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Bird Communities Along the Altitudinal Gradient on Mt. Cameroon: Perspectives from Mist Nets
Petruf, Miroslav ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Lučan, Radek (referee)
in English Mt. Cameroon is a hotspot of diversity and endemism in Africa. Recent research of avian bird communities along the elevational gradient on Mt. Cameroon based on point counts has shown low-elevation plateau of species richness. At the same time, range-restricted montane populations of birds on Mt. Cameroon are unusually abundant if compared to lowland species. I analysed data on community composition, species richness and abundance of birds using an alternative quantitative method - 200 m of understory mist nets erected for three consecutive days across seven elevational plots along the forested gradient of the Mt. Cameroon. First, I looked at the technical limits of this method and confirmed the general opinion that they are better at detecting small birds below 33 g, and that they mostly detected fewer individuals after the first day and always detected fewer new species after the first day of mist-netting. Mist nets detected high proportions of ground-feeding and understory birds and low proportions of birds foraging in higher strata in the lowland forest, which has a scarce understory and a dense canopy. Mist nets recorded similar proportions of birds foraging in all forest strata in the vastly open mid-elevation forest, which has a dense herbaceous understory. They detected higher...
Risk Management in OSH in the Manufacturing Process
Podaný, Tomáš ; Širilla, Jiří (referee) ; Schüllerová, Barbora (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issues of risks in manufacture company from the prospective occupational health and safety at work (OHS). The first part of the diploma thesis contains theoretical background of the OHS process then proceeds with analysis and corresponding risks identification. There are suggested solutions on the concrete examples in the model company which completely eliminate discovered risks or at least reduce them. The final part of the diploma thesis summarizes conclusions and presents recommendations.
Investment Project Evaluation
Ráčil, Vojtěch ; Skalická, Martina (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with evaluation of the economic effectiveness of an investment project conducted in a chosen company. The thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical one and an analytical one. The theoretical part is focused on an explanation of basic investment concepts and description of methods that are employed in the analytical part. The practical part deals with investment evaluation in a particular company by means of selected methods.
Time management in construction company managerial work
Jirátková, Marie ; Hub,, Karel (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The goal of the thesis is to find out if manager in the area of building uses the methods of time management for the planning of work and tasks. At the beginning of theoretical part is the basic definition of the „time management“, assessment of the goals and the priorities, explanation of the methods used by time management and how to manage effectively. This part of the thesis deals with the downside as well – procrastination. Shows this downside as inability to manage the time management. The methods of time management are described and history of this methods as well. The second – practical part of the thesis – contains proposed hypotheses what investigate how the time management is in reality used by building managers, how helps the electronics and if managers prefer the working time. The author tries this hypotheses to confirm or to refute using the survey and structured interviews in selected building companies. The results of the thesis are suitable recommendations for more effective planning of the time and avoidance the mistakes in this area.
Digital Image Steganography
Kolarčík, Tomáš ; Šimek, Václav (referee) ; Strnadel, Josef (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with digital image steganography and implements some of the available methods. This thesis describes steganography on a general level, it's history and it's current form. It also shows it's classification according to the type of carrier, the classification of the methods according to the style of hiding data and the influence of the hidden information. The primary subject of this thesis is image steganography, where facts that allow imperceptibly hide data inside image are described. A great part of this thesis is dedicated to the characteristics of the methods, which we observe and to the methods themselves. All of the methods described are implemented in a graphical and console application. The created application provides multiple image formats for hiding. In the last part, testing is performed in terms of capacity, imperceptibility  and robustness.
Utilization of potential programs in flow electrochemical determination of biologically active organic compounds
Bavol, Dmytro
9 Abstract In this Ph.D. thesis possibilities of using our proposed potential programs for a multiple-pulse amperometry and a fast scan differential pulse voltammetry in combination with flow systems are presented. The development of new sensitive amperometric and voltammetric methods for the determination of oxidisable biologically active organic compounds is another aim of this work. In the first part of the work, the flow injection system and multiple-pulse amperometric detection were employed to develop and optimize a simple, low-cost, and rapid method for the simultaneous determination of natural and synthetic antioxidants. This technique involves the application of an appropriate potential waveform consisting of a suitable sequence of pulses on a single working electrode, thus allowing distinguish the analytes in a mixture with no need of separation. Conditions for the determination of antioxidants and modelling of the potential program were tested and studied, respectively. Second part of the work describes and characterizes the application of the fast scan differential pulse voltammetry (FSDPV) in combination with the flow systems. FSDPV is the electroanalytical technique that use high scan rate to record voltammograms within several milliseconds and ensures high temporal resolution. This technique...

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