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The specifics of drawing the allowance for care in the nursing home
KOCHOVÁ, Karolína
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of care allowance for nursing service users living in a nursing home. The thesis has two main parts. The theoretical basis describe the nursing service, social work with the nursing service users, the basic activities that this service provides and focuses on the costs of these services, namely the care allowance. Research part called "Utilization of care allowance in the care service of the town of Větřní" includes the aim of the work and research questions. The aim is to find out how users of nursing care of nursing home in Větřní who receive care allowance use the offered services and how much they pay on average per month. The partial goal is to find out who else provides additional care to these particular users.
Care for the Seniors at Home Environment and in Nursing Home
The bachelor thesis is focused on care of the elderly in the home environment and in the nursing home. The work consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is devoted to the definition of the senior, aging and old age, and the division of the old age and seniors'needs. Hereinafter, the state policy of the Czech Republic and the legislativ in force is described, and the next is a description of the financial area of the state policy and the social services in relation to the seniors. The practical part is focused on a research of the care in the home environment and the care in the nursing home. The research has been set to the method of case studies that copares aspects of the home care and the care in the nursing home. The study was carried out in the nursing house of Ledax o.p.s. Jindřichův Hradec.
Quality of domiciliary services from a user's perspective
Slaná, Petra ; Štegmannová, Ingrid (advisor) ; Wichsová, Jana (referee)
Petra Slaná ABSTRACT The thesis "Quality of domiciliary services from a user's perspective" deals with issues of quality of care services. Its aim was to find out what users expect from a quality service. Based on qualitative research and knowledge gained from practice was also to create a methodology for user satisfaction domiciliary services. The thesis consists of two parts, theoretical and empirical. The theoretical part contains the definition of old age, approaching the issue of aging, self-sufficiency and human needs in old age. It provides demographic and statistic data about the aging population. It focuses on social services in general, their definition, types and forms. It outlines the form of social services for seniors in the Czech Republic and in selected countries of European Union. It describes systems of quality used in the commercial sphere and in the service area. The theoretical part concludes with an overview of the factors which determine user satisfaction. The aim of the empirical part was to identify areas that may be an important quality of service criteria. Thanks to these users can evaluate the quality of services. To achieve this aim, was chosen qualitative research method. The empirical part of this thesis is therefore devoted to qualitative methodology of the research,...
ResPublica/Civitas Socialis - Strachotín
Malík, Lukáš ; Zadražilová, Miroslava (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The house is located in a quiet part of Strachotín. The plot itself is now used as agricultural land. The bio corridor belt creates a natural dominance around the area and ensures safe drainage of water during torrential rains. The concept is based on a wide range of services and care. The home for seniors will become part of the life of all seniors in the village and nearby. Supporting home-based autonomy allows seniors to live in their own home and only use the services that are available. Visits and social activities are a matter of course. Accommodation in the house itself will preferably be provided to seniors who require constant care. The operating standard of the home is designed to a very good standard. The home offers a barrier-free environment, single or double rooms. Meeting rooms are an important part of the house, along with a garden and bathing biotope. Separate living from operation guarantees a high level of privacy and allows direct contact with the garden.
Business Plan for Starting a Home Care Agency
Buďová, Radka ; Rašticová, Martina (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This thesis deals with essential steps that are necessary to start-up home care agency. The goal is to determine whether it is nowadays a lucrative business to provide health and social care in this way. In terms of specificity of health care, the thesis includes both a detailed analysis of current state of the health care market and the theoretical knowledge of legislative and legal regulations associated with the establishment of home care agency.
Day care users' human rights protection
This thesis shortly refers to the history of social service in the Czech Republic. It determines the basic terms, which were used: nursing service, standards of quality, human rights defence. The theortical part of this work also concerns the law on social care, its meaning and basis for defending the human rights of social care users. The practical part of this work summarizes the outputs of several dialogs and analyzes the data from this research. Within this research it was verified whether the users of social care are satisfied with the level of human rights protection and if they really percieve it as the most important right protected by theCharter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms: the right to human dignity. Another part of the research deals with the questin whether the users and public know about the responsibility of the provider to have the human rights protection anchored in its documents and whether the users and their families want to actively participate in the creation of the corresponding rules. An integral part of this work is a draft standard for the nursing care that could help defend human rights anchored in theCharter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.
A comparison of day care funding in an administrative district of municipality with extended competence of České Budějovice.
The thesis compares funding of domiciliary services in the administration district of České Budějovice, the municipality with the extended scope of performance. In the theoretical part I focus on the history of the development of domiciliary social services provided on site and I define the social service at first. Then, I identify the different specifics of social services and their characteristics. Attention is also devoted to funding of social services in the Czech Republic and European countries. I also show the differences in management in the non-profit sector. The most important section of the thesis analyzes domiciliary service and gives its definition. Further, the thesis contains practical part, which compares the collected data on the domiciliary services. It specifies services provided within the domiciliary services, funds granted for the service, number of clients, basic information on providers and their pricelists. The data were collected as of the last quarter of 2011. The target of the thesis was to compare the income and expenditures of the domiciliary services provided in the administration district of České Budějovice, the municipality with the extended scope of performance. For the applied methodology I selected qualitative research and the secondary analysis of data as the applied method. The conducted research analysed four types of services provided in the administration district. The original hypothesis of the thesis that the assessed providers have identical average cost per 1 user proved to be invalid.

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