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The Analysis of Marketing Communication of the Žižkovská noc festival 2018
Klocová, Michaela ; Bezouška, Martin (advisor) ; Pečenková, Markéta (referee)
This bachelor's thesis aims to analyse the communication tools used by the organisers of Žižkovská Noc 2018 festival and how these are perceived by the target audience. The thesis provides theoretical base of marketing and art marketing, describes specific issues related to marketing communication of music festivals and surveys current trends, from the viewpoints of professionals behind more than ten Czech and Slovak festivals (Rock for People, Pohoda Festival, Mighty Sounds, etc.). The main focus has been placed on Žižkovská Noc festival. The thesis specifies its origins, development, mission and particularly its marketing communication which is the subject of original research. Based on the theory of marketing and art marketing, this bachelor's thesis surveyed the communication tools used by music festivals. Apart from that, the thesis provided a detailed description of Žižkovská Noc, including research into ways the festival communication was perceived by the target audience before the 2018 season. Thus, the goals that had been set at the beginning were achieved. The results of the survey research confirmed the hypotheses. It has been shown that, within the target group, the awareness of Žižkovská Noc brand is high, despite its fragmented communication. The findings also show that the festival's...
Communication activities of music festival Colours of Ostrava between 20018-13
Böhmová, Eliška ; Klimeš, David (advisor) ; Orban, Karol (referee)
The bachelor thesis "Communication activities of the Colours of Ostrava Music Festival 2008-13" analyses the marketing strategy, the marketing mix and the communication mix of the particular music festival in the given timeframe. The aim of the theoretical part is to capture the theoretical concepts mentioned above from the point of view of the specific segment of music festivals. There is also a brief analysis of the dramaturgical changes that took place during the given period. Furthermore, specific communication trends are described and examples of how Colours of Ostrava uses them are given. Finally, all communication activities are evaluated and the author adds some personal recommendations.
Communication activities of music festival Rock for People between 2007-2012
Majerová, Marie ; Halada, Jan (advisor) ; Orban, Karol (referee)
Communication activities of the music festival Rock for People between 2007-2012 bachelor thesis in the first part introduces festival Rock for People, focusing on the development from 1995 to present including important changes that had an impact on the present form of the festival. Second part includes detailed analysis of different communication channels and appropriate theory to the topic. Online communication covers the most comprehensive part. Communication activities of Rock for People are compared with the communication of identified competition in the third part. The final part summarises the thesis and results of previous comparison. The thesis includes appropriate image attachment.
Music festival as a socialcultural phenomenon
Kocianová, Barbora ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
Subject of the thesis is to present a complex analysis of a music festival as a sociocultural phenomenon within a case study of Woodstock. The focus is on the role of Woodstock in the American cultural revolution in the 1960s. While applying chosen concepts from the field of social sciences, the author investigates whether Woodstock was an integral part of the American cultural revolution or not. The thesis proposes a neutral point of view of social sciences concerning Woodstock, since this event is interpreted in various ways. The aim of the thesis is to contribute to the research of this topic through a culturological reflection.
Analysis of Communication Activities of International Festival Prague Proms in the Year 2011
Havelková, Alžběta ; Dolanský, Pavel (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
2 Abstract The bachelor thesis "Analysis of Communication Activities of International Music Festival Prague Proms in the Year 2011" deals with marketing communication of International Music Festival Prague Proms, which was specifically used in the year 2011. The thesis decribes the festival from the perspective of its organisational structure and characteristic of main activities. On these basics analyses the work, by using a descriptive method, means of communication used in the year stated. It strives to illustrate if, and how much the cultural organisation keeps on techniques and strategies of marketing communiaction in connection with specific principles of art marketing. Particular communication techniques are compared and analyzed on their appropriateness for cultural organisation. Currently, when an interest in classical music declines, such cultural organisation as this have to fight for its customers and using of well-chosen marketing techniques is essential. The work deals with all aspects of the organisation that affect activities of communication mix used. An emphasis is put on its own history, core, product structure and background of the organisation. In the second part the work describes particular communication activities and compared them with general principles of art marketing and...
Preparation, organization and management of product cultural tourism in Vlašim
The objective of this study was to propose a cultural and social event represents the Roma culture as a tourism product, including its material, technical, administrative, financial and commercial terms. Project proposal was based on a survey of currently offers of cultural events in Vlašim, analysis results, the preferences of visitors, potential restrictions by state and local authorities. Another objective was to evaluate the benefits of proposed event for tourism development in the surveyed area.
Fundraising of the festival Štěrkovna Open Music
Ostárek, Matěj ; Riedlbauch, Václav (advisor) ; Šubrt, Daniel (referee)
Goal of this Bachelor´s Thesis is to summarize current situation of the fundraising of the festival Štěrkovna Open Music. At first we define general term of fundraising and its connection with the commercial sphere, then we look at the possibilities of the financial sources for the music festival. Then we will continue with current situation in the connection with the fundraising, which methods organizations use and we try to find space for development of the fundraising. In this Bachelor´s Thesis will be named benefits for the businessmen, which are related with support of the festival Štěrkovna Open Music. In the next part there will be analysis of the possibility of the crowdfunding, where we ask question about the support with this form of raising money. We will summarize the exploration from the music festival in 2014, what it contained and the results of the exploration.
Application of project management for organizing a music festival
Ngo Quang, Huy ; Melechovský, Jan (advisor) ; Čížek, Ondřej (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Application of project management for organizing a music festival" focuses on the theory and practice of project management. The first part introduces the essential knowledge of graph theory. The second part deals with methods and tools for project management. The main section is a practical part, where gained knowledge is implemented to the project management of the music festival Indie Sessions. The whole problem is transferred to the MS Project software through which various analyzes are carried out, such as cost, time, risk or source analyzes. The entire project is displayed using the Gantt chart.

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