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Social work in the context of domestic violence combined with mental illness
Poláčková, Ester ; Cimrmannová, Tereza (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
The diploma thesis follow up the possibilities of social work with survivor of domestic violence having mental illness. The theoretical part summarizes the current form of social work with the target group of clients by survivor of domestic violence and the target group of clients with mental illness. In the practical part is described the investigation of this issue, analyzed interviews with social workers and proposal of work methodology. In the final discussion, the results of the survey and the success of the proposed methodology are controversial.
The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department
Přibová, Marie ; Kubátová, Gabriela (advisor) ; Perglerová, Marka (referee)
The diploma thesis "The Pilsen Conservatory with a Focus on the Violin Department" first deals with historical contexts that are connected with important violin personalities of the Pilsen Conservatory. The first part presents historical events which are linked to significant violinists of the Conservatory in Pilsen. Its aim is to present complex overview of the teachers who worked at the Conservatory from its beginning and who contributed to the high level of the Violin department with their experienced work. The thesis also focuses on the important graduates who represented or still represent the school with their pedagogical and artistic success at diverse musical events either in the Czech Republic or abroad. The second part brings interesting interviews with the teachers and the graduates of the school. Among them the most interesting are the parts where the teachers explain the methodology, which they use in their lessons. From the point of view of the oral history the teachers' memories of their beginning with the violin, difficulties during the study or their life are also very interesting.
The methodology of investigation of crimes against life (selected problems)
Vidnerová, Karolína ; Musil, Jan (advisor) ; Krupička, Jiří (referee)
The methodology of investigation of crimes against life (selected problems) Abstract The topic of this thesis is the methodology of investigation of crimes against life. Due to the fact that this is undoubtedly a very wide topic and the investigation of all crimes against life follows the same principles using similar methods, this diploma thesis is focused on the method of a murder investigation as the most serious crime against life, if not the most serious criminal action of them all. The first chapter of my diploma thesis is devoted to the substantive regulation of all crimes against life according to § 140 to 144 of the Criminal Code. In this part of the thesis, I describe the obligatory signs of their facts, ie. their object, subject, objective side, and a subjective aspect. In the second chapter of this thesis, I deal with the criminalistics characteristics of the crime of murder, whose typical components are the way of committing, the personality of the perpetrator and the victim as well as the motive. As part of the thesis, I use examples from practice, namely cases of serial murders on which these typical characters can be shown. In the third chapter of the thesis, I describe the general division of traces, including the typical traces that criminalists can find in investigating murders. The...
Rapid research with computer algebra systems
Fischer, Cyril
Computer algebra systems (CAS) are gaining popularity not only among young students and scholars but also as a tool for serious work. These highly complicated software systems, which used to just be regarded as toys for computer enthusiasts, have reached maturity. Nowadays such systems are available on a variety of computer platforms, starting from freely-available on-line services up to complex and expensive software packages. The aim of this review paper is to show some selected capabilities of CAS and point out some problems with their usage from the point of view of 25 years of experience.
The issues in methodology and data interpretation in studies of tourist attractions' attendance
Nekolný, Lukáš
THE ISSUES IN METHODOLOGY AND DATA INTERPRETATION IN STUDIES OF TOURIST ATTRACTIONS' ATTENDANCE Lukáš Nekolný Abstract Attendance belongs to the main quantitative indicators of tourism which is one of the most important sectors of human activites. Knowledge about number of visitors has substantiation in scientific research and in destination management. In this case it is essential to combine the sustainability and the economic benefits. The number of visitors (visits) is important regarding to education and media. Therefore the use of comparable methodology is appropriate before interpretation of corresponding data. The aims of this thesis after analysing methodologic risk issues are to create the recommendation and to compare data of tourist attractions. The main points of recommendation we can mark are to compare individual attractions regardless of the ownership structure and to separate counting of tour routes and counting of visitor numbers with season tickets without distorted coefficients. All these issues are completed through the model cases from zoos - one of the most visited tourist attractions. Keywords: tourism, attendance, tourist attraction, methodology, interpretation, zoo
Actual methodology of education in subject Health Education at pri-mary schools in Benešov
In my Thesis I have followed up current educational methods regarding the subject of Health Education at Elementary Schools in Benešov. The main aim of this Thesis is a mapping of the applied systems and conditions of work within the specific subject. In the theoretical part I have been describing the specification of the subject of Health Education in global aspects connected to content of the subject which must be in accordance with RVP. In the practical part I tried to implement the theory into practical activities during each lesson, to show new trends, working methods and forms and most of all the teaching creativity. I received all data through questionnaire research from both the students and teachers. The results proved my hypothesis that appropriate and diverse choice of teaching methods can have very positive impact on the influence of the subject towards the students. Based on the received data I have come to the conclusion that the subject of Health Education is inevitable and it is accepted and understood positively with more or less rather interesting topics. The newly applied methods are diverse, innovative and have larger variety of their utilization. I am concerned that the result of this Thesis may help the teachers to use more creative approach to teaching techniques of Health Education, organizing school activities, and helping with planning of prevention programmers. Information can be applied for all teachers from various spheres or primary teachers.
Sběr dat pro přípravu projekce pozemkových úprav
VALEŠOVÁ, Veronika
The thesis is focused on the processing of research work on the cadastral area of Bzí. The work is conveyed based on valid methodology. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to literary research which draws near the theme of territorial modification and explains basic concepts. The second part is dedicated to the content of the research work, the solving and the subsequent evaluation. The third part is dealing with the methodology. The last practical part is dealing with detailed research of the terrain and collected data for chosen cadastral area is being evaluated. The work can serve as a basis to complex territorial modification in the Bzí cadastral area.
Small Boat Management Methodology
Frolík, Ondřej ; Vondrášek, David (advisor) ; Chrzanowská, Babeta (referee)
Title: Small Boat Management Methodology Objectives: The aim of the work is to develop methodical materials for teaching in scope of small boat management, safe behavior on watercourses and areas as defined by the State Navigation Authority of the Czech Republic. Methods: Informal interviews, data collection, photo collection directly in the field, literary research. Results: Creation of methodical material. Determining the current status for obtain accreditation conditions for the award of professional qualifications. Current state of education and safety on watercourses. Keywords: Methodology, accreditation, small boat leader, teaching, safety on water.
Analysis of methods for evaluation ETICS dirtiness
Krejčík, Jakub ; Žák,, Antonín (referee) ; Žižková, Nikol (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with problems of dirtiness of surface layers of ETICS (External thermal insulation contact system). In the theoretical part, soil damping agents and processes occurring when adhering dirt are described. The practical part then evaluates the impact of the aspects described below on their dirtyness. At the same time, it monitors the differences in staining depending on the type of material and the manufacturer. A methodology for artificial staining with controllable and repeatable conditions was developed in a special simulator, and this methodology was also verified practically. Simultaneously, individual plasters were exposed to the natural environment, for comparison of laboratory and actual conditions.
Selected aspects of bionomy in the Northern spruce bark beetle, Ips duplicatus (Sahlberg), and their importance for management of this pest
Doležal, Petr ; Davídková, Markéta
The report aims to adjust protective measures to reduce the spread of Norway spruce bark beetle. All adjustments to methodological approaches are based on the results of field and laboratory research.

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