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Simulation of noise in the Belle II strip vertex detector
Gruberová, Zuzana ; Kvasnička, Peter (advisor) ; Červenkov, Daniel (referee)
Title: Simulation of noise in the Belle II strip vertex detector Author: Zuzana Gruberová Institute: Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Supervisor: RNDr. Peter Kvasnička, Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Abstract: This bachelor thesis describes the development of strip noise simulation for the Belle II strip vertex detector (SVD). The overview part of the thesis describes the Belle II experiment and its detector system. The next part summarizes the basic princi- ples of semiconductor detectors with a focus on electronic noise. This section is followed by a more detailed description of Belle II SVD, its noise characteristics and simulation methods. The methods part introduces basic concepts of noise simulation using ma- chine learning methods, in particular, artificial neural networks. The experimental part describes the development and implementation of a production noise generator, and dis- cusses the performance, precision, and alternative solutions. Keywords: particle physics, Belle II, strip detector, noise, simulation, neural network 1
Analýza prostředí v chovu dojnic na vybrané farmě
The theoretical part of the diploma thesis focuses on sources of noise in stables for dairy farming. This issue also relates to welfare of cattle and the last subject to be dealt with can be called working environment in livestock production in terms of noise load. The practical part is focused on the description of technological equipment of the stables with a plan of the measured objects. The measurement of noise levels during technological operations with cattle was carried out at selected dairy cows at the workplaces of the Agricultural Cooperative of Velká Losenice. Then the work deals with measurement of the operator's noise load during the partial operations necessary to ensure the process of dairy cows breeding. At the end of the diploma thesis the processing of individual measurement results in individual operations in measured objects is presented and evaluation of the noise load.
Rozbor negativních externalit silniční dopravy
The first part of this thesis, the recherche form, focuses on vocabulary connected with traffic. The work explaines how are divided negative externalities traffic.The next part briefly describes single externalities. The second part of the thesis deals with made measurement of surface noise and concentration of flying dust PM10 in five chosen locations. It contains methodical process of my own measurement. This part presents detected values of the measurement as well as the other essential conditions as for instance the character of the traffic line, the type and number of traffic facilities, the environment and the weather. Here are also examine their effects on human health. The next discourse appraises the measured values of followed externalities which influence human society. The measured values are in connection and comparison to expected results which are mentioned in the studied literature. The last part of the thesis sums up the negative externalities and the opportunities how to reduce or to remove it´s impact on human society and the environment.
Hlučnost výrobních strojů ve vybraném podniku
The diploma thesis deals with noise measurement. The theoretical part contains the knowledge gained by studying literature. I have described acoustics, sound and noise, noise and health and legislative contexts as well as noise reduction methods. The practical part contains information about the company and individual machinery, the results of measurements and their evaluation according to valid legislation. I have suggested appropriate measures to reduce the noise burden on operators.
Regularization methods for discrete inverse problems in single particle analysis
Havelková, Eva ; Hnětynková, Iveta (advisor) ; Plešinger, Martin (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to investigate applicability of regulariza- tion by Krylov subspace methods to discrete inverse problems arising in single particle analysis (SPA). We start with a smooth model formulation and describe its discretization, yielding an ill-posed inverse problem Ax ≈ b, where A is a lin- ear operator and b represents the measured noisy data. We provide theoretical background and overview of selected methods for the solution of general linear inverse problems. Then we focus on specific properties of inverse problems from SPA, and provide experimental analysis based on synthetically generated SPA datasets (experiments are performed in the Matlab enviroment). Turning to the solution of our inverse problem, we investigate in particular an approach based on iterative Hybrid LSQR with inner Tikhonov regularization. A reliable stopping criterion for the iterative part as well as parameter-choice method for the inner regularization are discussed. Providing a complete implementation of the proposed solver (in Matlab and in C++), its performance is evaluated on various SPA model datasets, considering high levels of noise and realistic distri- bution of orientations of scanning angles. Comparison to other regularization methods, including the ART method traditionally used in SPA,...
Preparation of a prefabricated hall with administration
Schrámek, Martin ; Kučera, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is a preparation of a prefabricated hall with administration in Prace. The production hall will be used to produce glass fiber reinforced concrete. Next part and extension is an administrative part. The text part of the thesis contains a technical report on the building technological project, time and financial plan of the building - object, coordinating situation of the building with broader relations of the transport routes, study of the realization of the main technological stages of the building object, item budget of the main building object, time schedule of the main building, sets of the main technological stages, detection protocols for individual months, limits, balance of resources and personnel, plan of selected material sources, technical report of construction site equipment, technological regulation of precast reinforced concrete frame, technological regulation of precast concrete frame coverings Kingspan panels, Control and test plan of precast concrete frame, covering of precast concrete frame panels Kingspan and ceiling panels of the Spiroll administration, alternative suggestion of the exchange ceiling construction administration and comparison, noise study and thermal technology.
Air quality in buildings
Kops, Tomáš ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out by measuring the production of carbon dioxide that man produces in various types of physical activity. Using the model, the goal is to simulate real carbon dioxide production for a type object and to design a way of automatic regulation, air supply and drainage to obtain better indoor environment (represented by carbon dioxide).
House with care service - Construction-technological project
Lysáková, Vanda ; Selník, Petr (referee) ; Vlčková, Jitka (advisor)
The final thesis deals with the realization of house with care servise. It contains engineering report, site equioment with drawings. It includes a time schedule and budget. It also processes the technological note of scaffolding and monolithic ceiling constructions. It includes a control and test plann for scaffolding and monolithic ceiling construction, a noise study and crane assessment.
Real-Time Volumetric Terrain Rendering
Koblížek, Aleš ; Kobrtek, Jozef (referee) ; Matýšek, Michal (advisor)
Tato práce popisuje způsob implementace volumetrického terénu s důrazem na modifikovatelnost v reálném čase. Použitá datová struktura je bitové pole - materiál terénu není potřeba ukládat, takže pro uložení každého vzorku stačí jeden bit. Textura je odvozována na základě sklonu terénu. Vizualizace se provádí převodem na povrchovou reprezentaci pomocí algoritmu pochodující kostky a následným zobrazením polygonové sítě pomocí vykreslovacího řetězce. Terén i textura jsou generovány procedurálně. Pro rozrušení poměrně pravidelného povrchu je použit displacement mapping a teselace. Jemnější detaily jsou získány pomocí bump mappingu. Pro dynamické stíny je použit shadow mapping.
Restoration of X-Ray Images with Geometric Blur
Sokol, Juraj ; Španěl, Michal (referee) ; Hradiš, Michal (advisor)
This thesis aims to compare various image restoration methods on x-ray images. These methods use point spread function to remove blur introduced in images. These methods are experimentally compared.

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