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Behavior of the population in emergencies
Reiser, Jan ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: The principles of the behaviours of the population in emergencies Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to crate a coherent set of principles that should be followed by Czech citizens in selected extraordinary emergencies, such as natural and anomalous floods, chemical and nuclear accidents. Methods: The methods applied in writing this bachelor thesis are: searching and retrieval of available study sources, and subsequent compilation of said sources. Results: An overview of selected extraordinary events, such as natural and anomalous floods, chemical and nuclear accidents. The description of the principles of behaviour of the population, which are typical for each mentioned situation. Keywords: Principles, behavior, population, event, IZS
Preparedness of the selected area to participate in implementation of the tasks of civil protection during the release of hazardous chemicals.
ŠEVČÍK, Martin
This diploma thesis and its research deals with the preparedness of the population, pedagogues and representatives of municipal council, to participate in tasks of population protection during the leak of dangerous chemical substances. The work develops research from my Bachelor thesis from 2017, where was my task to verify preparedness of the integrated rescue system to deal with the leak of dangerous chemical substances. The aim of this diploma thesis was to find out, if is the selected area able to adequately respond to hazards arising from the leak of hazardous chemical substances. In order to assess preparedness, slightly different questionnaires were used, those questionnaires were answered by the residents of České Budějovice, teachers working at secondary schools in České Budějovice and representatives of the city and representatives of the South Bohemian Region. The results of the questionnaire survey are presented using descriptive statistics, interesting results are shown using graphs. A high degree of unpreparedness of respondents was found. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, some respondents may also behave dangerously in the events of leakage of hazardous chemicals. The contribution of this work should be increasing and improving awareness in this area. To this purpose, was created an information leaflet containing lot of important information, which was distributed to the population. The benefit which this work has already brought, is to alert representatives from city and region councils, as well as teaching staff, to improve their knowledge of hazardous substances. According to the feedback of several representatives, analyzes focusing the transport of dangerous substances can be expected in the near future. This work can be used as well as a source of information and can be used to compare it with other researches.
Investigation of the dependence of selected parameters of flood control measures in selected municipalities in the Ústí nad Labem region in Ohře and Elbe river basin.
This thesis discusses the relationship between the population endangered by floods and the funds allocated to flood control measures in the Ústí nad Labem Region in the drainage basin of the Ohře and Elbe rivers, the general characteristics of flood control issues in the Czech Republic and particularly in the Ústí nad Labem Region, as well as other parameters that impact flood issues. In order to achieve its objectives, this dissertation utilised data collection and general theoretical and data file processing methods. A significant step was the application of two-dimensional statistical analyses, specifically regressive and correlation analyses. Another selected method was SWOT analysis. Solving the described research problems was associated with the process of verifying the following hypotheses: Hypothesis H1: The statistical dependence between the number of endangered inhabitants and the amount of funds for flood protection is based on linear regression. This hypothesis was confirmed, and the benefit of the confirmation of the hypothesis is also the determination of the significant role of the number of endangered inhabitants in ascertaining the amount of funds for flood control measures. Hypothesis H2: The statistical dependence between the number of the endangered inhabitants and the amount of funds for flood control measures is based on a strong positive correlation. This hypothesis was partially confirmed. A positive correlation was proved, though only a weak one rather than the expected strong correlation. This result indicates the necessity of not ignoring the examination of all parameters that affect approaches to the protection of the population in the municipalities. The verification of hypotheses H1 and H2 and the performance of a SWOT analysis made it possible to make other partial conclusions as well. Although the dissertation discussed floods at the Q100 limit, floods that correspond to level Q10 were proved to occur most frequently in the Ústí nad Labem Region. It is also for this reason that many flood control measures in the municipalities in this region are based on this finding. The flood control measures implemented at levels Q20-Q100 seem to be adequate.
Terrorism in the 21st Century - Active Shooter
Váňa, Ladislav ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: Terrorism at 21. century-active shooter Objectives: The aim of this work is to analyze terrorism in the 21st century, to describe this phenomenon focusing on active shooter and to find measures taken against shooters at Czech elementary schools. Methods: The theoretical part of the diploma thesis was prepared with the help of a descriptive analytical method, searches of available Czech literature, foreign sources and valid legislative sources. In the practical part, a questionnaire was conducted on the theme of active shooter. The results were statistically processed and then interpreted. Results: Describing terrorism in the 21st century with a focus on active shooters. Keywords: terrorism, protection, population, schools, shooter
Regional differentiation in the population development of Ústecký Region: historic-geographic analysis
This master´s thesis is focused on analysis of regional differentiation of population development in Ústecký Region. The analysis is divided into three stages of human society evolution, such as pre-industrial, industrial and post-industrial. Beside these stages, the thesis also deals with a historical context of given period and at the same time, deals with comparison of this phenomena with the rest of the Czech. The population in Ústecký Region was influenced by factors, as natural and socioeconomic determinants. The thesis emphasises phenomena connected to railways, hierarchical arrangements of residences and their administrative functions. Intensity of these three facts had been examined on a sample of 119 villages. After the analysis, the evaluation of dynamics of the population development follows; this time it is viewed from the perspective of microregions. The synthetic part follows the analysis and deals with categorization of those microregions, it generalises population´s trends and it predicates its development. The final part then confirms hypothesis given in the beginning of the thesis.
Analysis of employment in rural area - case study of the Ševětín village
The Master thesis analyses rural areas in terms of employment, discusses the structure of businesses and assesses overall situation of the population. For data collection, documents, statistics, interviews with selected important personality and questionnaires for public were used. Českobudějovický district, especially the village Ševětín, became the model area.
Porodnost a plodnost obyvatelstva Českej republiky , vývoj a prostorová diferencovanost
SAMEK, Jakub
The bachelor thesis deals with the natality and fertility of the population in the Czech Republic. The primary goal of this work is to explain important definitions and concepts relating to reproduction, further to gather statistical data on development of natality and fertility necessary for elaborating the main part of the work. The main goal of the work is to analyse and evaluate the population´s reproduction rate not only in terms of time, but also from the spatial point of view, on the district and regional levels, and partly on the level of administrative districts. Based on the analyses, a typology of regions according to natality and fertility characteristics is made. The chosen indicators used for the analyses are crude birth rate, total fertility rate, non-marital birth and mean age at child birth. The gained results are presented in the form of cartographic out comes, a graph and tables.
Vývoj a prostorová diferencovanost přirozeného pohybu obyvatelstva světa
PLACHÝ, Bohumír
This thesis deals with the natural movement of the population of the world. Its aim is to analyze and evaluate the natural growth of the population, both in terms of time and in terms of space, at the level of large regions of the world, continents and countries. From the data obtained the aim is to create a typology of countries around the world based on differences in the processes of natural movement of their inhabitants. Selected indicators used to evaluate are the crude birth rate, death rate and natural increase of the population. The results are presented in graphical form, cartographic and tabular outputs.
Ageing population of the Europe
The thesis deals with a demography of an ageing population in Europe. Currently, the process of the ageing population affects all developed countries in the world, especially then countries in Europe. The population ageing occurs as a result of changes in the demographic reproduction, which is related to the process of the second demographic transition. The proportions of the children population and eldery population varies due to the mentioned second demographic transition. The main objective of this thesis is to present how the population in Europe ages. The first part focuses on the concepts and processes associated with the population ageing, the second part discusses the assessment methods and techniques, and the third part evaluates the age structure of the population in Europe. The last part uses Ball's methods for assessing the ageing population to present a typology of European countries.

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