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Kuric, Alexander ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
This diploma project focuses on the conversion of a foundry located in the former ČKD machine works in Vysočany. The proposal prioritizes conservation of key industrial heritage values and the presentation of those values to the public. The building is inserted into a proposed new urban structure which is integrated into the wider context of the currently regenerated brownfield.
Franciscan Monastery and Roman Square in Brno
Bulej, Marek ; Tabarka, Miloslav (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the new use of the former Franciscan monastery and the modification of the so-called Roman Square in Brno. This district was once Jewish quarter and still has a unique genius loci. The main new function of the monastery is a new branch of the diocesan museum. The Roman Square is a set of diverse places no longer found in the center of Brno. Interventions in its structure are kept to a minimum, in particular the addition of buildings at the gaps. A valuable passage element in the northeastern sector remains accessible through the arcade on the ground floor of the block of flats no. 2. In addition, a new passage will be created in the northwest sector with a covered market. Thanks to these interventions, the whole space of the square will be revived and made more attractive with regard to monument restoration.
Revitalization of the Veľké Leváre Chateau
Bačiková, Lenka ; Vojtová, Lea (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The aim of this work was to create a study of revitalization and restoration of the manor house and park in Veľké Leváre. During the creation of the design it was necessary to re-evaluate the cultural-historical values of the manor house, the construc- tional-technical condition, the requirements of the potential investor and the demand for functions in the village’s proximity. I have realized that placement of a mono-function in a mansion is almost impossible, considering its extensive ground plan. The manor house, thus, creates a complex of functions that overlap each other. The result of the entire design is a com- prehensive solution of the full use of the manor house with the park. Hence, the park will have a relaxing and recreational function. In the proposal, I have also offered a possible plan of stages of project’s works. The manor house and the adjacent park can, thus, fulfill the full function in the society again.
Thonet vila Korycany
Večeřová, Pavla ; Hrabec, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kalousek, Lubor (advisor)
This Bachelor’s thesis is based on an architectural study made in winter semester of the third year of bachelor study program on the topic of “Thonetova vila v Koryčanech”. The task of this study was to find out new and suitable working and spatial solution of current building of the factory owner Thonet’s family house. The building should be used for holding public events, e.g. weddings, exhibitions or public screening. Small ceremony room, wine room, exposition of Thonet and his factory for bentwood furniture are parts of the building. Two housing units for temporary living are also designed in the attic. Another part of the compound is house of culture, which is not part of this project. There is an original park in the surroundings of the family house. The project considers some park changes on the town’s land. The compound should be more open to public, show its visitors parts of the factory owner Thonet’s work and other natives of Koryčany. It should be more used by the citizens for relaxing or education together with park too. The work is divided into documents, constructional study, constructional part of the project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
The Rekonstruktion of Vyškov Rectory
Vaňurová, Tereza ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The basis of the thesis is the architectural study, prepared in the winter semester of the third year of bachelor study on the topic of rectory renewal in Vyškov. The task of the study was to find suitable urban, mass and functional solution of the existing building and adjacent land. The former rectory will be completely renovated and will mainly serve the original purpose for accommodation of dean and chaplain of the parish, meetings with believers, religious education, then there will be located a chapel, a workroom, studios and rooms for commercial rent. On neighboring land will be designed new city park with design stage. The new building will serve as a platform for the expression of art, which enrich the cultural life in Vyskov. Together with the park which serves as a multifunctional public space for relaxing. The work is divided into design studies, project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
Reconstruction of the Pohorelec at the JAMU Stage Design Studio
Mácová, Veronika ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis was to produce project documentation for building permission and part of the detail building documentation. The project was based on an architectural study made during the course AG34 Architectural Design Studio. The topic of the study was reconstruction and finding a new function for a building in the Brno city centre, Pohořelec street. The object is located in the historical centre of Brno close to Malinovské náměstí. Despite it is not a protected monument, but it is part of the Urban Conservation Area Brno. Particular emphasis was placed on preserving its original appearance and historical elements. The building dates from the post-war period and is built in a functionalist style. The building was redesigned for the purpose of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. It will become the headquarters of the Rectorate and Stage Design Studio. In the ground floor, there is a café with a small refreshment. The essence of the whole design is to preserve the original appearance while adapting the new function and maximizing the space. Therefore, the interventions in the building envelope are minimal and a main part of the changes are in the interior of the building.
Reconstruction of the Pohorelec at the JAMU Stage Design Studio
Čech, Daniel ; Špiller, Martin (referee) ; Guzdek, Adam (advisor) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The aim of the Bachelor thesis was to renew and rebuild the building of the former Supreme state prosecutor to the place for The Stage design of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno and The Rectorate od Janáček Academy. The building is located on the corner of the busy streets Jánská, Kobližná and Pohořelec where it forms a rather drab end point of these streets. The object was built in the post World war II period and carries features of late functionalism. The building has been abandoned since 90s. The ground floor was used for commerce, the underground floor for technical equipment of the building and other upper floors were purely administrative. The building has one underground floor and seven above-ground floors. In the ground floor were designed a public café and exhibition spaces. On the second to the fourth floor there are administrative places for the Janáček Academy Rectorate. On the fifth to the seventh floor the are spaces for students of the Stage design. In the new eight floor there is a background for the Light design. The main focus of the work was to restore life and create a functional and aestetically friendly environment. This was achieved by changing the internal layout where some dividing structures were removed, including the vertical connections of the floors and finally the use of glass partitions.The layout is now more open, lighter and airy. A main element of the reconstruction is the extension of the next floor, which has increased the space for students and employees and confirmed the unclear verticality of the building. The entire extension has more dominant look, but with natural respect to the surrounding buildings. The superstructure fasade consists of pre-installed electroluminescent panels with a holographic foil. This foil produces rainbow effects on the facade and reflects light, relieving the mass. At night, thanks to electroluminescent wires, the extension shines and highlights the happenings inside th
Analysis of Thermoplastic Pipes in a Soil Environment
Ekr, Jan ; Kuklík,, Pavel (referee) ; prof. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA (referee) ; Gratza, Roman (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deals with an analysis of thermoplastics pipes in a soil environment, in particularly, pipes performed by using trenchless technologies. In the doctoral thesis, experiments of polyethylene pipes loaded by external hydrostatic pressure were performed. The aim of the experiments was to determine a behaviour and load-bearing capacity of the polyethylene pipes loaded by external hydrostatic pressure. For the experiments, a steel pressure chamber was designed and produced which allowed loading and observing a pipe during its loss of the stability. Mechanical properties of the pipe material were determined based on the tensile and bending tests. The series of detailed numerical analyses of the pipe experiments were performed. Various material models which take into account elastic, plastic and viscous behaviour of thermoplastic materials were used. In addition, series of standardized calculations of polyethylene pipes installed using trenchless technologies were performed. The aim was to create new design diagrams for practical assessment of these pipes placed in the partially deteriorated old pipes. In the case of the deteriorated old pipe, a numerical model for determination of design coefficients was created. These design coefficients were verified with standard values. Then, the results of the numerical model were compared with the results of the more complex numerical model which better take into account pipe-soil interaction of various soil types.
Vítek, Filip ; Veselý, Josef (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the proposal of the castle brewery restoration in Uhersky Ostroh, Czech republic. The project aims at an evalutation of the future sustainable possibilites, approaching the topic with humility and dignity.
Kovaříková, Petra ; Weiss, Jan (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The WOOX company is focused on the production of sport goods - mainly clothes. It began to grow and filled up the capacity of its first factory. For the new one, it has chosen the brownfield of the former Jeseník’s textile factory. It is located five minutes from the city center. I approached the owner of this company and because he was just working on the reconstruction, we agreed on cooperation. My intention is to provide the conceptual idea and possible solutions. It should be used as a source of inspiration. Based on my analysis of the plot and the surroundings, my thesis creates a production hall, a design office, dwellings and a multifunctional hall with a bistro. The work is based on SMART principles. It is trying to interconnect the interests of Jeseník’s residents and the company WOOX.

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