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Syntactic and semantic aspects of a ditransitive construction with the verb "lend" and an eventive object
Starý, Tomáš ; Brůhová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Šaldová, Pavlína (referee)
The present paper is concerned with the ditransitive verb lend and its components. Instances of lend occurring with an eventive object are the main focus. The theoretical part includes a general characteristic of ditransitive verbs - the approach to which significantly varies -, the realizations of their components and their passive counterparts along with the semantic roles of the components. Greater focus is then given to the classification of the eventive object, which accompanies a semantically general verb and in such constructions carries the meaning. The aim of the work is to determine under what circumstances can the indirect or prepositional object be omitted and in events when both objects are present their order and the factors that influence it. The assumption is that the pattern SVOiOd will be prevalent as according to Quirk et al. (1985) this is the only possible ordering in the eventive object constructions. The empirical section of the work contains one hundred examples of the verb lend accompanied by an eventive object extracted from the British National Corpus. These examples demonstrate the most frequent nouns occurring in the eventive object position with the light verb lend, the actual ordering present in such constructions and to what degree it corresponds to theoretical foundations....
Conception of an Object as a Complex of Perceptions in David Hume's Philosophy
Fršlínek, Jan ; Hill, James (advisor) ; Palkoska, Jan (referee)
Práce pojednává o objektu (jakožto komplexu percepcí) a s daným tématem souvisejícími otázkami v kontextu filosofie Davida Huma, jak je obsažena především v první knize jeho díla Treatise of Human Nature a rovněž s přihlédnutím k dílům Enquiry Concerning Human Undestanding a An Abstract of A Treatise of Human Nature a dalším titulům primární a sekundární literatury. Tematizováno je v tomto kontextu tedy nejprve Humovo pojetí percepcí jako takové (a to na základě první kapitoly Treatisu, Of ideas, their origin, composition, connexion, abstraction etc.). Poté je v souvislosti s předchozím pojednáno i o Humově pojetí identity (především objektu-tělesa) a jeho koncepce individuace, resp. i stálosti a koherence. (a to na základě čtvrté kapitoly Of scepticism with regard to senses). Na konci práce jsou kontrastovány různé možné typy objektů, jež lze (dle autora této práce) chápat jako komplexy percepcí a poté je nabídnuto schéma hypotézy o individuaci tzv. materiálních těles (bodies) v prostoru.
Hope in Pauline and Petrine Epistles
Houška, Vladimír ; Scarano, Angelo (advisor) ; Brož, Jaroslav (referee)
Hope in the letters of St. Paul and St. Peter. The New Testament contains the letters of the apostle Paul and Peter range of texts on the theme of hope. Bachelor thesis tries to analyze the individual texts with different views, so that the reader of God's word could penetrate more deeply into the theological virtues. It will be exploring the theme of hope in terms of origin, the subject of hope in the community of the Church of Hope as part of the trajectory of faith and love. Then look through the eyes, other authors on the subject. Finally, a description of the author's own experiences in his personal life story.
Puppet animation movie as a means of artistic expression in art education
Šafka, Václav ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Magidová, Markéta (referee)
The subject of this thesis is a phenomenon of puppet animation movie. In its theoretical part begins with classical theatre puppet then leading to puppet animation movie itself. Through movies from different directors exemplifies a few possible ways how to create puppet animation movie. The practical part introduces evolving of author's own artistic work which includes original puppet and portfolio which can be used as an instruction for creating similar puppet. The didactical part tries to watch possible perspectives of using puppet animation movie in education.
Industrial landscape. The possibility of theme in art and in art education
Kuchynková, Monika ; Kornatovský, Jiří (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with industrial landscape in the visual arts in terms of educational, historical and theoretical viewpoints. In the theoretical part, the author deals with the interpretation of various terms that are related to this industrial issue. At the same time she outlines the development of the industrial landscape, exploration of relationships and attitudes, mostly among the younger generation, to these complexes, and deals with this issue from the aspect of art, such as suggestions or industrial materials. Very interesting and more recent phenomenon is the activity called Urbex, whose interpretation, the world and Czech leaders and its development is briefly explained. Concurrently, this activity is supplemented by visual arts, by the theme of industrial buildings, by industrial material, by memories, by feelings and relation to this landscape of the author of the thesis. In the didactic part, which is crucial to this diploma thesis, the author has developed five preparations for units of teaching in art lessons, where she focused both the use of industrial materials and this theme . Her aim was to acquaint students with these issues and possibilities of working with these materials. Four preparations, which were taught in elementary school in Vodickova, Prague 1, were fine...
Perception of the Object or Seeing the Thing?
Vávrová, Věra ; Benyovszky, Ladislav (advisor) ; Pětová, Marie (referee)
The thesis follows the development of the As-Structure as it is presented in Heidegger's Logic (GA 21) and shows that this abstract structure has been developed based on Brentano's Psychology 1 and Husserl's Logical Investigations. I describe how the As-Structure develops from the Brentano's distinction of physical and mental phenomena. The mental phenomena represent the basic sphere of our recognition, and the knowledge of the object as it is immanent to them. The object represents a stable counterpart to the course of experience (Objekt - Erlebnis relation). Therefore, only in the mental phenomena the object is being experienced just as it appears. This is the standpoint of Brentano, and it is adopted by Husserl who explicitly divides the structure of an intentional act into its constituents; the meant and the given. The object is accomplished when it is carried out by the intentional act. When the relation between the meant and the given is fully congruent, the given is given just as it is meant. Heidegger elaborates on this given as meant structure by transferring it outside the sphere of consciousness. He claims that the As-structure is the abstract constitutive element of the relation between the human (Dasein) and the thing; what is being encountered in the world is always given as something...
Transformations of roles and significations of object and material in a visual game
Hamplová, Kateřina ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
Hamplová, K.; Transformations of roles and significations of object and material in a visual game. [Diploma thesis] Prague 2014 - Charles University, Faculty of education, 99 pages In my thesis I examine the process of transformation of roles and significations of object and material in visual games. I focus on the game as the experiment with characteristics of objects. I explore using objects and materials as the instruments for opening fictional worlds. A brief outline of the theories of perception of objects and their significations and theories of games and fictional worlds illustrates the base of the theme. Various views on the alterations of significations in creative process are illustrated with a selection of works of contemporary artists. In the didactic part I examine the characteristic position of the make-believe games in the development of a child and possible applications of those characteristics in art education. I also describe the design and realization of my didactic project dealing with this issue there. The applied part of my thesis is a natural extension and application of the thoughts delineated in the theoretic part. Powered by TCPDF (
Are there any pohotographic representations? Roger Scruton and his critics
Bergmann, Dominik ; Kolman, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Petříček, Miroslav (referee)
This thesis focuses on the answering whether photographic representations exist or not. The answer is searched for in discussions of Roger Scruton and some of his critics. According to Scruton's argument presented in the essay entitled Photography and Representation a photograph cannot be a representation. Scruton claims that only such medium can become a representation that has a certain intentional relation to its subject, however a photograph is defined merely by its causal relation to such object. Scruton's critics believe that a photograph is a representation and criticize him for: i) underestimating the role a photographer's intentions play in a photograph; ii) disregarding a photograph's ability to provide a new way of seeing and thus becoming representational; iii) equivocating between the subject of a painting and the subject of a photograph. It is demonstrated that arguments of Scruton's critics are not able to show Scruton's concept of photography to be false. However, an alternative approach to representation provides a basis to demonstrate in what sense a photograph may be a representation. For that reason it is suggested to consider a photography as an essentially paradoxical medium merging into itself the intentional and causal. Keywords: photograph, representation, intentional...

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