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Property taxes and their place in the tax system
Hrábek, Radek ; Karfíková, Marie (advisor) ; Boháč, Radim (referee) ; Trubač, Ondřej (referee)
Property taxes and their place in the tax system Abstract In the thesis I dedicate my research attention to legal areas with high social resonance and the endless interest of the broad scientific community. The issue of taxes, especially property, undoubtedly appeals to the large civilian public who encounters it in its real life, and yet it is a constant object of research by the scientific juristic community and the giants of legal theory and practice. Taxes are one of the natural legacy of a citizen with the state. There is no need for a long search to find that the tax and tax policy of the state are among the essential attributes of its independence and sovereignty, both internally and externally in the modern world. In particular, through taxes, public budgets and funds, such as state and municipal finances, serve to meet their needs, protect property and inhabitants. Thus, the thesis also contains a brief historical treatise on property tax, which is relevant for the examination of the legal property tax field, especially so that the factors of their importance, location, position and continuity, as well as discontinuity in the tax system, are easier to determine. Looking at the past in order to determine the formation and application of property taxes in our geographical area, together with a...
Property valuation for mortgage loans in the Czech Republic
Kovářová, Petra ; Bejšovec, Jaroslav (referee) ; Staněk, Roman (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis focuses on an assets valuation, especially on residential real estate for banking purposes. The thesis is devided into two parts. The first part explains the theoretical concepts which are closely linked to an asset's evaluation, while the second part focuses on the practical areas which presents an expert opinion based on comparative methods when the price of a specific property is determined.
Real estate market analysis in selected location
Smejkalová, Aneta ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis provides an analysis of the real estate market. The subject of the analysis is the sale of flats in a specific parts of Jihlava, within all its cadastral areas. The main focus is the average prices of flats divided according to several parameters, primarily the flat layout. At first, the basic terminology is determined, including technical and economic terms used to process collected data. Consequently, the basic pricing methods of the estate are explained. The rest of the thesis describes in detail the real estate market including objects that are being traded and participating subjects. Factors affecting demand and supply are also mentioned here. In the practical part, the data are processed in order to show the results in the form of the average price for a square meter. Considering changes of rules in mortgage offer, which is the most used source of financing, the alternative, in a form of flat rental, is demonstrated.
Real estate market analysis in selected location
Oblouková, Aneta ; Čech, Petr (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the real estate market in selected city parts of Brno. Firstly, it defines the basic terms and definitions that apply to the real estate market. It further divides this market according to various criteria. In the next part is analysis of the development of finished flats throughout the Czech Republic with a focus on cities with 50,000 and more inhabitants, and the average prices of Czech flats per square meter, including a more detailed analysis of Brno. The last part of the thesis presents general information about Brno and there is a profound analysis of the prices of apartments in selected city districts of Brno and selected surrounding towns for comparison of price differences.
Determining the Amount of Indemnity for Damage Caused by a Natural Event in a House in Břeclav
Nešpor, Marek ; Komosná, Milada (referee) ; Kosová, Jaroslava (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of determining the amount of indemnity for damage caused by a natural disaster. The introductory part is devoted to approaching the concepts related to valuation and insurance. The next part is devoted to familiarization with the object. Following is the valuation of the property by using the cost method at different times. For the valuation, the extent of the loss event is accurately defined, the cost of the repair and the insurance benefit resulting from the insurance contract are documented. The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to evaluation of achieved results and their graphical representation.
Analysis of Factors Affecting Real Estate Prices
Suk, Ondřej ; Korytar, Petr (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The objective of the thesis Analysis of factors affecting real estate prices is to analyze selected aspects that somehow affects the price of real estate. The aim is to compare the impact of these factors on the market price of the selected type of property. The first part of the thesis defines theoretical bases and terms that relate to the real estate market. Furthermore, there are described the subjects of the real estate market and factors that influence the market and real estate prices. The most frequently used methods of real estate valuation are also described in the theoretical part. The practical part deals with the analysis of selected factors that affect the market price of the property. The analysis compares the prices of apartments in the three regional cities of the Czech Republic and then examines the differences in the average prices of these apartments and the degree of influence of selected factors causing differences in the prices.
Analýza trhu nemovitostí ve zvolené oblasti
The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. In the first part, I focus on theoretical knowledge, such as the specifics and typology of grounds, non-residential premises and housing units; the types of flat ownership, the influences on real estate prices, or the functioning of real estate offices. In the second part of the bachelor thesis, I apply the theoretical knowledge in practice. I focus the analysis of the real estate market in a selected area on a segment of blocks of flats in several locations of the town České Budějovice. Primarily, I describe the basic parameters of the town České Budějovice, regarding the selected matter on a general level. In the next steps, I turn my attention to selected areas, which are characterized in particular by bigger concentration of blocks of flats. From the obtained data I create price maps (with the help of GIS programme - Geodetic information system), which I then comment, explain and assess in the conclusion of my thesis.
Vývoj cen nemovitostí v Českých Budějovicích v letech 2010 - 2018
The main topic of my bachelor thesis is to compile and reflect data about real estate's prices in years 2010-2018 in the town of České Budějovice. The literary research is focused mainly on the basic terms connected with real estates, laws and decrees concerned real estates, types of real estates and describes real estate valuation methodology. At the very beginning of the practical part the area of České Budějovice is characterized, the local real estate's market is analysed, and the methodology of data acquisition and the way of their presentation was chosen. The research contains a description of monitoring of real estate's prices increasement and decreasement in specific market segments and at the end of the thesis the main influencing factors of prices were determined.
Valuation of Real Estate with Residential and Non-residential Premises
PÁLKOVÁ, Markéta
This bachelor thesis is entitled "Valuation of real estate with residential and non-residential premises" The main aim of these thesis is to sum up the issue of real estate valuation. Real estate valuation serves for obtaining the price or value of a property for various purposes. The basis for valuation is gathering of information about the property market that is the subject to valuation and its correct analysis. The real estate price is influenced by the age of the building, historical value, the location, security aspects, employment opportunities, the traffic accessibility, parking, etc., The most important factor that influences the price is the supply and the demand for real estate. There are three methods of real estate valuation: market method, income method and cost method. Thanks to this bachelor thesis I could use and apply my knowledge, gained both during my studies and from literature in the practical part of this thesis.
Financial resources for the purchase of real estate from the investor's point of view
Štěrbová, Nikol ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the assessment of financial resources for the acquisition of real estate. Specifically, the thesis deals with the issue of purchasing an apartment using a mortgage loan. In this case, the investor is a young married couple. The diploma thesis consists of two parts. The theoretical part deals with housing, the real estate market, real estate valuation and real estate financing sources in its chapters. The practical part primarily focuses on the choice of the banking institution, which will provide the couple with a mortgage loan, and also the banking institutions, which will provide the consumer with a consumer credit for financing the remaining necessary amount of the flat price.

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