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Ethics in social services: Involvement of peer consultants in social services for people with mental illness
Balková, Miluše ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Hradcová, Dana (referee) ; Páv, Marek (referee)
Involvement of people with experience of disease as a peer consultant in social and health services is a new phenomenon in the care of people with mental illness. The way the peer consultant works and his involvement in the team of experts is related to the different ethical contexts and aspects that each organization must prepare if it wants to implement this position. The experience of peer consultants is also a testimony of the status of people with mental illness in society, stigmatization and the need to help people in a similar situation. Klíčová slova illness, mental, care, psychiatric, altruism, solidarity, society, belonging, ethics, services, social, health, helping, sharing
Interchangeable natural age for illnesses associated with hospitalization in the ward of subsequent care.
HEJNOVÁ, Pavlína
Bachelor work with title "The alteration from old age to illness in connection with hospitalization at the Deparment of subsequently care" is theoretical work, it is based on problems with the naturalness of old age often confused with illness and especially in medical facility. It is trying to explain and describe as much as information as possible about problems that consumes the quality of elders life predominantly on department of subsequently care. It describes the most common risks of pharmacotherapy in old age along with palliative medicine on geriatric weak patients in current time, specifics of nursing care and tasks of a nurse. The purpose of this work is to try and point out problems in current medical system, where we often confuse natural old age with illness and to show how big risks it brings to the aging population. The self-fulfillment and the value quality of elders life is vanishing. Current reality requires unconditional changes in access of all professional society and it is subconsciousness as a major phenomenon of human life. The effort of this work is to define and name all the risky factors, which is influencing the formation of this issue, confusing old age with sickness. In the most common causes, of deterioration health and hospitalization with geriatric patients, belongs medication that brings undesirable effects and incorrent prescription. So another case of this work is to point out on the meaing of correct diagnosis and following pharmacotherapy on elders, providing global medical care, which is important part in care for geriatric patient. Bachelor work will be used for workshop on Department of subsequently care.
Rizikové faktory v chovu králíka domácího
This bachelor thesis deals with rabbit breeding. It describes convenient methods in rabbit breeding and highlights the risks associated with it. The introductory part describes the historical development of rabbit domestication. In the following parts it describes convenient practices in rabbit breeding and highlights the risks associated with breeding. The most common diseases of rabbits are listed in the last part, the clinical symptoms and therapy that must always be determined by the veterinarian, are also mentioned. The thesis is supplemented with own photographs.
Positive Influence of Leisure Acitivites on Psychological Condition and the Quality of Life of a Child in a Hospital
My thesis deals with the influence of leisure time activity on psychological state and quality of life of hospitalized child. In theoretical part there is presented historical development of the view of illnes, hospitalization and leisure time, further the theoretical part deals with the concept of quality of life focusing on quality of life of hospitalized. Practical part includes quality research focusing on importance of leisure time activities of hospitalized children, options of leisure time and its influence on psychological state and quality of life of hospitalized child. Analysis of interviews with parents of hospitalized children seeks to answer the research questions:the extent to which leisure time activities are provided on wards and if, or how much are beneficial for hospitalized child, quality of its life and its psychological state.
Nurse in the role of the patient
Everyone may be admitted to hospital, even a nurse. Nurses in the role of patients may have a completely different experience with hospitalization than other patients. The nurse is familiar with the issue, but other clients are usually not. That can have its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that a nurse-patient knows how should the nursing care look like and then she can evaluate her colleague. The disadvantage is that if a nurse makes a mistake, the nurse-patient recognizes it and may worry about possible complications. The first goal is to ascertain how the nurse experienced hospitalization as a patient. The second objective is to determine how the hospitalization influenced the nurse in her employment. The research was conducted by applying the qualitative method. The method was carried out by using a semi-structured interview. Thirteen respondents were approached for the survey. All answers are completely anonymous. The interviews were collected during March 2018. The categorization of the results was processed by coding and dividing into categories and subcategories. The collected data revealed that the nurses' experiences with hospitalization are very individual. The most significant problems have been reported in providing information. Errors in performing expert procedures were also revealed. These errors could endanger the health of clients. The nurse-patients appreciated the nursing care. After the hospitalization, the work of nurses in their employment was also affected. The nurses considerably improved in communication, education, empathy, and general approach to the patient. They are able to sympathise with the patients because of experiencing their hospitalization. We have concluded that if a nurse gains the experience from her own hospitalization she can then comprehend the role of the patient and at the same time she can provide better nursing care. The results of this study may serve as a material for nurses to consider their behaviour and their approach to the patients.
People and a healthy lifestyle
The aim of the thesis is to describe and to reflect basic terms and contexts of healthy lifestyle and its importance to people and their quality of life. The thesis can also contribute to edification in the field of health education and in the field of free time, that is closely related to lifestyle. The first chapter deals peripherally with a human being's nature, his position in the world and in the society. The second chapter describes basic terms concerning health, including definitions and factors threatening the human being's health. Diseases and spiritual value of health are also meant. The third chapter clarifies the terms of lifestyle, way of life and living conditions, that play an important role in everyone's life, equally as free time of a human being included in this chapter, too. Health education and healthy lifestyle education is a topic of the fourth chapter. Several possibilities of supporting and maintaining the health of a human being are covered there. The last chapter summarizes the whole thesis, its aim is to realize the value of health and how to be a free and responsible person having healthy relationships with other people.
Homeopathic cure impact on human health
The focus of this Diploma Thesis is to discover the awareness of homeopathy. Previous experience of responders with this type of treatment. If they don't mistake homeopathy for other type of alternative medicine and whether their experience has been positive, neutral or even negative. Another important goal is to examine the consequences of homeopathic treatment from the particular homeopath or a qualified expert. The difference between the treatment and diagnosis of the certain homeopaths. And also, the course of the visit. Primarily, the effect of homeopathic preparations on the health of the individual. A combination of quantitative and qualitative research was chosen to process these goals. The quantitative research is evaluated using an anonymous poll in electronic form. The qualitative research is processed using a semi-structured interview. The goal of the theoretical part is a mere view of the issue. It contains chapters that outline the basics of homeopathy, its use, homeopathic preparations, their production and the limits of homeopathic treatment. The Diploma Thesis contains an objective view of homeopathic treatment and assessment of its influence on the health of the individual.
Care for a dying person in home for the elderly
Bachelors work is aimed at dying person in homes for elderly and particularities of the care of them. First chapter is aimed at old age, ageing and the diseases which are related to old age. The next chapter is dedicated to homes for elderly, their target group, social worker profession and as well the dying person care. This chapter also deals with nurses and workers of direct attendance care and issues of pain and the creation of bedsores, that obstruct the proper elderly people care. The important chapter, which follows is regarding communication with the dying and its family, that requires lot of empathy and psychological resistance of care staff. The last chapter is the most important, because it discuss the palliative care and the comparison of the dying seniors in homes for elderly with special hospice facilities and the possible establishment of the palliative care into homes for elderly.
Providing spiritual care in the intensive care unit
Čermáková, Věra ; Mellanová, Alena (advisor) ; Dynáková, Šárka (referee)
The rise in modern nursing and nursing processes using holistic philosophies. When providing care it should be taken into account the biological, psychlogical, social, but also the spiritual needs of patients. Caring for spiritual needs is an integral part of comprehensive care. Providing spiritual care and psychological support are among the main activities of hospital chaplains. Their work is of great importance in overcoming all the difficulties that illness brings. They are part of a multidisciplinary collaboration in the treatment of patients without a distinct faith. The aim of the thesis is to find out the level of awareness of patients in the sphere of spiritual care, their expectations and their contribution. For the thesis I chose to collect data from a hospital through quantitative research using an anonymous questionnaire. The target group of my research will be 100 patients who are hospitalised in an intensive care unit with a minimum hospitala stay of 7 days. The goal of the work was fulfilled. The result of the research was confirmation that the spiritual care provided was reflected in their psychological state and also fulfilled the patients expectations. In the conclusion of my thesis I recommended some ways in which to improve the quality of care in the area of spiritual needs....

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