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Analysis of the ICT needs of the South Bohemian University Orchestra
SVITIČ, Daniel
The main topic of this bachelor thesis is to apply the company process management and effectivization on rehearsals of the South Bohemian University Orchestra. With the usage of time frames, my thesis aims to analyse the effectivity of time management during the rehearsals and subsequently to increase it with suggested improvements. The same process is used in the companies when achieving resource optimization. In my thesis I will examine the effect of such analysis on the rehearsals or on teaching. As the words like effectivization or optimization are commonly used especially in the business area these days it may be assumed that these approaches are to be used not only in business area but also in teaching sphere, as my thesis aims to substantiate. Apart from the objectives stated above, my thesis also provides the possible design and selection of the technical equipment which may be used when sounding the orchestra. The thesis also includes a stageplan, i.e. the document consisting of technical requirements for the concert. The stage plan may be used as a basis for external organizers and sound engineers.
Analýza environmentální situace lyžařských sjezdových areálů ve vybraném chráněném území
Rejchrt, Pavel
This thesis titled The analysis of the environmental situation of the downhill ski centres in the chosen protected area is aimed at identification of downhill skiing centres in the Protected landscape area (PLA) Orlické hory and evaluation of environmental impacts of their operation. For this purpose, I firstly defined potential impacts of skiing centres on the environment and society. Afterwards, I characterized the region of Protected landscape area Orlické hory putting emphasis on natural conditions and touristic utilization of the territory. Subsequently, I described particular skiing centres and pointed out the high-risk environmental factors. The evaluation shows, that the strongest environmental impacts in the area are caused by production of artificial snow, sound system installation, or noise in general and lighting during night skiing. Further impacts are caused by additional activities in the centres. With the skiing centres is also connected development of tourism in the PLA Orlické hory, which has impacts on the environment as well.
The effect of therapeutical ultrasound and metalic nanoparticles on carcinoma cells
Kalužová, Adéla ; Rozman, Jiří (referee) ; Bernard, Vladan (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the research of an effect of ultrasound and nanoparticles on cancer cells. In the literature search there the applications of ultrasound field in the interaction with aplication of metallic nanoparticles to viability of cancer cells are described, on the basis of in vitro experiments‘ performance. The purpose of metallic nanoparticles‘ application should be a possible reinforcing of its antitumor effect thanks to the presence of ultrasound field. In next part of the literature search there are included the technical performance of devices, their indications and contraindications, parameters of ultrasound fields and application of metallic nanoparticles. The metallic nanoparticles have been becoming a part of the human’s life more and more, that is why it’s necessary to deal with these miniature particles at a higher level. The aim of this thesis is to suggest the ways of resolution based on the principle of sounding of cells with the ultrasound field of suitable parameters and in combination with the application of metallic nanoparticles with a successive performance of the cell viability tests. The viability was determinated by the MTT assay test. Another part of this work is the measurement of parameters of this zone by means of a submersible needle hydrophone, for a better understanding of the ultrasonic zone. In the final part of this work there is necessary the statistical evaluation of the measured data of the experiments carried out and the discussion of the results obtained.

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