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Reform of mental healthcare in Czech Republic
Šilhanová, Andrea ; Válková, Monika (advisor) ; Mlejnková, Kristýna (referee)
In the thesis I examine current legislative anchoring of healthcare and social care of mental health. In the second chapter of theoretical part I write about classification of mental illnesses. Third chapter, which is very important from my point of view, describe transformation of healthcare and social care in the foreign countries. Practical part contains pilot survey for the Ministry of Health. The purpose was to find out the satisfaction of the clients with social and health services, which are part of the treatment of mental health. Satisfaction was detected by questionnaires, which patients had available with their ambulant psychiatrist. Those questionnaires were created at round tables by experts, patients and service providers in a hospital. Social care and healthcare do not connect. Experts do not communicate with each other. Tragical finding was that ambulant psychiatrist has in average thirteen minutes for examination of a client. Definitely Czech Republic need Centre for Mental Healthcare for complex care of the patient.
Inflammation as a mechanism of neuropsychiatric disorders and role of physical activity.
Hlaváček, Vojtěch ; Stuchlík, Aleš (advisor) ; Vrajová, Monika (referee)
Psychiatric disorders are becoming an increasing problem and possess a socio-economic burden on societies worldwide. There has been an association between inflammation and psychiatric disorders for some time now, but the causal relationships and mechanisms are not fully understood yet. Better understanding of those mechanisms could help us in dividing patients into different mechanistic subtypes which could react differently to a treatment. That way we could prescribe the most effective treatment depending on the mechanism involved. Inflammation is sensitizing an individual to react in more pro-inflammatory fashion to a stressor leading to chronically inflamed states. This is something that we can observe in an array of mechanisms, which creates many positive inflammatory feedback loops. Those feedback loops are very hard to interrupt, because they reinforce each other, plus the immune system is overreacting to subsequent stressor creating a vicious cycle. This could potentially lead to development of neurodegenerative diseases. As it turns out, physical activity acts on several of those mechanisms involved in inflammatory feedback loops at the same time, making it an ideal prevention/treatment candidate. It plays a huge role in regulation of inflammation in anti-inflammatory manner and might be...
Morphological changes of erythrocytes in selected diseases
This bachelor's thesis deals with the morphology of ecrocytes and their anomalies related to selected diseases. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the description of individual ecrocyte morphological abnormalities and the description of selected diseases for which morphological transformations are typical. It also aims at the explanation of their importance for diagnosis and disease progress. The practical part comprises description of blood smears microscope evaluation procedure, evaluation of erytrocyte morphology and assessment of morphological transformations in regard to patients' diagnoses. More than 80 samples were evaluated, all of which were collected between 2nd May 2017 and 25th May 2017 at the Department of Hematology in Písek. Selected blood smears containing morphological anomalies. Samples were classified in nineteen categories according to the diagnoses. Afterwards, morphological transformations were evaluated in each category. Frequency of identified abnormalities was assessed and then also their possible impact on the disease was considered. Among three most frequently detected erytrocyte morphological transformations belong polychromasia in 45 samples, anisocytosis in 43 samples and ovalocytosis in 22 samples. The observed morphological transformations were in some cases typical for the basic diagnosis and treatment, in some cases the detected morphology was untypical for diagnosed disease and informed the physician of another possible health issue. Patients with untypical signs in blood smears were consequently subjected to additional tests, which revealed the etiopathogenesis of such transformations. The results thus demonstrate the importance of blood smear evaluation for making a precise diagnosis.
Beta hemolytic streptococci in the upper respiratory tract.
HOUDKOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis focuses on beta-hemolytic streptococci which are most commonly found in the upper respiratory tract. The aim is also to detect occurrence of this bacteria as well as diseases caused by this streptococci, especially beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A (Streptococcus progenies). The practical part includes description of material sampling, swabs from the throat in this case and further processing in microbiology laboratory.
Environmental health of people as a result of a power outage
Nowadays none of us can imagine world without electricity, we need it in everyday life. Perhaps that is why we can't imagine what could happen in case of power failure on larger area of Czech Republic. What else consequences it could cause, in particular on our health, or lives. Thesis focuses on finding, if large power failure impacts our lives or health. Immediate impact after beginning of blackout we already know, but we need to find out, what consequences could come after several days. The purpose of thesis is to find out environmental impact of power failure on health of population. I decided to research in section of drinking water and wastewater, from view of epidemiologist of regional hospital, doctor from KHS Český Krumlov and clerk of crisis department ORP Český Krumlov. To meet the goal of thesis, there was created analysis of research of several power outs, which happened in various states all over the world. Other part presents interviews with experts and evaluation of their answers, by which reached the goal of thesis. The research question, of an impact of large power failure on health and lives, we could answer, that the most serious impact it would have on people who had to be accommodated in spare accommodation facilities. They would be endangered by alimentary, infection and respiratory diseases. Concerning drinking water and wastewater, the large impact on human health wasn't detected.
Efekt ozdravovacího procesu IBR ve vybraném stádě českého strakatého skotu
The bachelor thesis on topic "Effect of eradication process (IBR) in selected herd of redspotted cattle (Jasanka s.r.o)" deals with diseases in heard of cattle. Literary overview of the thesis is divided into particular chapters, the first chapter deals with significance of cattle breeding, which introduces thesis issues. Chapter, which separately describes czech spotted cattle as concrete species, follows. Within the chapter of thesis author is focused on the characteristics of this race, its linear description, nutrition and economics of cattle breeding. Next comprehensive chapter deals with specific disease IBR, diagnosis, symptoms and eradication possibilities. Last chapter defines National IBR eradication programme in Czech republic. In second part of the thesis, which is called material and methodology, author devoted to IBR disease in practice. In selected herd of Jasanka s.r.o. company author monitored development of the disease, what are disease consequences and how successful was the eradication performed within National eradication programme.
Onemocnění pohybového aparátu koní a jeho vliv na výkonnost.
MAŠKOVÁ, Magdalena
Diseases of the locomotive apparatus of horses are among the diseases which, in terms of frequency, significantly affect the life of horses and ultimately affect the overall quality of the breeding. This bachelor thesis is processed as a literary overview of this issue. A part of the thesis is also an evaluation of the occurence of diseases in individual groups or categories of horses based on a questionnaire survey. A total of 29 respondents participated in a questionnaire survey. 52% of the respondents had their own experience with the diseases of locomotive apparatus of horses, 48% had experience with a someone elses horse. More than half of respondents preferred veterinary treatment. The survey showed that the diseases of locomotive apparatus are mostly found in Czech Warmblood (62%). Parkour was found as the most risky sports focus (64%). The greatest occurrence of limb problems was found in horses aged from 10 to 20 years (62%). Both arthrosis and subtrocholysis were marked by half of the respondents as diseases reducing the performance of the horse, but they did not mean its complete decommissioning.
Kvalita a zpracování mořských ryb a mořských plodů
Zajíčková, Martina
This bachelor thesis on the topic Quality and processing methods of sea fish and sea food, describes complex characteristics of fish meat and partially also certain types of major sea food species and their processing methods. The first part is contributed to sea fish production and consumption in the Czech Republic as well as worldwide. Following by the second part, which describes the quality of fish and fish meat with the focus on its chemical composition. Thanks to this structure has fish meat great nutrition values and therefore also positive impact on human body. Next chapter is focused on serious illnesses connected with fish consumption. This bachelor thesis describes the overall fish processing from the killings to the final products. The last chapter is dedicated to the major sea food species, their processing and significance to the food industry.

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