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Obchod s pivem mezi zeměmi Evropské unie
Vaněk, Tomáš
Thesis is dedicated to quantifying and evaluating the intensity of international beer trade among member states of the European Union. Some international trade intensity indices were selected in order to meet this purpose. First of them being the RCA index, which serves as a tool for revealing and assessing the level of comparative advantages in member states of the EU. The subsequent procedure was aimed to express in numbers and words with help of G-L index the degree of intra-industry trade, which European beer industry reaches. Obtained results suggest notable differences in the levels of countries comparative advantages and also the existence of relatively high degree of intra-industry beer trade. Such outcome results in identification and evaluation of certain business opportunities in the area of intra-EU beer trade.
Uplatňování DPH při obchodování v rámci EU a třetích zemí u vybraného podniku
Koňaříková, Veronika
Koňaříková V., VAT Application in Trading within EU and Third Countries to a Se-lected Company. Bachelor Thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2016 This Bachelor Thesis deals with a VAT application in trading within EU and third coun-tries to a company CLIMAX, a. s. The tax terms with a focus on VAT are explained in a theoretical part of this Thesis. According to their territorial scope, the financial deals are divided into the Czech Republic, the EU countries and the countries out of the EU, and the rights and duties resulting from the company trades are indicated. A company trad-ing and a subsequent proposal of an in-house guideline for this company are shown in a practical part of this Thesis.
Automobilový zahraniční obchod v ČR
Klímek, Mario
The bachelor thesis examines the impact of the automotive industry and international trade in passenger cars on the Czech economy. The first section provides a compilation of theoretical knowledge through international trade and its importance for the economy of the country. The rest of the first section is devoted to Czech Republic's main trading partners and the basic characteristics of the automotive industry. The second part analyses the impact of international trade in the automotive industry in Czech Republic via an advanced econometric analysis, based on official statistics and provides a clear view of the current situation in the international trade of automobiles, in the heart of Europe.
Netarifní omezení obchodu mezi ČR a USA
Chalupníková, Kristina
Chalupníková, K. Non-tariff barriers to trade between CZ and USA. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. Bachelor thesis deals with the problem of non-tariff barriers between the Czech Republic and the USA. The aim of this thesis is to characterize the barriers to trade and evaluate their impact on mutual trade of these two countries. Regression analysis explains here the impact of non-tariff restrictions and other variables on export from the Czech Republic to the USA.
Zapojení Velké Británie do evropského trhu
Bříza, Kristián
This bachelor thesis deals with the position of Great Britain in the European mar-ket. The main aim is to evaluate the participation of Great Britain in the European market according to individual economic indicators of international trade. Bache-lor thesis also focuses on the historical development of Great Britain entry into the European groups. In this thesis are used data from relevant statistical offices and identified from them implication in accordance with economic theory. This thesis is about trade relations Great Britain with current European Union and its position in international trade.
Dynamika agrárního obchodu mezi Evropskou unií a zeměmi Společného jihoamerického trhu
Fojtíková, Karolína
A deepening of bilateral relations between the world regions and integration groups is currently significant trend. The highest level of integration has been achieved by European Union, which belongs to the major support of interregional cooperation. One of the examples of this collaboration is relation of European Union with Southern Common Market. The focus of the thesis is to indentify and evaluate mutual tendencies of agrarian foreign trade between European Union and Southern Common Market in the last two decades. The part of the thesis has been devoted to dynamics of commodity and territorial structure of mutual food and agrarian trade. The thesis presents retrospective evaluation of trade with agricultural products against the background of liberalization within the mutual trade relations between European Union and Southern Common Market.
Dopady vlády prezidenta Huga Cháveze na ekonomický rozvoj Venezuely
Kolmačková, Alena
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the impact of government of Hugo Chávez on economic development of Venezuela. This thesis is divided into three parts: The theoretical part, the analytical part and the proposal. In the theoretical part are defined basic economic concepts, such as national economy, economic development and growth, selected economic and social indicators that determine economic development of the state, the international trade and forms of government. The analytic section is mostly focused on the analysis of five selected indicators in three time periods, which clarify the impact of government of Hugo Chávez on economic development of Venezuela. Final findings of the analysis of five selected indicators are summarized in the SWOT analysis to evaluate the government of Hugo Chávez, together with two possible future scenarios of development. In the proposal are described possible solutions or suggestions for heading of the policy of President Hugo Chávez to ensure the economic development of Venezuela.
Ochrana trhu v ČR před importem zdravotně závadných potravin
Tošovská, Nikola
Tošovská, N. Protection of the Czech Republic market from import of health-conscious food. Brno 2018, bachelor thesis. Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics. Thesis supervisor doc. JUDr. Ing. Oldřich Tvrdoň CSc. The thesis deals with the shortcomings of the Czech Republic's market protection against the import of health-conscious food. Outlines the results of the controls of the Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority and the State Veterinary Administration for 2016. It details the results of foreign trade for the entire economy and import of agrarian foodstuffs. Subsequently, checks are made, if any, of soluti-ons designed to minimize the identified shortcomings.
Kupní smlouva v mezinárodních obchodních vztazích
Olšanská, Petra
The international contract of purchase is a contract governed by private law and the form is not exactly given by any law. It gives a chance to companies to make with the contractual partner their own satisfactory conditions on domestic and international level too. With the option to choose the form of agreement comes advantages, disadvantages and risks for entrepreneurs who can't quite adapt to threats in foreign markets. It is necessary to know contracting partners and also the environment in which they work in international trade. The text of the purchase agreement fundamentally affects the possible resolution of disputes, so the content is important part which should not be underestimated. The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is to evaluate the pros, cons and risks related to sales contracts concluded by the selected companies with foreign entrepreneurs and suggest improvements in connection with international sales contracts, that would be for entrepreneurs the most economically advantageous.
Dopady ropných šoků a dalších faktorů na vývoj ceny pohonných hmot na území ČR
Greplová, Lucie
Greplová Lucie. Impacts of oil shocks and other factors on the development of fuel prices in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2018.

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