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The liability of the employee for the damage caused to the employer
Drahovzal, Jaroslav ; Bělina, Miroslav (advisor) ; Drápal, Ljubomír (referee)
The rigorosum thesis is focussed on the responsibility of an employee for damages caused to the employer. The work firstly describes the problem of the law responsibility in general and then responsibility for the damage. The main part of this work is shaped by the description of individual kinds of the responsibility of an employee for the loss and by the question of the extend of compensation. Attention is also paid to the prevention of the damage, labour law of the European Union and the options of the employee to insure against liability for any material damage caused to the employer.
Ethical aspects of work as a long-term human commitment
Tomicová, Vladislava ; Mašek, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Sousedík, Prokop (referee)
The Diploma Thesis "Ethical aspects of work as a long-term human commitment" deals with the question under what condition the work assigned as the external obligation can be understood as the personal responsibility. The Thesis deals with the dilemma between commitment and responsibility, the purpose of work as a commitment from the Christian and philosophical point of view. It describes and analyzes the variety of meaning and forms by which a person's work can be personaly commited, further defines the criteria for such binding, including Christian and philosophical bases. The Thesis connects the general socio- ethical argumentation with the reflection of the author's practical experience from the metallurgical industry in the Ostrava region. On concrete examples, it shows the current ethical issues associated with understanding the assigned work as a personally responsible commitment and proposes solutions to them in accordance with Christian principles. Keywords ethics, work, long-term commitment, responsibility, business ethics, Christian ethics
Liability for Damage Caused by Exercise of Public Authority Focusing on the Institute of Regress Damages
Vyskočilová, Martina ; Sládeček, Vladimír (referee)
Liability for Damage Caused by Exercise of Public Authority Focusing on the Institute of Regress Damages This thesis focuses on liability for damage caused by exercise of public authority with an emphasis on the institute of regress damages as stipulated by Act. No. 82/1998 Sb. The institute of regress is emphasized throughout my paper as the fundamental research questions are: How is the institute expressed by positive law? Is it being used or is it only an empty provision? And how exactly is it being used? What is the success rate? If it is not used, what are possible reasons? The text is divided into four parts with subparts of first and second level. First part analyzes the key terms such as liability, damage, public authority and its entities. There is a disctinction between the public authority entity, who is liable for the damage, and the actual bodies, who exercise the authority. I also included a brief subchapter related to damage caused by lawful exercise of public authority. Second part analyzes how liability for damage caused by public authority is enshrined in the Czech Republic. First I addressed constitutional and international aspects, followed by provisions of Act. No. 82/1998 Sb., which is the foundation stone of the regulation. Third part is dedicated to the institute of regress...
The Elements of Liability for Damage under Civil Law
Novák, David ; Dvořák, Jan (advisor) ; Doležal, Tomáš (referee) ; Frinta, Ondřej (referee)
1 Abstract The objective of this thesis is to analyse the liability in civil law, mainly from the prospective of individual preconditions that together result in such liability for inflicted harm. The text is divided into nine parts including introduction and conclusion. The first part comprises the analysis of the legal term of liability from the prospective of existing theoretical concepts, then the approach as set forth under Act no. 89/2012 Sb, Civil Code, as amended (hereinafter referred to as "Civil Code") and the author's own approach is presented at the end of this part. The next part discusses in details the preconditions of liability for harm and then the sets of preconditions that together result in such liability are analysed. The author calls these sets as liability systems, as they are actually a variant of the objective and subjective liability. A separate chapter is dedicated to the objective liability. A separate chapter is also dedicated to the division of types of liabilities such as for defects, harm, default, etc., as this is crucial for the discussed topic. Next parts focus on individual preconditions for liability for harm, namely on violating legal obligations and relevant damage, harm, causality and fault as on the precondition typical for subjective liability, i.e. liability for...
Guilt in prophetic and social crisis literature
Rollerová, Ivana ; Keřkovský, Pavel (advisor) ; Prudký, Martin (referee)
This thesis focuses on intricate and complex phenomenon of guilt. It does it by comparing two different approaches: approach of prophetic literature and social crisis literature. Both approaches are taught on Protestant Theological Faculty in Charles University of Prague but each of them is based on different presupposition. The first is theological, based on ancient thought of Israeli spiritual authorities, the second is modern, based on social work and it cooperates with psychology, sociology, anthropology but also theology and philosophy. Aim of this thesis is to enter the problematics and professional discussion about guilt through these two different approaches on the one hand and to compare and evaluate them on the other hand.
Legal regulation of liability insurance
Velich, Roman ; Elischer, David (referee)
Legal regulation of liability insurance Abstract This thesis aims to give a comprehensive and logically structured interpretation of the subject of the regulation of liability insurance in private law of the Czech legislation, placing special emphasis on its practical application in the context of the current judicial decision-making practice. Although being one of the most popular insurance products on the Czech insurance market, liability insurance is given relatively little attention in specialized literature with the exception of the specific area of motor vehicle liability insurance. Therefore, this thesis focuses in particular on the general regulation of liability insurance stipulated in Sec. 2861 - 2867 of the Czech Civil Code. In this thesis, liability insurance is considered to be primarily an obligation relationship, with the thesis structure adjusted accordingly: one by one, it discusses the establishment, subjects, object, subject-matter and finally the termination of the legal relation. The main part of the thesis looks at the subject-matter of the liability insurance legal relation with a detailed analysis of the basic rights and obligations of its parties. A separate part of the thesis specifically covers the entitlement of the insured to sue in terms of the procedural implementation: a...
Private-law aspects of compulsory vaccination
Řezáčová, Denisa ; Šustek, Petr (advisor) ; Salač, Josef (referee)
Private-law aspects of compulsory vaccination The subject of this thesis is the legal regulation of compulsory vaccination from the perspective of private law. Although it can seem that it is only public-law theme, the opposite is true. The compulsory vaccination which the persons undergo according to the law means some kind of intervention into human rights and fundamental freedoms. On the other hand this limitation has benefits for whole society, because it provides elimination of highly-contagious infectious diseases that can often cause death. Despite the fact that the primary objective of the vaccination is to protect the health of the individual and whole society, there may be situations when a person is harmed due to the vaccination. The question is who is responsible for this caused harm. And this responsibility for harm which is being connected with vaccination means private-law overrun of this institute. In the beginning of my thesis I focus on the creation of the vaccination process itself and I introduce the basic institutes, which are public health, collective imunity, permanent contraindication or possible unwanted effects. Then I focus on obligation to be vaccination, non compliance of it and possible sanctions, which can be imposed on person, who defaults the obligation. The main...
Methodology of identification of revisions and inspections of technical equipment for a manufacturing company based on the requirements of ISO 45001
Valenta, Jakub ; Jandová, Kristýna (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with the issue of inspections and revisions of technical equipment according to safe operation standards on the basis of OSH and FP requirements. In the introduction, these fields of work safety and fire protection are described, which will be used in later parts of the work. Subsequently, the term „technical equipment“ and subcategories of this issue are defined, with each of the subcategories being specifically approached. As a result, the thesis describes why it is necessary to regularly inspect the technical equipment, while the individual types of inspections are subsequently defined. This is accompanied by the distribution of the person’s rights to carry out individual inspections and the distribution of responsibility for the inspections carried out. The acquired knowledge is then used to create a model of the process of regulation of inspections and revisions and to create an overview of periodic inspections and revisions of technical equipment for a manufacturing company. This model and review of inspections are then considered the output of this bachelor’s thesis.
Taking care of sound documents from the perspective of Czech librarians
Šimková, Gabriela
The presentation describes the bad situation in the field of protecting sound media in the Czech Republic, the history of sound, defines the areas of questions to be solved and introduces activities that were launched under the Moravian Land Library, especially the project Virtual National.
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Conduction childern of younger school age to help with housework.
The aim of this bachelor work is to map out the access of families to educational concept, which engage children in housework. Also to compare educational concepts of families living in the countryside and in towns. Moreover, it seeks to establish who from the parents lead children to housework, which educational methods, are applied in families and if children are lead to self-reliance. The work consists of two parts. The first is the theoretical part, where a description of the family, function, types and attitudes is made. Parenting and educational styles, reservations to parenting, role of the mother and the father in the education of children as whel as the child and its educational attitudes, leading of children to self-reliance, responsibility, patience and to housework in the household are also described. An assumption is made, that the foundation of educating children is in families and their educational styles. Every family has its own style of education, therefore it is very important to get to know them. In many families there is a big influence on education from grandparents and I would like to find out, if those relationships are still functional today. The second part is empirical, in which an assessment ot the attitudes and opinions of children to housework is done. Attitudes to freetime activites of families living in countryside and cities are also compared. In addition whether children living in countryside help at home more than children living in cities at assessed. The selection of children was random, and to obtain information an anonymus guestionnaire was used.

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