simplify transport structure and supplement the existing buildings by new buildings.
Rehabilitation centre, Pasohlávky
Skříčková, Alžběta ; Císař, Lukáš (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a rehabilitation center, which is located in the cadastral area of the village Mušov on the border of the village Pasohlávky. It is a two-storey rehabilitation center with a gym and a partial basement. The thesis deepens the initiative of Thermal Pasohlávky, which plans to build a spa resort in the same section, combining elements of spa care, recreation and sports use. The object fulfills the function of a rehabilitation medical facility. The center is designed for up to 50 patients and is functionally divided into three parts. The first part consists of rehabilitation. We will find here several exercise rooms, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, doctor's office with waiting room and reception. Rehabilitation also includes a gym with access to the terrace and park. On the second floor we can find specialized department of ergotherapy for people with different types of disabilities and second functional part of the bulding designed for staff facilities. It is made up of staffing facilities, dressing rooms, offices and meeting rooms. The third functional part consist from the technical background of the building and is located on the ground floor. The object is designed as a wall system, built from sand-lime bricks km beta Sendvix and insulated with the ETICS thermal insulation made from mineral wool. Horizontal supporting structures are designed as reinforced concrete. The entire building is roofed with a flat roof. Wooden windows and doors are used in the building to fill the holes. Before the building is a parking lot for employees and visitors of the rehabilitation facility. The design respects the principles of barrier-free solutions. The bachelor thesis is elaborated in the form of a project documentation for the execution of the construction.
Architectural study of the cycling stadium / runway / Favorit Brno / on the open space in.
Krejčová, Zdenka ; Ing. arch. Petra Žalmanová, Ph.D (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor)
Architectural study of the cycling studium/ runway / Favorit Brno / on the open space in. The urban problem of the present area is the poor technical condition of the buildings, the inadequate function of the buildings. The aim of the proposal is to create a significant area of both professional and recreational sport. The main part of the work is devoted to the design of a new cycling stadium owned by TJ Favorit Brno. The hall should have sufficient capacity and facilities to hold international sporting events in cycling and athletics. At the same time it should be useful for smaller races and other events. Another requirement is that the stadium can provide enough facilities for the TJ Favorit Brno cycling club. The home base is currently a cycling stadium at the Brno Exhibition Grounds. This stadium is currently inadequate, serving only as a training course. It does not meet the conditions of the International Federation of UCI. The design of the variable space of the hall deserves a further attention at least, beacuse it will serve athletics or other sporting events. The cycling stadium is located in the northern part of the grounds. It places emphasis on the scattered surfaces in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, easy orientation and layout of entries from all sides of the object, separation of athletes from spectators. The main expression element of the exterior is a glazed facade wall, with a perforated sheet metal. Providing night lighting and putting visitors into action. The attractiveness of the whole area is enhanced by the newly designed park. A café and relaxation areas are also proposed. The total area will be separated from traffic. Two parking spaces with sufficient capacity for the whole area will be created at its edge. Transport within the premises will only be accessible for service and operation.
BUT Area Kraví hora
Kříčková, Zuzana ; Kyselka,, Mojmír (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The content of the thesis is an architectural study, which proposes a new use of the grounds of the VUT area on Kraví hora. The aim was to combine the interests of VUT and the City of Brno in this extraordinary territory for the benefit of both subjects. The study addresses not only the VUT land, but also the whole area of Kraví hora, which is one of the unique green spaces in the center of Brno. The High School of Technology at Kraví Hora is one of the most valuable areas of the city of Brno. Just like the rest of Kravi hora. But we are talking about a territory that is scattered over several sub-sections. The biggest problem of the whole mountain is impenetrability and lack of solidarity. Kraví hora is a place that has served history, relaxation, afternoon activities and family trips. Today, it is mainly used as a gardening colony - the private sector. From another part there are spaces that are leased to different companies and private owners. However, the use of these spaces, in most cases, does not correspond to the character that has long since existed. Another problem is poor transport accessibility, low capacity of parking spaces and large distances from the area to public transport stops. In the interest of the City of Brno, cultivation of the Kraví hora as urban green space and the creation of a whole green park, which will serve primarily the public.
BUT Area Kraví hora
Muroň, Jakub ; Dvořák, Miloš (referee) ; Nový, Alois (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is to continue on the previous atelier work, which was focused on elaboration of a strategic urban-architectural study of the Kraví hora area and the BUT holding located there. A multifunctional facility, which would include activities that BUT still lacks, should be designed there. In any case, it should not be an extension of the teaching, research or accommodation capacities, since there have been built enough of these by BUT recently. At the same time, the proposed activities should not be controversial with the interests of the city. The BUT area at Kraví hora is one of the most valuable areas of the city of Brno. The city, which has tried to buy it from BUT several times, has an eminent interest in this area. However BUT considers it as its "family silver", because they realize its extraordinary value. Nevertheless, due to the binding regulatory conditions, construction possibilities are very limited. The aim of this study is to find such a use of this area, which would be a compromise corresponding to both the city's expectations and the needs of BUT. The intention of the previous project, which has been continued by this diploma thesis, was the removal of unsatisfactory buildings and the reduction of the garden colonies; despite to a study created by the City of Brno but partially kept, cultivated and reorganized; and rebuilding of the BUT area, which will be opened to the public and communicate with park. The public will obtain an access to nowadays inaccessible and impermeable areas by removing inappropriate buildings and fences, as well as by the modification of the public space and creating one major spine communication realized as an extension of the existing road and which will serve only for the supply, hikers and cyclists. The newly founded BUT complex with its strategic location on the top of Kraví hora hill and next to the observatory will invite large number of people not only from the surroundings but a

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