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Amelioration of orchid germination in restored grasslands
Amelioration of orchid seed sown with fungal inoculum was tested in in situ experiment in White Carpathian Mountains. The thesis evaluated reintroduction potential of four meadow orchids (Orchis mascula, Anacamptis pyramidalis, Platanthera bifolia and Gymnadenia conopsea) to restored grasslands.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Soušková, Anna ; Schmeidler,, PhDr Karel (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
The subject of thesis is an urban revitalization solutions in the territory of Zlín Film Studios, its restoration for film production and other uses. Our vision is to be achieved in this area in the form of interconnected sub-objectives of a compact and fully functional, exceptional unit with the accumulation of education, specific entrepreneurship in the audiovisual industry, a number of civic services, temporary and permanent housing and even facilities for relaxation and sports. The intention reflects the unique history to the maximum possible extent, respects the environment and the existing urban-architectural solutions and creates a new multifunctional public space.
Study of rehabilitation of the selected part of the sewer network
Novák, Tomáš ; Malaník,, Stanislav (referee) ; Raclavský, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is a rehabilitation study of the sewer network on Vídeňská street in the city of Brno. The first part of the thesis includes an accompanying review including basic data about the sewage gutter, including the characteristics of the affected area with a detailed description of the geological and hydrogeological rates. This is followed by a technical review, which consists of hydrotechnical calculations and overal summary of the construction-technical condition. The subject of the following part is a proposal and description of several varying solutions for the rehabilitation, including, particularly, trenchless technologies. Further on, all of the proposed variants are evaluated based on technical, economical and environmental impact. Finally, all the observations are summarized and a final recommendation for the way of solving the rehabilitation is carried out.
Restoration of the Czechoslovak woodcraft movement after 1989
Faů, Roman ; Krátká, Lenka (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
This master thesis maps out events and processes which are connected with the resurgence of the Woodcraft league of Czechoslovakia after the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia in 1989. It deals with woodcraft community and affiliated groups that intensified their activities during the last years of the period of normalization in Czechoslovakia. After the Velvet revolution, these groups and individuals represented basis for the resurgence of the Woodcraft league. Furthermore, this paper describes concrete steps connected with this resurgence, introduces prominent actors of this process and tries to explain their major steps. It does not omit controversial events, neither ideological cleavages linked to the resurgence of the organisation, which was gagged more than 40 years. Finally, this final thesis puts the focus on the evolution of the organisation during its first modern period when it has succeeded in establishing itself within the Czechoslovakian society marked by a newly gathered freedom, an uncritical euphoria and by the subsequent return to reality. The information for this study was collected using the method of oral history, more specifically through interviews with prominent actors of these events. Collected findings were subsequently compared with information from other written sources...
The Restoration of the Railway of Ústí nad Orlicí
Tomoryová, Bianka ; Sznapková, Radka (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the restoration and new use of the old railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí. The thesis is based on an architectural study created within the subject AG34 in the 3rd year in the winter semester. The bachelor thesis expands the architectural study to Building Permit Documentation and Documentation for Execution of the Project. The railway station is located on the outskirts of the city of Ústí nad Orlicí between the railroad tracks. Surrounded terrain is sloping. The building is bordered by a steep hill from the north and the Tichá Orlica river from the south. The building was built in 1874 and has been declared as a cultural monument in 2010. The main requirement of the investor was to design rentable spaces for the public to support the site recovery. Multifunctional design should attract residents and tourists of all interest and age categories. On the ground floor there is a bicycle rental, an information center, a health food store with home-made products and a café. In the building can also be found a workshop, temporary accommodation, rentable office space and public services such as a hairdresser and a beauty salon. The main idea was to revive the building not only in the interior but also from the exterior. A relaxing and recreational park with a seating area was designed nearby. The walkway in the park is made of prefabricated concrete slabs. The long paving elements have a narrowed end which create a slight transition between the pavement and the greenery. Neither the facade of the building remained without modifications. The appearance of the building was changed by adding a timber framing and by a new glazed facade wall design. The glazed facade wall will allow to use the newly designed winter garden with seating in the winter. The design of timber framing will be done according to the original historical plans and photographs from the time of the construction of the building.
The Rekonstruktion of Vyškov Rectory
Sigid, Pavel ; Sznapková, Radka (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
Bachelor’s thesis is based on architectural study made in winter semester of the third year of bachelor study program on the topic “Renewal of Vyškov rectory”. The point of this architectural study was to discover suitable urbanistic, mass, functional and aesthetic solution for the existing rectory building and the site nearby. Northwest from rectory is designed a new building – coffe-bar and northeast a new building of spiritual centre for create unity with place. Existing rectory building is completely renovated. Mainly serves accommodation for dean and chaplain of the parish, guests, administrative work, meetings with and of the believers, renting commercial spaces, daily living for handicapped people. New building of the coffe-bar is summer running and serves a background for staff. New building of spiritual centre serves as a sacred garden, chapel and healer workplace. All of the buildings are surrounded by renewed public space and park, for better connection with Vyškov town centre. The work is divided into documents, constructional study, constructional part of the project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
The Restoration of the Country Court of Zlín
Zhakupbekova, Rakhil ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Brzoň, Roman (advisor)
The base of bachelor thesis is the architectural study which was done in summer semester of the third year of the bachelor´s studies. The topic of this study wasthe restoration of the former zlín country court. The complex is multifunctional, individual services include a cafeteria, a library and bookshop, art gallery and exhibition space. Reconstruction does not alter the historic character of the chateau, therefore i want to use here just mild colours and simple materials like brick, glass and metal. From the new constructions is the most striking additions from the southern side.
Renovation of the railway station in Ústí nad Orlicí
Malečková, Kateřina ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The Bachelor’s Thesis is based on the architectural study which was done in the winter semester of the third year of my bachelor’s studies. Theme of Bachelor´s Thesis is Renewal of the train station Ústí nad Orlicí. The goal was to create a new way how to use this building, which is on a list of immovable cultural monument since 27. 8. 2010. The functional role was replaced by new building. Because of distant location of the building from centre of Ústí nad Orlicí, there was a goal to create new function which is not in the vicinity of city and it should be attractive for people. The Bachelor’s Thesis respect a value of this building and new suitable function. The solution is a family centre with spaces for workout of mother with kids or for these two groups separately, also playroom and reading room for children and workshop area. Another function is a café in thematic style with an adjoining multi-purpose hall, occasional accommodation and administrative purpose. It is also profitable for owner of this building. The owner is Oustecké nádraží s.r.o. - a company formed predominantly by the inhabitants of the town Ústí nad Orlicí, who have deserved to prevent the planned demolition of the building. The architectural study also suggests the modification of the area on the west side of the building, which will make the surrounding area more attractive.
Data Backup and Data Storages
Oral, Michal ; Votoček, Jindřich (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of bachelor thesis is analysis company data backup system and design technologically and financially effective solution for selected company. In this solution, except new technologies, are used procedures to keep compatibility with existing solution of backup system.
Postindustrial city Urban development study of Brno - east of the city
Bartoňková, Barbara ; Todorov, Petr (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
The design of a residential complex in the post-industrial city Zábrdovice has a major role in the return of housing to the city and its immediate vicinity. The historically poor neighborhood with the background of the industrial panorama has great potential for future development. This thesis deals with the rehabilitation of this structure, will bring a fundamental restoration, improvement of the quality of housing and a safe environment. Also proof that even in this locality it is possible to create a fully-fledged place for its inhabitants.

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