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Autism spectrum disorderčs in the education system of the secondary nursing schools
Niederlová, Veronika ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are characterized by deficits in the areas of communication and social interaction, stereotypic behaviour and changes in the sensory processing. These symptoms pose challenges to everyday situations such as visits to the doctor's office, which are more stressful for children with ASD and their parents than for the general population. Furthermore, more than one-third of parents have encountered refusal to provide medical care for their child because of ASD. In our diploma project, we combined the parent's reports with an analysis of international sources to create a project called AutFriendly which aims to increase the knowledge of the Czech healthcare practitioners about ASD. In the presented thesis, we summarize the theoretical background in the field of healthcare provision for people with ASD and we review current Czech and international literature to show how the topic of ASD is addressed in the education of healthcare practitioners. In the practical part of the thesis, we summarize our two-year experience with the AutFriendly project. First, we created a two- hour AutFriendly workshop for the students of secondary schools of nursing and we put it into practice with more than 250 participating students of the Czech secondary schools of nursing. Second, we...
Motivation of doctors and medical students to volunteer in Itibo
Boháčová, Alžběta ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Dohnalová, Marie (referee)
This thesis focuses on motivation for volunteering in the humanitarian and development project Czech hospital in Itibo, Kenya, which operates under the patronage of Adra, o. p. s. The thesis selects main motivations leading to the decision for volunteering in Africa. The qualitative research is based on the VFI (Volunteer Function Inventory) theory and inquires into the motivations of doctors, medical students and the founder of the project, Aleš Bárta. Data collection method consist of an interview and the analysis of the pre-departure essay of medical students. But the aim of the thesis is to describe not only the motivations which are a part of the VFI theory, but also those not defined by VFI.
"The Invention" of Intelligence and its Reflection in Czech Pedagogical and Social-pedagogical Discourse, Based on Selected Academic Journals from 1888 to 1944.
Čechová, Anežka ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Herza, Filip (referee)
The thesis deals with intelligence, as a socio-cultural concept that has its own history and development. It thus deconstructs the naturalized notions of a biological "essence" of intelligence, which has not been proved to this day. The scientific and philosophical modes of thinking, that participated in both "inventing" intelligence and its forming, are introduced. The analysis of the primary sources enables to compass the reflection of these dominant scientific approaches towards intelligence in the Czech expert discourses. The thesis also reflects on the important role intelligence has in the assessment of mental norm and disability, and it thus analyses the perception of disability during the defined historical period, including the discourse analysis of the different representations of disability. Key words Intelligence, disability, craniometry, eugenics, pedagogy, medicine, biopower.
Stevia rebaudiana - food and pharmaceutical industry applications
Rücker, Matěj ; Drastík, Martin (advisor) ; Kuchařová, Monika (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Biophysics and Physical Chemistry Candidate: Matěj Rücker Supervisor: Ing. Martin Drastík, Ph.D. Title: Stevia rebaudiana - food and pharmaceutical industry applications The first part of this thesis deals with the description of the plant and its substances, the most important are steviolglycosides, especially stevioside and rebaudioside A. In the following chapter, the toxicity and safety are evaluated, which is directly related to the use of stevia and steviolglycosides in food and pharmaceutical practice. In the next part, the utilization in the food industry and connected legislation is described. The harmfulness of the refined sugar is outlined as well. Application in the pharmacy is not so widespread, therefore this chapter deals primarily with the effects of steviolglycosides. Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and steviolglycosides have great potential to replace sugar and other sweeteners. Due to their beneficial effects, they are very popular among researchers, so we can look forward to their widespread application in food and pharmaceutical industry in the near future. Key words: steviolglycosides, stevioside, rebaudiosede A, sugar, pharmaceutical industry, food industry
The Role of Video Games in Health Care and Medical Training
Gálíková, Markéta ; Langerová, Petra (referee) ; Šedrlová, Magdalena (advisor)
Tato bakalářská práce se zabývá možným využitím počítačových her a technologiemi s nimi spojených v rámci medicínského vzdělávání a zdravotní péči. Veřejnost často vnímá videohry jako ztrátu času, nebo je využívají pouze pro zábavu. Cílem této práce je proto prokázat jejich využitelnost a pozitivní vliv na již zmínění medicínský vzdělání a zdravotní péči. První část práce pojednává o vlivu her na vzdělávání studentů medicíny, lékařů i pacientů a zároveň jej kriticky analyzuje. Druhá část je zaměřena na využití her ve zdravotní péči, jako je například terapie dětí s autismem nebo dětskou mozkovou obrnou, dále jako možnost redukování bolesti, či způsob objevování nových biochemických látek a struktur. Záměrem práce je zabývat se nejen počítačovými hrami, ale také s nimi spojenými technologiemi jako je virtuální a rozšířená realita, které ještě násobí zkušenosti získané v medicínském vzdělání.
Study of gas influence on chemical processes initiated by electrical discharge in liquids
Dürrová, Anastasia ; Krčma, František (referee) ; Kozáková, Zdenka (advisor)
This thesis in the theoretical part focuses on the gas influence on chemical processes initiated by electrical discharge in liquids. This part described the possible diagnostic methods of reactive particles whitch are produced in water solutions after plasma treatment. The influence of different experimental conditions, such as the influence of gas, effect of voltage polarity, effect of electrolyte of hydrogen peroxide formation were studied. The comparison of selected two gases with different property, argon and oxygen, were realized. The effect of pH in phosphate solution was studied. This solutions are able to maintain relatively stable pH during the experiment and due to this property phosphates are very perspektive for medical applications.
Ethical Dilemmas That Czech Journalists Face When Reporting on Medicine
Bulánková, Veronika ; Moravec, Václav (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the work of Czech health journalists. The main aim is to find out how they perceive their work. The author opens the first part by explaining some basic concepts of journalistic theory, such as news values and gatekeeping. She also deals with the definition of medicine and health journalism, with the relationship between medicine, the media and society, and draws attention to the issues that arise from informing about these topics. She attempts to clarify some problematic areas related to new scientific discoveries in which journalists may be mistaken. The next part of the diploma is the analysis of semi-structured interviews with Czech health journalists. The author focuses not only on their journalistic routines in the analysis, but also on importance of education, identifying the barriers of their work and ethical dilemmas they face.
Flavonoids and natural coumarins interactions with conventional medicine
Sigmundová, Tereza ; Tůmová, Lenka (advisor) ; Mladěnka, Přemysl (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacognosy Supervisor: doc. PharmDr. Lenka Tůmová, CSc. Student: Tereza Sigmundová Title of Thesis: Flavonoids and natural coumarins interactions with conventional medicine Keywords: medicinal plant, flavonoids, coumarins, interactions The aim of this diploma thesis is to give an overview of the interactions between conventional drugs and simultaneous use of flavonoids, coumarins or medicinal plants containing flavonoids and coumarins. Cited literature includes articles published since 2000 till 2018, that were collected mostly using online databases (Web of Science, Science Direct, PubMed, Google Scholar). Flavonoids can affect the metabolism of drugs through interaction with CYP450 enzymes, P-glycoprotein, ABC or SLC transporters. This type of interaction is particularly important for drugs with narrow therapeutic index such as cyclosporin, digoxin or warfarin. Furanocoumarins contained for example in grapefruit juice cause irreversible inhibition of CYP3A4 enzyme and affect the pharmacokinetics of many drugs. The major drug classes that have been reported to present pharmacodynamic interactions with flavonoids or natural coumarins are anticoagulants, cytostatics and central nervous system agents. The thesis also describes...
Design of portable ultrasound device
Koluchová, Petra ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Haltof, Vladimír (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with a conception of portable ultrasound devices. The main object is to design a device fulfilling all requirements and eliminating weak aspects of those already on sale. One problem with cable damage was solved by implementing wireless controls. Portable ultrasonography machines allow doctors to perform fast ambulant examinations.

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