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Odpadové hospodářství pevných odpadů v CHKO Moravský kras
Marek, Pavel
This diploma thesis is about municipal waste management. There are involved villages, which are situated with their building area in CHKO Moravský kras. This diploma thesis is mainly about municipal solid waste management in CHKO Moravský kras, which is interpreted by collected information about individual municipalities. The most data were obtained from municipalities by own research. These data are used in the practical part of this thesis. The information about waste production were provided mainly by workers in The Department of the Environment Blansko and Šlapanice. It was also needed to obtain information about illegal dumping, during own research. The obtained data are processed and compared each other (per capita), in the practical part. The comparison is done by point graphs in time series and there is also used cluster analysis. There were suggested recommendations and some design waste management measures in the locality for municipalities, based on individual results and theoretical knowledge about a good examples from the practice.
Sposoby nakladania s odpadovými plastmi získanými triedeným zberom v obciach
Lunter, Daniel
In this bachelor thesis on topic Ways of processing the plastic waste acquired by sorted collection in villages I firstly chose to put down research on the issues of waste management in the terms of plastic waste. To continue, I analysed the practise of organisation Združenie BIELA ORAVA, which deals with waste collection, transport, sorting and market of the waste for sum of 24 villages in microregion Biela Orava with total population 56 793. The research done by me took place at the sorting line and picking yard of the organisation, along with the communicating with responsible persons. According to the investigation I proceeded to analysis of the spheres of plastic waste processing companies, which either assign new value to the waste by transforming it to secondary raw materials or is used for energetic value. I have discovered that the waste obtained by the organisation was primarily sold to the companies for material recyclation. The rest of waste was bought by cement factories, which used the waste as a fuel, or it was the scrap waste, which was utilized energetically in incinerator. In the end, I submitted recommendations for increased effectivity of the operation of Združenie BIELA ORAVA.
Zajištění bezpečné a vyvážené výživy v zemích jihovýchodní Asie
Cwik, Jana
This thesis deals with alimentary diseases in selected countries of Southeast Asia. The theoretical part of the thesis describes food safety and nutritional sufficiency, which is often related to individual alimentary diseases. They are divided according to the originators of the disease to viral, bacterial and parasitic. The ways of the most common transmission of the disease agent, their progression, prevalence and incidence in the three selected countries of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar) are described for the following diseases: rotavirus infections and hepatitis, cholera and typhoid, schistosomiasis and taeniasis. Important risk factors that significantly affect the occurrence of these foodborne diseases are defined in the thesis. The most serious foodborne diseases in Southeast Asia are typhoid fever, norovirus infections and hepatitis A. The most effective preventive measures are vaccination programs, improved personal and communal hygiene and access to safe water.
Hodnocení zpětného odběru vybraných výrobků v České republice v roce 2016
Zapletálková, Petra ; Buda Šepeľová, Gabriela
Článek hodnotí plnění cílů zpětného odběru výrobků v České republice, které stanovuje národní a evropská legislativa.
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Effective proposal and operation of recycling line as an element in waste management
Dufka, Martin ; Janošťák, František (referee) ; Gregor, Jiří (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the current situation of waste management of material usable municipal waste with focus on various fractions of plastics. The theoretical part summarises the legislation of waste treatment, also contains an analysis of the current situation of waste management in the Czech Republic and comparison the situation in the European Union. In the next part of thesis are described basic fractions of plastics and their properties. There are mentioned the current problems with plastics processing and the risks of leakage to the environment. Furthermore, a complex chain of plastic waste reprocessing is described, since the inception of plastics waste to the manufacture of products made from recycled plastics. The most attention is paid to the discription of recycling plant, where the output material from sorting lines is reprocessed into a secondary material in the form of flakes or granules. Also this part is focused on the technology of recycling line and the individual devices are described. In the practical part of the thesis is created techno-economic model of recycling line with the aim of its use for balance calculations of recycling and also economic evaluation. As a part of the model was made a market research of secondary raw materials with a focus on price development. Subsequetly, sensitivity analyzes of selected parameters are applied to the model and the impact of scenarios on the economic results are evaluated.
Systematic approach for medical waste-to-energy processing
Hanus, Jan ; Krejčí, Tomáš (referee) ; Krňávek, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the current situation of medical waste management in the Czech Republic and available medical waste treatment methods. The first part summarises the legislation of waste treatment and contains an analysis of the current situation of medical waste management in the Czech Republic and comparison to the situation in the European Union. The second part describes medical waste treatment methods and following technologies for energy utilization when thermal treatment method is applied. In the main part of this thesis, a complex medical waste-to-energy system in a model region is designed according to the input data. The design includes description of the collecting and transportation system of the waste, capacity of the unit and suitable thermal treatment and heat utilization technology choice. A calculation model is created for the proposed unit and based on this model, an analysis on energy utilization effectivity is made. As a result of the thesis, environmental, technical and economical assessment is created based on the estimation of the investment and operating costs.
Up-to-date off gas cleaning system for Medical Waste-to-Energy units
Kotas, Dan ; Krňávek, Martin (referee) ; Krejčí, Tomáš (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with current situation of medical waste management in the Czech Republic and it also analyzes the quality of existing units for thermal treatment of the medical waste. In the second part of the thesis, available off-gas cleaning methods were described as well as the emission limits for waste incineration, which correspond to the legislative regulations effective in the Czech Republic. These emission limits are considered as input data for off-gas cleaning system design. In the main part of this thesis, two technological solutions of off-gas cleaning methods for Up-to-Date medical waste incineration unit were designed. The unit is designed for energy utilization of 1400 tons of medical waste accumulated during one year in a regional hospital of model region. From given input parameters, two appropriate apparatus concepts were created. After that, both concepts were evaluated either form energetic point of view as well as from material one. From these evaluations, key apparatuses of both concepts were designed which provided necessary design dimensions for further investment price estimation of each individual key apparatus. In the conclusion of this thesis, the best solution of an off-gas cleaning method was picked according to the comparison of operating and investment costs.
Energy use of waste
Novotný, Jan ; Špiláček, Michal (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with energy use of waste. The first part evaluates municipal waste as fuel. Its composition, properties and the impact of its combustion on the environment are analyzed. The second part describes waste management technologies such as recycling, composting, energy recovery and landfilling. In the third part there is a material balance of waste management in the Czech Republic.
Utilization of pyrolysis for liquid fuels production
Hruška, Daniel ; Bělohradský, Petr (referee) ; Hudák, Igor (advisor)
The main content of this bachelor thesis is description of matters of the pyrolysis units. Whereas there is an emphasize on basic description of the function, methods and the chemical processes during pyrolysis reaction in the pyrolysis unit for waste tratment a biomass, comparisons of the advantages and disadvantages selected types of the pyrolysis unit and analyzing of the product gaining during pyrolysis. Thesis also present qualitative comparison of the pyrolysis products and the commonly used fuels. The last part of the thesis is bestowed to a simplyficated mathematical and chemical calculation for energetic efficiency of pyrolysis products and comonly used fuels.
Produkce odpadů a nakládání s nimi v roce 2015 podle ISOH
Čermáková, Eva ; Sequensová, Markéta
Sběr dat o produkci a nakládání s odpady vychází z ohlašovacích povinností stanovených v zákoně č. 185/2001 Sb., o odpadech, v platném znění a jeho prováděcích předpisech. Způsob plnění ohlašovací povinnosti upravuje zákon č. 25/2008 Sb., o integrovaném registru znečišťování životního prostředí a integrovaném systému plnění ohlašovacích povinností v oblasti životního prostředí, v platném znění. Na základě dat z Informačního systému odpadového hospodářství (ISOH), který pro Ministerstvo životního prostředí provozuje CENIA, česká informační agentura životního prostředí, jsme zpracovali přehled produkce odpadů a nakládání s nimi v ČR v roce 2015.
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