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Virtuální realita na mobilních zařízeních
Musil, Marek
This thesis is focused on development of a game based on mobile virtual reality. The models used in the game are created in 3ds Max application. The game itself is implemented using the Unity engine and the scripts are written in C# language. The user can control the game naturally using the sight on the basis of the cell phone data. Target platform of the game are mobile devices with operating system Android and the game requires using of virtual reality viewer Cardboard.
Řízení kolejového provozu mobilním zařízením
Mařík, Miroslav
Mařík, M. Driving in a mobile device. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2017. The text describes the development of a mobile application used to driving vehicles in the laboratory of rail traffic control.
Interaktivní průvodce založený na rozšířené realitě
Vybíral, Dan
This work focuses on latest technologies in the augmented reality field and their usage in combination with location based services. This combination enables the use of augmented reality in a virtual guide through an environment. The theoretical part introduces and compares various available technologies, that can be used for creation of such application. In the practical part, an example application is designed and implemented, along with an example scenario. The application is usable in a real-world environment and demonstrates the capabilities of chosen technologies. A possibility of the application's further development is discussed in the work's conclusion, along with it's various aspects, such as user experience, technical outcomes and it's possibility of release.
Adaptivní studijní asistent na bázi lokačních služeb
Pisařovic, Ivo
This thesis describes design and implementation of a system with natural user interface that helps students to fulfil their study duties. It improves their life in the university campus by helping them with common problems. The system identifies the user and the user’s current location and behaviour. On the basis of this information, the system provides content relevant to the particular user. The content is displayed on the user's mobile device or on a corridor display within the vicinity of the user. The user can interact with the content, e.g. request further information about the topic or navigate to the mentioned event.
Design of Mobile Application for BUT Students
Vlasák, Adam ; Neuwirth, Bernard (referee) ; Dydowicz, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is devoted to the topic of mobile application design with a primary focus on the Android platform from Google. The design is also applicable to Apple's iOS platform. The application will be intended for BUT students. With the help of the application, students will have quick access to the most common items of the BUT intraportal and studis.
Small Company Mobile Security
Válka, Radek ; Novotný, Vít (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
In the course of the work, an analysis of security issues with the use of mobile devices in a small company is created. Based on this analysis, are identified risks that could have an impact on the security of the company's information due to malicious code on the mobile device or unauthorized access to the mobile device. To eliminate or reduce these risks, are proposed safety measures inspired by the measures in the ČSN ISO/IEC 27002 standard, on which the bachelor's thesis is focused.
iOS Game
Mičiak, Tomáš ; Žák, Pavel (referee) ; Angelov, Michael (advisor)
The first two chapters of this bachelor thesis discuss various options for the game devel- opment on the iOS platform. Succeeding chapters describe design and developments of a simple multiplayer racing game. This study is primarily focused on comfortable and intu- itive game controls. It discusses and implements multiple concepts. In the multiplayer mode devices communicate via bluetooth network. The conclusion reviews the implementation results, evaluates the user survey and discusses possible improvements. 
Creation of GUI Designer for iTP (iNELS Touch Panels)
Kučera, Ondřej ; Šála, Jakub (referee) ; Drahanský, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is concerned with creation of designer for graphical user interface used in mobile devices. The application for these devices will be used for controlling system of intelligent electroinstallation. The thesis describes an existing solution of an intelligent electroinstallation provided by ELKO EP, s.r.o. It also contains detailed design of a prototype of an application to be used on mobile device and a desktop application used for graphical design.
WAN/LAN Manager for iOS
Jakubis, Tomáš ; Široký, Vít (referee) ; Maršík, Lukáš (advisor)
Cílem tohoto projektu je vytvořit aplikaci pro systémy iOS pro správu síťových zařízení, klienty a konfigurace zařízení. To zahrnuje projektovou analýzu, návrh aplikace, její implementaci a testování. Aplikace se skládá z klientské a serverové strany, databáze a~komunikačního protokolu. Výslední aplikace je pak porovnána se stávajícími řešeními s~podobnými výsledky. Výsledky testů ukázaly určité nedostatky a nevýhody řešení. Možná zlepšení a budoucí vývoj byly popsány. Na závěr, po dalším vývoji má aplikace potenciál stát se používanou v praxi.
Text Messages Manager for Android
Bloudíček, Jan ; Otrusina, Lubomír (referee) ; Kouřil, Jan (advisor)
This thesis describes a creation of an application for mobile devices which is designed to manage short text messages and electronic mail on the Android platform. Text messages can be sent also through the SMS gateways. This work explains basic concepts and technologies for developing applications for Android. It describes the analysis phase, design of architecture and user interface, implementation and testing of the program.

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