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Social Value and Social Return on Investment
Williams, Stacy ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Kasal, Alexandr (referee)
Social value incorporates economic, environmental, and social impact in public policy decision- making. Social Return on Investment (SROI) has emerged as a popular way to measure social value. SROI is a tool for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to measure their impact and express it in a common economic unit. This study employed a systematic review approach to assess the quality of SROI reports in the advocacy and human rights sector. The goal of this study was to determine whether SROI can measure the broader social effects of a program. Findings indicate that SROI has been used primarily by health and social services and significantly less often by advocacy and human rights groups. As such, the methodology has not yet been robustly applied to study very broad social effects associated with advocacy and human rights interventions. The social outcomes are usually captured qualitatively and not often quantitatively. Further, the social outcomes are rarely monetized due to a lack of financial proxies. SROI would benefit from being applied to a robust advocacy or human rights program, specifically focusing on broad social effects.
Návrh PR stratégií neziskových organizácií na Slovensku
Bachledová, Miriam
The thesis is focused on the research of PR strategies of non-profit organizations in Slovakia. Thesis defines the area of PR and the non-profit sector separately and then connects and examines them. Research applied methods of questionnaire construction and in-depth interviews. Based on research results PR recommendations for non-profit organizations and recommendations for systemic changes within nonprofit sector in Slovakia are drawn up.
Procesní analýza zvoleného neziskového subjektu
Kratochvílová, Natálie
Thesis deals with the creation of the process analysis of the chosen nonprofit entity, meaning the service provided by the day care center Effeta. Theoretical part is based on literary research, which deals with the problematic of nonprofit organizations. Firstly, it presents nonprofit sector from the viewpoint of its importance in national economy. Further, it deals with the characteristic of nonprofit organizations, while mostly focusing on non-governmental organizations. Last but not least it also offers theoretical basis for creation of practical part, within which are on the given service applied individual methods of the process analysis. Together with sources of funding analysis of the given facility, is evaluated the current state of the provided service and on its basis is also formulated suggestion for further development.
Human trafficking: the role of the EU and the approaches to the problem in Czech Republic and in Belgium
Haniaková, Tereza ; Bauer, Paul (advisor) ; Matějka, Ondřej (referee)
This master thesis aims to unveil and examine the interplay between different actors in the fight against human trafficking. These are: the European Union, the Czech Republic and Belgium. A content (text) analysis of the primary sources gives the answers on how those actors work with the definition of human trafficking and to what extent the two member states implemented the EU Directive 2011/36/EU and other documents. In addition to conducting the content (text) analysis, creating a literature review and researching on different discourses linked to this phenomenon, this thesis include two semi-structured interviews with the representatives of the Czech Republic and Belgium. Those offer deeper insight into how those states form this fight in practice. They unveiled different aspects in their own approaches but also aspects that make their approach unique. This thesis examines also how the new strategy - the most important document framing the fight against human trafficking and the country's priorities - is adopted and what generally will those strategies include from the year 2020.
Marketing communication of a non-profit project
Maroušková, Michaela ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Marketing communication of a non-profit project Objectives: The aim of this work is to create a marketing strategy proposal for a brand-new product of a non-profit organization, in a way that attracts chosen targets groups and accomplishes set communication goals. The proposal should be put to a practical use by the organizations employees. Methods: Document and text analysis and also the analysis of internal video records were used in this thesis to get secondary data. A competition analysis was also made and was based on a comparison of subjects according to particular criteria. To follow up with statistics and results a monitoring method was used. Results: The outcome of this thesis is a proposal of marketing communication that includes a combination of marketing tools, chosen by given organizations possibilities. The proposal was created following each analysis and will be used as a guide for organizations employees. Keywords: communication mix, promotion, non-profit sector, situation analysis, social networks, YouTube, Facebook, e-mailing
Priming as a tool for triggering prosocial behavior
Tížková, Tereza ; Polák, Petr (advisor) ; Godar, Sarah (referee)
Priming is a cognitive bias influencing, in various forms, daily life of people. This paper examines the effect of priming in economics, where subjects are often forced to make decisions under uncertainty. The empirical part of this paper introduces the experiment, where subjects were manipulated towards or against prosocial behaviour with verbal priming techniques. The experiment results show that priming to specific concepts correlated with a tendency to act prosocially actually increases the subsequent degree of prosocial behaviour, although the same evidence has not been found with the opposite case.

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