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Řízení distribuce produktů v podmínkách vybrané pekárny
Žaludová, Monika
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of linear programming to find optimal paths for bread delivery of selected bakery. In order to find the optimal solution, Littles method and STORM and LINGO programs are used, which at the end of the thesis are compared with the original solution. By optimizing the routes, the bakery would save CZK 12,947 per year, which is approximately 6.5% of fuel costs in 2016.
Optimalizace řízení zásob ve strojírenské sériové výrobě
Weiterová, Monika
The diploma thesis applies to inventory management optimization in engineering serial-line production. The goal of diploma thesis is proposal key indicators for selection of suppliers in engineering industry. The methods of inventory control: ABC analysis, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Kanban are used in this diploma thesis. These methods are applied and evaluated to current suppliers and suggested for new suppliers
Optimalizace procesů v konkrétním výrobním podniku
Seidl, Štěpán
Seidl, Š. Process optimization in a particular manufacturing business. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. Bachelor thesis deals with optimization of selected processes in a particular man-ufacturing business with use of self-measured data and chosen methodical ap-proach. The aim of this work is to suggest the most effective solution leading to optimization of filling process and product weight measuring. The suggestion is made with respect to the business possibilities and management, which considers three possible investments. Control charts and capability indexes are used to ana-lyze current state of processes. Based on the discovered estimation of savings, the variant with best the estimated economic benefit is suggested to the business. Suggested variant is to buy automatic weighing system.
Návrh optimalizácie výrobného procesu vo vybranom podniku
Pašková, Barbora
This thesis deals with the optimization of the production process in a selected company. The aim is to suggest appropriate solutions to optimize production processes by using industrial engineering methods. The theoretical part is focused on Lean management, lean manufacturing and industrial engineering. The main part describes and evaluates the current state of the workplace. It contains miniaudits of the workplace, process analysis, images of the working day and Spaghetti diagrams, which are essential for development of proposals to improve the processes. These tools helped to identify and define the types of waste and their causes. Process optimization on the selected line of the company was conducted by workshop. This method is regarded as one of the fastest methods to solve problems which are not very time consuming and difficult.
Specifické problémy společností poskytujících logistické služby
Kučeříková, Alžběta
The diploma thesis deals with the identification of specific problems which are typical in the field of logistics service providers (focusing on the optimalization of the transport of piece shipments). For the definition of specific problems the studying in professional resources, both domestic and foreign, realization of both quantitative and qualitative research among logistic companies focusing on the transport of piece shipments was needed. On the basis of defined specific problems of the provision of shipping service, possible solutions are proposed for their re-moval or reduction. Some suggestions for solutions of the identified problematic areas of the industry are applied to specific companies.
Využití internetového marketingu ve vybraném podniku
Kamenický, Jiří
Kamenický, J. Utilization of internet marketing in selected company. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2016. This bachelor thesis aims to describe the use of Internet marketing in selected company. The main part of the thesis analyzes the current state and subsequently proposes a new concept of Internet marketing strategy. At the end, costs and benefits of the proposed strategy are estimated.
Optimalizace obchodní strategie maloobchodní prodejny
Evgenyeva, Ekaterina
This bachelor's thesis is focused on optimization of business strategy in retail store, especially on the business, personal and mar-keting level. The first part defines strategy, its levels, functions and specifics. The second part analyzes the current state of the store, examines the connections be-tween the variables by analyzing the time series, compiling a universal formula for the calculation of needed personnel and comparing the sales from the last two years. The final part summarizes all gained knowledge and represents a recom-mendation for the store to be more effective and more profitable
Návrh optimalizace daňového zatížení příjmů studentů České a Slovenské republiky
Tkáčová, Janka
The bachelor thesis deals with tax burden optimization of incomes Czech and Slovak students. In the theoretical part, the basic terminology of tax system and labour law is described. These terms are consequently used for calculation of tax burden optimization of students. Model examples of students incomes have been formed on the basis of a questionnaire, which is analysed at the beginning of the practical part of the thesis. The goal of the thesis is to propose the best possible option for optimization of tax burden for students.
Optimalizace procesu inventury a správy majetku obchodního podniku
Štursová, Klára
This diploma thesis deals with the optimization of processes in business enterprises. It proposes a generally applicable process for business units and their components, based on methods in the fields of facility management, logistics, process management and economic-mathematical methods, and defines the optimization limits in enterprises. The thesis describes the methodology according to which it is possible to proceed with the optimization of the asset management processes using modern information and communication technologies. This methodology is then applied to the selected company - Student Hostels and Canteens Administration of the Mendel University in Brno. The application of methodology to this unit has been evaluated in terms of economic benefits, which had positive result. The main benefit of this thesis is its general applicability to any type of business.
Optimalizace nákladů dopravy společnosti Tempex s.r.o.
Kučera, Ondřej
Kučera, O. Optimization of transport costs of company Tempex s.r.o. Bachelor the-sis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018. Bachelor thesis is solving problem of optimization of costs which come along with transportation. Knowledge of linear programming is being used in this thesis. To calculate optimized values programs STORM and Microsoft Excel are used. In the end of the thesis solutions are compared and evaluated.

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