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Possibility of utilization of solid waste from spent coffee grounds rafination for agricultural purposes
Slavíková, Zuzana ; Vespalcová, Milena (referee) ; Pořízka, Jaromír (advisor)
The main focus of this diploma thesis is the utilization of spent coffee ground (SCG) and its biorefinery products in agriculture primarly as a prospective organic fertilizer. The study verifies an influence of the addition of native SCG as well as its acid hydrolysed, defatted and oxidized forms to experimental clay soil on chemical and physical properties (ph, conductivity and mineral content). Growing experiments were realized by using Lactuca sativa to detect positive or negative effects on growth. Samples of basic soil and soil with the addition of commercial NPK fertilizer served as a reference to measuring data. Measurements showed that addition of SCG and products of its biorefinery to the soil caused a decrease of pH and an increase of conductivity of soil samples. Significant increase of extractable calcium, magnesium, manganese and moderate increase of potassium content was detected. 2 % addition of SCG to soil had no impact on plants growth. The number and visual appearance of lettuces were comparable with plants in basic soil. No seed on acid hydrolysed samples germinated, which was caused by an increase of conductivity and sulphate content in these samples. In defatted and oxidized samples the early germination and the highest number of lettuces was observed. The low content of phosphorus in all soil samples had a great impact on growth rate and visual appearance of cultivated lettuces. In comparison with soil with NPK addition, lettuces in samples with SCG and its form had a pink-grey colour and lower growth.
Influence of the Application of Lignite on the Distribution of Organic Carbon in Soil
Širůček, David ; Záhora, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kalina, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on optimization of sequential chemical fractionation method to humeomics in order to be useful for determination of organic matter content and distribution and also organic elements in soil. Subsequently, the optimized method is used to assess the efect of lignite application as soil support on these soil characteristics. For these purposes, there were three source matrices of organic matter (lignite, soil and annual soil extraction after lignite application) fractionated by sequential chemical analysis. In parallel, these samples were also fractionated by classic alkaline extraction to obtain the so-called extractable fraction of organic matter (NOM). Individual fractions from sequential chemical fractionation as well as NOM samples were characterized by methods of elemental analysis (determination of organic elements), thermogravimetry (contents of ash, organic matter and moisture) and FTIR spektrometry (structural analysis). The results obtained from a large range of data from all humeomics fractions and NOM fractions showed that the method of sequential chemical fractionation gives higher yields of organic matter compared to classic alkaline extraction. Another indisputable advantage is the fact that the obtained fractions divided according to solubility and strenght of binding to soil inorganics can be better characterized by physical-chemical methods, which provides more detailed information about soil organic matter. The results of the work also show that in order for lignite as a support substance to significantly affect soil properties, a longer time, multiple sampling and repetition of individual fractionations would be needed.
Cs-137 content monitoring by spectrometric measurement in soil
LEPIČ, Daniel
The aim of the thesis is to compare the results from in situ spectrometry and laboratory determination of the area activity of Cs-137 in samples taken from uncultivated soils. To fulfil the goal, the research question has been determined: Are the results from in situ measurement of the area activity of Cs-137 in uncultivated soil comparable with the results from laboratory measurement of collected soil samples? The theoretical part of the work has been written based on research of book publications, foreign scientific articles and electronic sources, which deal with the issue of radioactivity and its impact on the environment and the principle of semiconductor gamma spectrometry. The practical part of the work deals with the spectrometric measurement using in situ method and the laboratory determination of the area activity of Cs-137 in the soil samples using a semiconductor gamma spectrometer. The measurement and the soil sampling took place in the territory of the Šumava National Park and its adjacent areas in Pilsen Region. There were selected five locations (Nová Hůrka, Prášily, Srní, Nový Brunst and Hadí vrh). By in situ spectrometric measurement the highest values were determined of the area activity of Cs-137 in the location Nová Hůrka (19526 Bq / m2) and the lowest in the location Hadí vrh (5398 Bq / m2). The spectrometric measurements of the soil samples in the laboratory revealed the highest values of the area activity of Cs-137 in the sample from the location Nová Hůrka (10000 Bq / m2) and the lowest values of Cs-137 in the location Hadí vrh (2060 Bq / m2). The contribution of this work is the comparison of in situ spectrometric measurement with the measurement of taken soil samples using the gamma semiconductor spectrometer. The results of this monitoring can provide data on the radiation situation in individual locations in Šumava. By the comparison of the results of the area activity of Cs-137, there has been found a correlation between in situ spectrometric measurements and the laboratory measurements of the soil samples. The results of the area activity of Cs-137 are in an order of magnitude comparable. The differences between the results are probably caused by the measurement conditions.
Možnosti klasifikace půd pro potřeby pozemkových úprav v České republice a ve světě
BRŮHA, Karel
This thesis describes evolution of soil classifies and its distributions since beginnings to present. After that describes The Czech taxonomic soil classification system and compares it with the classification systems used in the world.
Porovnání orebné a bezorebné technologie zpracování půdy z hlediska jejího zhutnění
MACH, Václav
The bachelor thesis focuses on technologies of soil cultivation which are nowadays most frequently used in our country and what is their influence in soil compaction. It describes reasons of the origins of soil compaction, impacts of the compaction and the effect of compaction on soil as a unit. It also focuses on procedure? against unwanted compaction or its following elimination. Subsequently, the thesis describes basic work operations which are plowing and aeration. There are details of the principle how the plough works, basic types of ploughs and the way how we can divide plowing. There are also methods of plowing which are applied in different conditions on land. Last but not least, the thesis points out advantages and disadvantages of this most common soil cultivation. It deals with technologies of aeration as well as it deals with machines which are able to cultivate soil or with technologies of soil cultivation and their advantages and disadvantages in work without a plough. The field experiment which has been done for drawing up of this bachelor thesis focuses on comparison of ploughing and non-ploughing technologies of soil cultivation in a way of its compaction. There is evaluation of the penetrometric resistance, of the achieved depth in measurement and the soil moisture. These values have been measured on a field which was divided according to the technology of soil cultivation. The first part was done conventionally with the plough and in the second part the plough was replaced with the aeration. The results of the measurement were then compared with the whole soil profile of the measurement, then in the depth of 20 cm and finally with rest the horizon of measurement. Values and comparisons of the individual measurements are for better illustration noted in tables and marked on graph.
Preparation of revitalization study for small water course
KAHUDA, Václav
This diploma thesis deals with returning of modified troughs of small watercourses to the natural state - revitalisation. The general idea of the river beds and water environment revitalisation will be explained in the theoretical part. It will also deal with its history, development and practical application. The practical part will contain an own project creation. It is a project of the adjusted small watercourses bed revitalisation in the level of study. A section of a fine river was used for this thesis. It is called Žďárský Stream and it belongs to the cadastral area Žďár near the Kaplice. Individual parts of the river and its basin will be mapped in this work. It will also consider the hydrological and geographical conditions and it will propose a technical solving for a local revitalisation of the adjusted river bed. It will ínclude natural factors support, the ecological-morphological improvement, the migrational permeability and other links to the river environment.
Půdní biologie v učebních osnovách biologie pro střední školy
This study is aimed on teaching of soil biology at secondary schools. Available biology textbooks are assessed and their content on soil biology is evaluated. Part of the thesis constitutes of a survey among teachers of biology. It is focused on contemporary teaching approaches, availability of materials and the requirements of teachers to teach soil biology at individual schools. In conclusion, I propose an educational project focusing on the importance of soil.
Magnetic identification and characterization of Andosols in the Czech Republic
Rainer, Sabina ; Grison, Hana (advisor) ; Borůvka, Luboš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is the identification and characterization of soils with andic properties using the magnetic methods. Investigated soil is located in the Velký Roudný in the Nízký Jeseník mountain. This is the only known area with Andosols on the territory of the Czech Republic. Magnetic measurements will be performed both in the field and in the laboratory, and will be accomplished by geochemical analyses necessary for accurate pedological characterisation. Magnetic data will be interpreted in termagnetická susceptibilita of the geological and environmental conditions. The results will be compared with the properties of the Andosols from the French Massif Central.
Restrictions of the land ownership
Trčková, Michaela ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Žákovská, Karolina (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the legal regulation of individual institutes which mean the restriction of disposal of subject of the right of ownership. For the purpose of this diploma thesis the subject of the right of ownership means the land, respectively the plot within the intention of the Act No. 256/2013 Coll. on Land Register. The plot is an individualized part of earth surface which is determined by a boundary. In accordance with the above it is presumed that where the author uses "land", she means the plot. The aim of the diploma thesis is to present the detailed analysis of individual legal regulations which manage restrictions of plot ownership. It is clear that the topic of the diploma thesis is quite comprehensive, so the author has decided to present the basic concepts at first. The basic concepts are a land, real estate, plot and parcel and right of ownership. The author has build on the part of right of ownership the chapter two, which is about the restrictions of right of ownership that are laid down in the constitutional order and Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code. Chapter two reflects the reasons behind the enactment of the restrictions of right of ownership in the legal order. The flagship part of the thesis is in the chapter three and four. This section is an analysis...
Changes in Human Relations to the Land in Wallachia in the 20th Century
Adamová, Lucie ; Zicha, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with human relation to the land and its transformation in connection with significant changes in the political scene. Human relation to land is not influenced and defined merely by geographical location, but also by historical development of given area and other external influences and one of them is the political situation. Between the years 1948 - 1989, the Communist Party with its specific approach to personal ownership and the ownership of land ruled the territory of today's Czech republic. The Communist regime has also strongly influenced the historical development of Wallachia. Agriculture and pastoralism have been and still are characteristic for this region and local people have been dependent on these for several centuries. People who owned the fields, land or farms started loosing their property and the concept of personal ownership itself started to change. These changes have then influenced several generations of farmers living in this area. The key task of this thesis is to map the influence of the Communist regime on the human relation to land in Wallachia. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the development of agriculture in Wallachia in the 20th century, the region of Wallachia and the general description of human relation to land and the...

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